Automated Multiplayer Updates/2018 September

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[Update] Highway Song says, "Fixed some cases of forms displaying 'themself' instead of the right reflexive pronoun."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum seductively yips, "When boss vials are passed out, they will no longer echo to everyone, just the recipient."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum seductively yips, "Now you can page pose more abstract things now, such as page <someone>=:! which might give a nice mental metal gear sound effect. Game changing stuff huh?"

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum seductively yips, "Puzzler dedication should now work again like it should :P"

[Update] Nuku pants, "The effect of Enduring Malice on DoT duration/magnitude lessened."

[Update] Nuku pants, "Last tweak to DoTs removed (it was in the wrong place). Adjustment is as follows: Before, Enduring Malice had 70%, Damage had 30%, and Speed had 10% ratio on making DoTs burn faster and harder. Enduring Malice is now 35% and Tactician has joined the crew at 35%."

[Update] Nuku pants, "Storm Caller tweaked (one negative and one positive skill removed)"

[Update] Nuku pants, "Color added for when a critter suffers an especially strong DoT tick vs its maxhp."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum seductively yips, "As another incentive to go somewhere other than heaven, a mutant in the bone yard has been increased in rank to a Hard Boss. This means greater challenge and rewards from that mutant."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum seductively yips, "Worthy haul seems to do things now. This is probably a good thing"

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum seductively yips, "More Dildonic gunlance adjustments. Reduced silly healing over time, because it was better than the ARK, which only does one thing, healing."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum seductively yips, "From last night, mobs below level 20 will proc binaries less effectively. Chock it up to inexperience on their part."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum seductively yips, "(About 1/2 as effectively)"

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum seductively yips, "With many thanks to Uvi, a new help file has been created for binary statuses. help combat/binary statuses"

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum seductively yips, "And now the binary statuses helpfile is has a colorful list."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum seductively yips, "The effect of either shaken or evasive alone has been halved, as has the combined two."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum seductively yips, "Binary Statuses helpfile updated."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum seductively yips, "pmode open should only announce your party on lfg if there is open space."

[Update] Divided By Hinoserm quietly yips, "Fixed a caching issue with web avatar generation that was causing a minor slowdown."

[Update] Nuku pants, "Tweak done to make the core power engine a bit faster."

[Update] Nuku pants, "Generating combats made a tiny bit faster."

[Update] Nuku pants, "The speed at which enemies are crafted when searching optimized and it should give better feedback as it happens instead of eery silence as the game contemplates its purpose."

[Update] Nuku pants, "Disabled some debug while performing startactions."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum seductively yips, "The Gauntlet can be found in Jack's hardware store. At a Low Low Price(Patent pending)."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum seductively yips, "Monsters have noticed that taking cover leads to them not being punched in their face as easily with all the flying fireballs. Random mobs (the ones you search for) now have a minimum Back Row of 1 per 30 levels (minimum 1). If they already have BR of this level or higher, nothing happens."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum seductively yips, "(Courtesy of Nuku, unto the wizchat)"

[Update] Nuku pants, "In theory, groups should get smaller groups of stronger enemies."

[Update] Nuku pants, "(This is for random/search encounters)"

[Update] Nuku pants, "Major accuracy tweak. Math is done as before. The higher your dodgeresist, the more likely it will become a Graze (The equivalent of a 75% dodge/25% hit). The lower it is, the more likely it will be Hit(100% hit/0% dodge). It should announce which has occured. Things that cause 100%/0% dodge resist still do just that, which shove the odds of a graze or a hit dramatically. Playtesting extremely desired. Tell us how it feels and flows."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "The basic display of 'so and so hit whatsherface with a power for some damage' has been radically engineered. Tell me what you think after trying it a bit."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum seductively yips, "New class. Violator. Just... Look at those brilliant skills."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "'Sway' removed, replaced with 'Hit', since it is a hit, and it's not really helpful and kinda confusing."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum seductively yips, "Prime Assistants get numbers like normal mobs do now. Primes remain primes however."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "The appearance of combat revised and tightened for increased pleasure."

[Update] Avatar says, "Item (1534365791) placed onto the poll board by Nuku, called 'Combat Appearance. +poll/view Combat Appearance to look at and vote in this poll."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Fixed a bug that caused powers to lose their stances."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Added a new sex scene to the Corrupted Plantlife in the East Forest. Players can now choose to pleasure themselves with both the vines and the flowers at the same time after trying each individually."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum echoyips, "Prime assistants should now spawn with their names."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "#broacast Lots, tons, of in-combat things pushed over to the new form of display."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Lots, tons, of in-combat things pushed over to the new form of display."

[Update] Highway Song says, "The Writing Bounty page has been expanded with many new bounties! In addition, Mako rewards for completing these bounties have been raised. Take a look at active bounties here:

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum echoyips, "Have you seen <RoomFill> messages when you weren't in combat? You probably shouldn't now."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum echoyips, "Now forgetting(read remorting), will change your class to classless, because when we know it's necessary, why would we force you to do it when we can force you to do it, but automatically?"

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum echoyips, "And now you remain in the class as god intended. >.>"

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum echoyips, "For lore reasons, the DEATH is now the OOF tag. You know, because it's hard to kill things, but causing them to go OOF and fuck off is easier."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum echoyips, "In an effort to address concerns about drop mods being the only way to go, crafting skills are now capped at 10 + 60(this is 70), this stacks with top tier crafting, because why work things over that much today?"

[Update] "Master" Of Science Fauna wantonly purrs, "Skill items (the mako-bought ones) have been changed. Instead of giving you +10 to a skill, they will now automatically roll twice for automated rolls (anything that isn't +roll) and pick the highest value. For scenes, you will be allowed to pick a single roll that includes that skill to do-over (I have implemented the reroll command, which'll automatically re-roll your last roll, once). If you wish to re-roll another roll in the same scene (regardless of the involved skill being the same or different), you will need to spend a hero-point. (Putting it back in here because of the rollback)"

[Update] "Master" Of Science Fauna wantonly purrs, "extended roller-details will no longer break the roller."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Want a refund? Complete that request! Head to the elite shop and just refund (gearnumber)"

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum echoyips, "Before I forget, there is a new tool for those agents who wish to know what they're fighting, the FeralDex, ideal for replacing the bonus from Xeno(but only for seeing the stats of an enemy), available in the token store."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum echoyips, "The cost for summoning primes should now be scaled for a number between 0 and 40 rather than 0 and 60."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum echoyips, "Programs that roll more than one skill one with the item and one without, will no longer assume all other following rolls have the benefit of the item."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum echoyips, "New experiment. Martyr. See how far your altruism will take you."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum echoyips, "(To clarify, martyr is a class)"

[Update] Your Terrible Auntie purrs, "The numbers behind some social actions have changed to better reflect recent changes to the skill system, as to make some of them actually feasibly, consistently completable. Gimme a heads up if the balance still feels off."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum echoyips, "Web Social Actions should now clean up after themselves, and in all likelihood, maybe prevent you from spamming fifty thousand of them at once."

[Update] Divided By Hinoserm quietly yips, "Chat logs (e.g. 'PAGE #LAST', 'OOC #LAST' and 'POT') will now be expunged when they reach 6 months of age."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum echoyips, "+roll should no longer be broken for those few of you with the roll debug information on."

[Update] "Master" Of Science Fauna wantonly purrs, "The second roll given by the skillitem will no longer crash the roller if you have the debug enabled."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum echoyips, "Don't like seeing how poorly your first roll went with the skill item? Now you can toggle off that extra message from editplayer's second page."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum echoyips, "Debuffclear messages only happen in combat."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Triple Threat now fires much more quickly."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Upgrades of death between heartbeats buffed."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Builder nanites should come less often but in larger quantities."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Builder vials no longer arrive in a great torrent of ultimate doom."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "HPBuffer verbose report should be less... verbose."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum echoyips, "Typo in the Void certification has been fixed. Rejoice. No more speical training, have some special training instead."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum echoyips, "(Song got the one on the store)"

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum echoyips, "Death Sworn has generally been improved and hopefully is more attractive as a dedication/special training(whichever it is)."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum echoyips, "Mercs should no longer inherit leadership of parties. With all luck."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Prreeettty much all of the combat messages now conform to the new layout, yayyyy."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum echoyips, "Macuahuitl(will I ever remember how to spell that without looking at it?) accuracy buffed from 55 to 65"

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum echoyips, "Since Scrublands are a common name for two different combat areas, I've named the deep scrubland rooms so they start with [Deep Scrublands] instead of [Scrublands]"

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum echoyips, "Martyr now has powers. They'll probably hurt though"

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum echoyips, "Before I forget, the primer command will not let you start a prime fight if you mentored above the acceptable levels for the area."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum echoyips, "Now you who wish to Fight bosses in the Church of Promethea need not break party and actually pay attention."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum echoyips, "Combat Android can be found in the Woodfield City - Residential Area"

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum gruffly states, "Made some fixes to parsing and pronoun correctness for the combat android."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum echoyips, "The Minokawa has been added to the moon. Why a bird fixated on eating the moon would end up on the moon is a question that will likely never be answered."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum echoyips, "Addressed a bit of improper pronoun uses on the Minokawa's butt desc."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum echoyips, "More typo fixes to the Minokawa."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum echoyips, "The Void Expansion pool has been implemented as fully as I see necessary for a first push, Four recipes have been added to the weapon master dedication, the "Meteor Shield", the "Rapier of Hollow Spaces", the "Crossbow of Sunbeams", and incongruously, the "Morgenstern of death"(Morningstar). The rewards from the pool have been passed out, the recipes placed inside a room below the armory."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum echoyips, "Prism storm improved slightly"

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum echoyips, "Cruselfixion now has its self damage NoAoE so you don't also kill your friends, and thus make 'Surge of Fucking dying for your friends' irrelevant"

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum echoyips, "Cascading is capped differently, now the equation for it's effective % boost to repeats is given by (40x)/(10+x)*(sign-of-x). This is a moderate boost for low quantities of cascading, and a nerf to high levels which I've never seen happen."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum echoyips, "Make that (20x)/(10+x)."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum echoyips, "Repeats are back to scaling at the report figure of half the base damage per hit."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum resonates, "The Prime Specimen Primer - 100 pack is available for the exactly equivalent price of 400 tokens."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum resonates, "402 tokens, actually. So nearly, 1/2 of a percent more!"

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum resonates, "The ps or powersearch command is now more robust in finding statuses on mutant powers."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum resonates, "Gigantic Body slam has been modified, maybe it won't break the abyss lioness. Also added strike, since it only had two powers. This struck me as silly(heh)"

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Webpage back up and working proper."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum resonates, "The reward system for primes and mega primes is now considerably more efficient as well as concise in the messages it gives. No more ten million lines of "You collect a shining boss vial!""

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum resonates, "This one is dedicated to Yaprap, a new command altgiver can hand things off from your alts to other people. Syntax is altgiver <alt>=<item>=<destination>[=<amount>]? This will prompt you, not your alt. It will deduct money from your alt, and thus may fail silently if your alt is broke."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum resonates, "+anisd will now tell you when you lack an advancement nisd."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum resonates, "For the moment, pets are completely disabled."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum resonates, "Not submissives."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum resonates, "Mastermind is now living in its own separate function. On your end, this means that combat might be somewhere between negligibly faster and noticably faster. Also just /maybe/ some bugs crept into the rewrite. Though, I think most of the kinks are worked out of it."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum resonates, "Pets will not summon pets. Well, not from mastermind at least."

[Update] Nuku smoothly says, "XP gained when you are less then 3 levels below max level and smashing something 5+ levels over you adjusted."

[Update] Nuku smoothly says, "Sorry, MORE than 3 levels below max level."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum resonates, "Turnin is now deterministic, scaling has been adjusted, and it is now capped at 625 rating. It is not capped by vial numbers."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum resonates, "On the next RP tick, all owners of Nekomata should recieve Nekomancer, which is two-tailed wizard, but... Easier to look up, I think? It'll copy over all but one level of the class, so... Master nekomancer should pop up a fair bit soon, I guess."

[Update] Nuku smoothly says, "In theory, combat sped up."

[Update] Nuku smoothly says, "XP gains while mentored _down_ reduced. It was always meant to be a way to join your lesser-abled buddies and help them past a tough fight, not an ideal way to gain xp."

[Update] Nuku smoothly says, "Mobs should continue to gain value no matter how high they get."

[Update] Nuku smoothly says, "New edges: Grand Challenger, Minor -- Grand Challenger, Major -- Corrupter, Major"

[Update] Nuku smoothly says, "Fixed a bug that could cause secondary statuses to be applied due to upgrades on powers that have no secondaries."

[Update] Nuku smoothly says, "Fixed a bug where secondary statuses from upgrades were not being applied properly."

[Update] Nuku smoothly says, "Salvage status given a use in another portion of the code that gives salvage (It was already working in a part that was not the basic part)."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Added Color Chooser support to the Polar Bear."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum smoothly says, "Prime vials should probably now proc peoperly, that is, that you should get all of the ones you're supposed to."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "ATB now does what I set out to do. It advances as much as it needs to, by a little or a lot to get to the next turn."

[Update] Nuku pants, "Fixed a bug that stopped NPCs from using certain powers."

[Update] Nuku pants, "Crash and Burn traded its repeat for increased damage."

[Update] Nuku pants, "Damage revised, its bonus now applies in half to the first hit of repeats."

[Update] Nuku pants, "This applies to mutants punching your face."

[Update] Nuku pants, "Fixed a crasher with the use of certain items."

[Update] Nuku pants, "Big tweak. So, damage back to its previous numbers ( / 5), buutttt! Now it affects all hits, repeated or not, woo! If it's a repeat, initial hit or followup, your damage rating is averaged with flurry to determine your 'effective' damage for the purpose of the effect."

[Update] Highway Song says, "The Latex Snow Leopard now has unique Victory and oVictory messages, content courtesy of Arthur."

[Update] Highway Song says, "The Latex Snow Leopard now has unique Kemonomimi descriptions, content (again) courtesy of Arthur."

[Update] Nuku pants, "New channel created, casual. It is IC. Be IC there, and RP, casually. Enjoy!"

[Update] Highway Song says, "The Skink Skank TF messages have been rewritten to include much more detail, content (once again) courtesy of Arthur."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Fixed the Brown Bear Shemale not displaying text as it should on defeat or submission (my bad)."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum echoyips, "BTW, pets were reenabled later the night when I announced they were disabled. Let's clear that up for now huh?"

[Update] Nuku pants, "Fixed the code so salvage modifiers much more easily actually make a difference. Enjoy not everyone in a party getting exactly the same amount of salvage!"

[Update] Nuku pants, "Ambush/being ambushed now inflicts knockdown instead of what it usually did. Will this work better? Lemme know!"

[Update] Nuku softly churrs, "Fixed a ker-huge bug wherein an NPC could be slapped with effects that sap its energy, despite not using any, and thus be unable to DO anything, and then grind combat to a halt."

[Update] Wet clash Hexaferrum echoyips, "Emilie, the npc used to summon the abyss lioness is currently staying with me, since the abyss lioness remains stubbornly prone to suddenly stalling combat for no discernable reason."

[Update] Wet clash Hexaferrum echoyips, "The party display will now show how long a person takes to get more patrol points. Also since botmode doesn't do anything, it is no longer mentioned gone."

[Update] Nuku softly churrs, "Hell Raiser skills adjusted."

[Update] Wet clash Hexaferrum echoyips, "I've attempted to fix the issue with the "loadout" from consumable items ending up affecting your other gear. What it tries to do, is copy the item onto you, as if it was equipped, then remove the loadout stats"

[Update] Wet clash Hexaferrum echoyips, "Fixed an issue in the mysterious humming crates that would occur when you rolled for a power upgrade."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Fixed the Combat Android having the invalid power 'Take Down' instead of the correct 'Takedown'. Players who managed to get this invalid power now have Takedown instead."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Fixed Fairhaven Chemical not correctly giving out the Toxic Personality badge when moving between its rooms too much."

[Update] Wet clash Hexaferrum echoyips, "Now the nativizer will save the number of teats you might have on your udder. A stat I was not aware of till tonight."

[Update] Irimi humbly says, "Progress on web salvage missions will now show a percentage complete on combat end, like dailies do."

[Update] Wet clash Hexaferrum echoyips, "A new weapon of some sort can be found in the museum. It's schematics are ancient, unreliable. Its directionality very, very, questionable. The schematics can be found in the living museum. Who would ever sell you a blunderbuss' schematic anyway? Shit's dangerous"

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum echoyips, "Shotgun was also buffed while making the blunderbuss. Mildly more damaging"

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum echoyips, "Upgrade tokens from the mother of tentacles will stack in the future."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum echoyips, "Weight Losing now uses Weightdebuff instead of -height, this means that, should you want to be slightly smaller, you can improve the overall effect of this mod."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum echoyips, "Height and weight debuffs(because smol and lite) are no longer cleared by debuffclear."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum echoyips, "Mercenaries should now also have their PP-ticked over by the party command."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum echoyips, "weight and height debuffs will really not be affected by debuffclear"

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum echoyips, "Stacking dots, if they've reached their capacity, will now refresh the stack nearest to expiry, rather than just giving up on doing something useful."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum echoyips, "Due to advances in integer based computation, the NISD's maximum vial count(per infection) has been increased to 100k vials. Technology is amazing"

[Update] Highway Song says, "Doctor Lissal is now available at all times of the day. She will also be more respectful to the player saying 'no' and has new custom responses to exercising your right to consent. ;)"

[Update] "Master" Of Science Fauna wantonly purrs, "Ostara Ded now actually -works-"

[Update] Highway Song says, "Improved the Country Rat's color chooser support. Color: base fur coat - Color2: countershading along chest and belly - Color3: genitals, tail, inner ears, fingers, toes. Having only color active will result in a single-color coat."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum echoyips, "Those flaws that use up your builder nanites should no longer prevent your use of the nanite command."

[Update] Highway Song says, "The Clairmont pilot finally has a description."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum echoyips, "Combat disabled pending resolution of earning too damn much money"

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum echoyips, "Combat reenabled pending actually being able to figure out what the issue was."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum echoyips, "Hawk-eye observers of web combat area listings may notice Sheephole underground - PHG Aranor listed. Aranor has given consent to it's appearance. (Announcing this just to clear up this not being understood as, if not intentional, acceptable)"

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum tittehs, "Nativizing will now properly save ball count."

[Update] Irimi humbly says, "The 'pickup' channel will now display in purple to easily distinguish it from others."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum echoyips, "Social actions on the web should now give you class-xp when it is eligible"

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum echoyips, "Once every ten hours the cost property on items(this is often why various otherwise identical items don't stack from different sources) will be set to null when in a player's inventory. Overall, this should result in far fewer apparently identical items refusing to stack."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum echoyips, "Automated Reponse kit upped to 4 repeats. This is down from 6(originally), and up from 3(until just now), and finally up to 4(now). Maybe one day we'll understand how to control it's immense power without using a metaphorical sledge-hammer."

[Update] Fabulously Foxed Marisel quietly yips, "Courtesy of Magnus, the Lush Valley zone on the mountain in east forest is now open to the public. We got dragons here. You can also find it on the web interface."

[Update] Highway Song says, "The Harbinger Lynx victory messages have been rewritten and received a huge expansion, content courtesy of Sondra."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Updated the Collie Herm victory/defeat with more dynamic text for multi-genitals, internal genitals, and better impreg/fill code."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum echoyips, "Thanks to having obtained the owner's permission, the Behemoth is now set to drop vials."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum echoyips, "As a temporary workaround for the lack of direct uploading capability in rplog, the rplogview command has been updated to do something different if invoked as rplogview #coded. This will convert it to the code necessary to get the typical representation of logs on the wiki, so that you may copy-paste it into the wiki."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum quietly yips, "You are now able to load your saved sex slots(saved with shift sexsave(on you) and a carnal recorder) and use it as a coyote to change someone else's bits."

[Update] Highway Song says, "The Cow Girl's defeat message has gotten a revamp. The writing has been cleaned up, it now accounts for multi-genitals, and she'll no longer just beat you up on submission."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum quietly yips, "Coyotes using sexload will now see proper-er behavior."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum echoyips, "Coyotes ought to be able to save sex-configurations from other people when they have a carnal recorder."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Fixed several typos and grammar issues in the German Shepherd victory message."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Fixed the Green Hydra's victory message appearing incorrectly due to malformed parsing."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum echoyips, "Form Slot Power description updated for clarity"

[Update] Nuku softly churrs, "Overkill combat skill properly reduces the amount of time for overkill status to do its magic."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Added a submission variant to the Donkey Boy defeat."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum echoyips, "+groin updated to new breast scale wrt compact breasts/modest appearance"

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum echoyips, "Before I forget, ai-view allows you to set your ai programs in-muck. ai-view #help to see a guide on usage."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Fixed the Reassigner at the Namidian Shrine 1) Allowing you to reassign without owning Namidian, and 2) Not checking for a minimum of 50 reward tokens, allowing for negative values"

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum echoyips, "+groin will no longer report being in rut if you have no peen."

[Update] Little Miss Mess Maker Irimi humbly says, "Fixed locks that are protected by stringparsed_lock to emit the proper messages on failure to both the player and the room."

[Update] Nuku softly churrs, "rpinfo should report less players as being sources of things."

[Update] Nuku softly churrs, "Water Adapted is a new edge, and it's coded and tested!"

[Update] Nuku softly churrs, "Some agents break into what was thought to be an abandoned build and find, once the mutants are shepherded out, it has the facilities (if stained) to conduct further research!"

[Update] Nuku softly churrs, "Attempts to use a primer out of your inventory will point you to the primer command."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum smoothly says, "Morgenstern of death has a default damage type. I hear this is helpful."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum smoothly says, "Nymphera flags formatting fixed."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum smoothly says, "When you take both minimally fertile and reduced fertility together you now get -40 versus the -30 you had previously(minimally fertile is a -10 alone, reduced fertility is -20). Evidently, male fertility is high enough the older measures were insufficient, but with help, it should still be possible to get pregnant if you work at it. For those with both, I recommend you splurge on getting male mojo for your partner, and female mojo for yourself."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum smoothly says, "Double dailies can no longer be acquired with the help of a merc."

[Update] Highway Song says, "The Wolf Beast now has unique descriptions for players with feminine/hermy, content courtesy of Sondra."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum dings, "Feral mode players should be able to get such things as brood keeper. Alien self does not benefit at this very moment because the nature of toggles makes it a bit more challenging to engineer a satisfactory solution to."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Added color chooser support to the Muslin Moth. color = body fuzz, color2 = fuzz scarf, color3 = lips."

[Update] Fluff Dragon Alukraz rumbles, "Trying to decide how best to cheer everyone on, Slither Kittens have taken up residence on the moon!"

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum dings, "Got the stray bracket in the slither kitten's rear end"

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum howls, "Now you can strip adverbs out of your sayverbs. Because sometimes what you're saying can't be ecstatically yipped, just yipped. Can be toggled in editplayer."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum says, "Now covers IC sayverbs too."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum says, "The PP balancing pool has been fulfilled. Run the pbalance command to distribute the patrol points across all your members. Can only be done once every 18 hours. Provides a very minor patrol point regen bonus while . Only activates on characters without the status in the party, so, should make it impossible to become a patrol point vampire."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum says, "Toggles are now usable with Alien self. This is probably useful for those affected."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum says, "As some of you(possibly all), might have noticed, the party chat code has been updated. It should be faster, with any luck."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum says, "Ostara and Monotreme work together more nicely"

[Update] Highway Song says, "Added color chooser support to Ebony Raven."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Fixed incomplete color chooser support on Red Panda form. It accounted for everything but the short skin description."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Added color chooser support to Elephant."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Added color chooser support to Festive Reindeer. color = fur, color2 = neck fluff, color3 = genitals. Added local stats to remove the harness and colorize it, see lstats Festive Reindeer for more info."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Fixed the editplayer option to autolevel saying you only autolevel under 30."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Added color chooser support to Friesian Stallion."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Added color chooser support to Frog Prince."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Added color chooser support to Furie. color = skin and tail, color2 = wings, color3 = genitals, tailtip, claws, lips"

[Update] Highway Song says, "Added color chooser support to the Graceful Crane. color = feathers, color2 = tips of tailfeathers, color3 = leg scales."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Added color chooser support to the Herm Caracal."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Added color chooser support to Honey Bear."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Added color chooser support to Hummingbird. color = feathers, color2 = throat feathers, color3 = leg scales."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Added color chooser support to Busty Labrador."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Added color chooser support to Iron Hide Badger. color = primary fur, color2 = secondary fur (use color without color2 for monochrome fur), color3 = nose."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Added color chooser support to Jawbreaker. color = shell, color2 = primary sparkles, color3 = secondary sparkles."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Added color chooser support to Killer Whale. color = primary hide, color2 = secondary hide (use color without color2 for monochrome hide). Additionally, removed mention of being ten feet tall or specific tail length to cater to characters of all sizes."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Added color chooser support to King Cobra. color = primary scales, color2 = secondary scales (lines on back), color3 = tertiary scales (front color)."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Added color chooser support to the Leech. Added color chooser support to Steel Herculus: color = primary plates, color2 = secondary plates (use color without color2 for a solid color), color3 = eyes."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Expanded and revised color chooser support for Kitsune. color = primary fur, color2 = secondary fur (use color without color2 for a solid color). Local stat variants take precedence."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Added color chooser support to Latexy Loxodonta."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Added color chooser support to Lily Pad. color = skin and eyes, color2 = face and arms, color3 = fingers, lips, ears, nipples."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Added color chooser support to Lizard Cockfighter."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Added color chooser support to Lollipop Lady."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Added color chooser support to Majestic Swan. color = feathers, color2 = beak and legs."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Added color chooser support to Manticore. color = fur, color2 = scorpion tail, color3 = eyes."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Added color chooser support to the Mantis. color = chitin hide, color2 = wings, color3 = eyes."

[Update] Purple Code Kitteh Morasa says, "Fluffy Kitten Girl color chooser support fixed. (for a while now, sorry for the late update)"

[Update] Highway Song says, "Added color chooser support to Moth Girl. color = primary fuzz, color2 = secondary fuzz and skin (use color without color2 for a solid fuzz color) color3 = eyes."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Added color chooser support to Mountain Lion."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Added color chooser support to Scorpion."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Added color chooser support to Striped Snake Beast."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum says, "%r on clothing items in the autodesc will now be turned into linebreaks. This happens post stringparsing, so it shouldn't interfere with that."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum says, "Added pathfinding support for the general steps to get to the moon."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum says, "rplogupload seems to be running, thanks to Hinoserm."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum says, "list upgrade will now provide easy pueblo links for those who are in a compatible client with it enabled"

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum says, "Now remorting will restore both primary and secondary classes."

[Update] Fluff Dragon Alukraz rumbles, "Mycocanidia has been spotted in Sheephole Underground. Where did it come from? Who knows... but considering their more fungal nature, one can possibly guess."

[Update] Fluff Dragon Alukraz rumbles, "Mycocanidia has been updated with powers, flags, and tags. Woops. Enjoy the newly beefed up critter!"

[Update] Highway Song says, "Added a little cuddling scene to Alex the zebra, along with a talk/affection menu to branch off of in the future."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum sproings, "The Huntress class may now be obtained by owners of the Artemis dedication. Come to the shrine and purchase it if you want it. Lots of concentration, self buffs, etc."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum says, "Hearth & home might not break pueblo formatting on sheet any more."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum says, "This is another reminder that links aren't worth this bs."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum says, "If you want pueblo, and all its delightful flaws, then connect on 2004."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum says, "Connect with 2003 for pueblo, since it seems to be the right one."

[Update] Highway Song says, "The Raccoon Guy defeat scene now recognizes when you submit and has minor tweaks."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Updated Raccoon Guy victory with dynamic pronouns and multi-genital acknowledgement. Added missing mouthfill code to Raccoon Guy defeat."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Updated Wolf Beast and Skunk Beast defeat scenes to acknowledge submission. Added missing female impregnation code to Skunk Beast."

[Update] Highway Song says, "The Welsh Corgi now has a 50% chance to snuggle up with you in its defeat scene, content courtesy of Rodion."

[Update] Highway Song says, "A mysterious set of lockers have appeared at the bus stop near the Edge of the Highway. What do they contain? Solve each logic puzzle to find out."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Changed the names of the variables in the locker puzzle rules to avoid confusion."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum says, "Classes in the "Found Class" section of rpinfo for special non-mutant talents will now be capitalized."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum says, "Like having an egg sack some times, but not always? shift egg sack to toggle that pesky blessing."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum says, "Fex will now show you the victory scenes. Defeats and Ovictory coming in soon."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum says, "There you go, fex shows form defeat(when you get defeated), and ovictory scenes. Have fun."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum says, "Pregcast reenabled. With any luck, it will be no longer cause those... Uterine vacancies it had before. >.>"

[Update] Highway Song says, "Added color chooser support to Stagtaur. color = pelt, nipples, lower antlers; color2 = underbelly, undertail, upper antlers; color3 = hair, body hair"

[Update] Highway Song says, "Added arm divider support to Overdrive Fox. Specify the amount of pairs you have by adjusting 'Overdrive Fox/arms' (see lstats Overdrive Fox)."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Changed the 'Local Stats' helpfile title to 'Local Stats (lstats)' to be discoverable through help lstat/lstats."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum says, "The tags program is now more accurate in reporting mastery of special forms."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum says, "Big Change, all vials will be deposited to the NISD. Don't have one, no problem, have a basic one(as it was before I modified it), 1000 vial limit per infection. You may learn the deep dark nisdly secrets with nisd #help, since it is likely new to those of you who have either not bought one, or are actually just completely new. On the upside, if it does overflow, you'll be given as many credits as vials that spilled out of your hands."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum says, "Nisd #help now mentions the range storage command."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum says, "Under the hood changes to fex's showing of victory/defeat scenes. This should not result in much difference of behavior."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Added a new sex scene to Doctor Lissal. The skunk can now give the player cunnilingus."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum says, "NISD distill wording has been clarified a bit."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum says, "Now there is a farfetch command for the pun"

[Update] Highway Song says, "Changed the combination lock puzzle to send you back to the locker you were currently interacting with on failure. This should reduce the overall time required for multiple attempts."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum says, "Nisd distill should now work properly for those who don't have the item in their inventory."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Added a new exploration event to Hotel Oblivion."