Automated Multiplayer Updates/2018 October

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[Update] Master Master Master Glitch churrs adorably, "Tags should now list all Dedication forms with a (d) or (t)."

[Update] Master Master Master Glitch churrs adorably, "Due to a lack of presence to keep the place locked away, a PHG has been made public in the Wooden Cabin. (Owner idle for 3 years)"

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum says, "The no adverbs option for your sayverb will now work for ones like "Churrs adorably" There's no way that this is a waste of time or trivial to get past."

[Update] Master Master Master Glitch churrs adorably, "The Flying Fox has gotten a couple Infection Updates compelted! It now supports both Arm Divider and Leg Spliter! Yeah, Leg Splitter."

[Update] Master Master Master Glitch churrs adorably, "And, because it makes sense, Lunar Touched can now choose Bat."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum echoyips, "The "My nisd is not trying to screw over new players" feature has been fixed. Enjoy your less than level 999 offgrid forms"

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum echoyips, "Next rp tick, everyone should get all the AI programs."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum echoyips, "The Liberate the AI pool is finished and fulfilled. This means that presumably, you've got a small phone or other device telling you what to do during combat. It's learned things, maybe you have too :D"

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum echoyips, "Rosalyn's badges over 1000 have been fixed for the good of all to enjoy."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Changed a survivor's note in Hotel Oblivion to a lore entry, allowing for later re-reading. Players who've already read it have been retroactively given the lore entry."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum echoyips, "New way to field upgrade your powers. nisd upgrade Takes, in this order (Power)=(Upgrade)=(Infection)=(Vial Quantity) as arguments."

[Update] Avatar says, "Item (1538527430) placed onto the poll board by Song, called 'Future Content Preferences. +poll/view Future Content Preferences to look at and vote in this poll."

[Update] Nuku softly churrs, "Fixed a bug that could cause combat to just kind of curl up in the corner and cry."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum echoyips, "+groin or size will no longer have an odd transition to gray coloring in the midst of describing your excessively swollen nipples(since it didn't seem to happen with any other breast size)."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum echoyips, "+poll/view shows the number of responses to the poll, and arguably, the header has more consistent styling"

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum echoyips, "+poll/cview shows the number of responses to the poll, and arguably, the header has more consistent styling"

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum echoyips, "+poll/view shows the number of responses to the poll, and arguably, the header has more consistent styling"

[Update] Highway Song says, "Changed the Alpha Husky mob to only naturally spawn in the male variety. Three different versions cluttered the Alley spawn table and weighted general mob spawns too much in their favor."

[Update] Nuku softly churrs, "A major DOS (which may have been unintentional) has been snipped, the wiki and everything else should be recovering."

[Update] Stuffer fox Hexaferrum echoyips, "Searching in a room with a person outside your party will now display them as being the cause of your inability to fight there."

[Update] Stuffer fox Hexaferrum echoyips, "I believe that the battle clear messages should launch more reliably. (p>0.05)"

[Update] Master Master Master Glitch churrs adorably, "The in-game monster maker has been updated with bug fixes and should be fully functional. Just type +mmaker #menu to work on a form! Note: Power data and such is kept on the character, so, try to use the same character to do edits on a single form or at least be mindful of what data is displaying."

[Update] Master Master Master Glitch churrs adorably, "The Pet Shop of Cuteness's overcrowded combat area has been split into two separate ones, distributed into the different portions of the vast area. On top of this, the Pocket Dragon has been added to the Pet Shop of Cuteness 2 area."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Fixed the Hotel Oblivion trinket questline still referring to the third and fourth trinkets as the second trinket."

[Update] Avatar says, "Poll 'Future Content Preferences' has ended."

[Update] Stuffer fox Hexaferrum says, "Mako batteries should no longer be claimed to be used without actually using them"

[Update] Stuffer fox Hexaferrum says, "If your mako battery is charged from mako directly, it will now add a log entry that will show up in +account history"

[Update] Stuffer fox Hexaferrum says, "Excess remover will now also reduce the number of balls you have, since, it seems, an overfull sack is a type of 'excess'"

[Update] Nuku softly churrs, "AoEMod/debuff now gives a binary status (expanded or constricted) that gives +/- 1 AoE and cancel, much like other binaries."

[Update] Nuku softly churrs, "Debuffclear should look nicer in the combat log."

[Update] Stuffer fox Hexaferrum says, "A new option for those who enjoy having gobs of boss vials, in editplayer, you may now toggle on the automatic distillation of vials into boss vials once you reach the limit :D"

[Update] Stuffer fox Hexaferrum says, "Badges will now show the date they were awarded."

[Update] Stuffer fox Hexaferrum codes, "The Junkyard mountain (sector A, where all the computer parts live), is now home to a new creature, a being so terrifying, that words do little justice to their condition, a creature whose eyes never rest in their hunt for the errant semicolon, a countenance so haggard by 'crunch' time that one might wonder if there's anything but 'crunch' time, so sensitive to light, that it hides itself away during the day, the Code Monkey."

[Update] Little Miss Mess Maker Irimi humbly says, "dojo"

[Update] Little Miss Mess Maker Irimi blushes... "Ignore that, please."

[Update] Stuffer fox Hexaferrum codes, "Turnin's help will now tell you that you can turn in as many vials as you can hold in your nisd, along with an update on the (vague) description of it's cost mechanism."

[Update] Stuffer fox Hexaferrum says, "Sheet will now show the accurate cost to level after training tokens"

[Update] Stuffer fox Hexaferrum says, "Portable Milker pool is complete, those who had contributed enough have been given the item, and have been given the badges."

[Update] Stuffer fox Hexaferrum says, "Penetration now gives you a (currently 2% per point of skill) percentage of the enemy's damageresist which you are able to overcome. This is an attempt to avoid needing to nerf it later on, so may increase or remain the same."

[Update] Stuffer fox Hexaferrum churrs, "The penetration rework pool should now be functional, since, it seems, it was not at first"

[Update] Stuffer fox Hexaferrum churrs, "Logging in with public requests turned off will now only show you those requests that are, in fact, yours."

[Update] Stuffer fox Hexaferrum churrs, "Census should no longer report that empty first line that makes it seem like there are no player characters of the female gender at all"

[Update] Little Miss Mess Maker Irimi humbly says, "Sandra's caretaker quest should properly show how much time left you need to spend babysitting."

[Update] Test. Glitch churrs adorably, "Expanding on the Strenght Nanomagic tree, two new nanomagics have been added, one from Goals and the other from a Minor Nanomagic Registration: Endurance Nanomagic and Scaling Nanomagic. For running and climbing enthsiasts, these two will give a little skillful bump!"

[Update] Stuffer fox Hexaferrum churrs, "You may now choose to, if you own some land, to place a nest in it, what can you do there, well, you can place your eggs there, keeping them safe, and somehow irretrievable, but you know, safe from you, surely safe from others."

[Update] Stuffer fox Hexaferrum says, "Nanite Schema Nativizer is much cheaper now."

[Update] Nuku exhales, "Wild Tongue merit now available and coded"

[Update] Stuffer fox Hexaferrum says, "The web store will now place the table key row rightbefore the items being sold, instead of off above the name of the shop, since an distant unconnected key is less visible than one that's near its subject matter."

[Update] Test. Glitch churrs adorably, "The Token Shop's web interface should now list whether Classes are Known or Unknown to you."

[Update] Test. Glitch churrs adorably, "Just as a reminder, we have a limit of one account per player. If you have multiple accounts, please let us, the staff, know so we can merge your accounts into one."

[Update] Stuffer fox Hexaferrum says, "Nisd/consume now offers the ability to have it consume the set number(set by nisd #setMasteryNeeded with a number) of vials necessary to master whichever infections you have sufficient vials for, but lack mastery of."

[Update] Test. Glitch churrs adorably, "Mako Batteries should now stack just fine and all instances should be stacking into the normal stacking criteria. If you have non-stacking Mako Battery items, please contact Glitch."

[Update] Stuffer fox Hexaferrum says, "Scavenger debuffclear/healing should no longer work on friendly kills"

[Update] Nuku quoths, "New research available."

[Update] Nuku growls, "Any time you do a +reward, your high octane rewards (if any) are transferred to your account. They are then used from your account."

[Update] Nuku slurs, "New accounts (<30 days) will now see a 'getting started' link on the website just under game."

[Update] Nuku slurs, "If you are overloaded (due to switching classes), you CAN use equipment now, but they will do less damage/status mag. You will be informed of this, but combat will go on and you will act."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Added Vashj the crocodile to the Red Court's dungeon, an experienced slave-maker with a penchant for BDSM. All content written of Foxheart, then edited and coded by Song."

[Update] Stuffer fox Hexaferrum says, "King Stallion has been buffed without regard to common sense."

[Update] Nuku eagerly whinnies, "You can now 'wooc #last' to see the ooc #last of the outside of your womb room from within it."

[Update] Nuku purely says, "Tired of having to buy mojo? Us too. Thanks to this new innovation, you don't have to anymore! Just type nanite mojo and feel the heady rush of nanites going right between your legs, where nanites belong! Works as both male and female mojo at once!"

[Update] Stuffer fox Hexaferrum says, "Rpinfo should avoid prettifying statuses since the pretty statuses are both rarely accurate, and less descriptive/helpful than is fair"

[Update] Highway Song says, "Completely removed the level lock on the Barricade of Old Cars (entry to The King Stable) and the Steel Doors (King Stallion fight)."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Fixed saying the safeword early during pure bondage with Vashj still counting toward the global NPC sex scene counter. As a result of this fix, Vashj lost his memory of ever meeting anyone, but you shouldn't be seeing any erroneous badges for the-amount-of-fucks-you-gave."

[Update] Nuku softly churrs, "Mining no longer has a cooldown timer."

[Update] Nuku softly churrs, "New command: Is your combat stalled out and going nowhere? Tried typing pass and still stuck? Don't panic! Type stuck and send that bad ATB away."

[Update] Nuku whispers, "In theory, you should be able to buy perks even without enough xp, because they are free yo."

[Update] Stuffer fox Hexaferrum says, "+xp will now show you the number of high octane rewards you have remaining correctly"

[Update] Test. Glitch churrs adorably, "A recently discovered infection strain has been found at the NeoGAMES Lab! The Cyber Devil can now be found therein."

[Update] Stuffer fox Hexaferrum says, "Thanks to payment in wolf-butt(it wasn't lewd come onnnnn), raking claws and Gouging claws have been made 'good', or maybe 'worth using'"

[Update] Stuffer fox Hexaferrum says, "So, auto distill is on by default, since 200 creds is small fry to a boss vial"

[Update] Stuffer fox Hexaferrum says, "Using a boss vial on a monster bait instead of a normal one will now give you a 24 hour status instead of a 1 hour one"

[Update] Stuffer fox Hexaferrum says, "Want to know how a player's build works with respect to upgrades? Run upgrade #see <player> to ask for permission to see it, and then, if given, see it."

[Update] Stuffer fox Hexaferrum says, "The nprompt?(number prompts) in talkscript no longer ignore your attempts to leave by typing in Q."

[Update] Stuffer fox Hexaferrum says, "Those so dedicated(with the Artemis badge specifically) should be able to buy the huntress class from the web store."

[Update] Stuffer fox Hexaferrum says, "(As an update not necessarily for you of the playerbase, albeit usable by you), @conntype now filters out web connections, also, if you give it an argument, it will attempt to show only players who have that inside their username. This command is useful if you're helping your friend out, but don't feel like waiting for their response as to what they're using as a client."

[Update] Nuku giggles, "I put forward the first batch of funds for a big update, want to join the effort and soup the hardware? Grab stuff from this list: If you do, give the receipt over to me ( and receive 2 mako per dollar spent, plus a unique badge for helping this effort."

[Update] Stuffer fox Hexaferrum says, "Oh, so @Conntype isn't for you people. :>"

[Update] Test. Glitch churrs adorably, "What do you mean by 'you people'?"

[Update] Stuffer fox Hexaferrum says, "Stringparsing has been stripped from part of the combat code. Expect dwarf fortress style fun for a short time fun"

[Update] Stuffer fox Hexaferrum says, "Fucklist finally lockd down"

[Update] Nuku softly churrs, "Badges are now being added by our automatons to the wiki and will be updated automagically. While we were in there, fixed a bug that may have hindered their progress."

[Update] Nuku softly churrs, "By popular demand, you can contribute towards upgrade costs here: No ordering or set amounts, just what you can part with."

[Update] Stuffer fox Hexaferrum says, "High Octane rewards will now go straight towards your account instead of only getting updated when you run +reward"

[Update] Highway Song says, "The Pewter Consort has found its way to the alley, a bizarre, almost alien creature with a canine temperament and boundless libido."

[Update] Nuku softly churrs, "Fixed a small internal bug that could make things hiccup at times."

[Update] Nuku softly churrs, "#broacast Fixed a kerhugic bug that may have been affecting numerous things in odd ways, and yet I can't say for sure what and where, but it is fixed, so yay!"

[Update] Nuku squawks, "Fixed a kerhugic bug that may have been affecting numerous things in odd ways, and yet I can't say for sure what and where, but it is fixed, so yay!"

[Update] Stuffer fox Hexaferrum says, "For a simpler view of how many children you have, try birthed or sired to see your current stats."

[Update] Nuku bestially hisses, "We've moved over to the new server and it's already looking nice, but we could reach further.

[Update] Nuku trills, "In theory, you an now use a monster bait, type in any infection you have in your nisd, and it'll work."

[Update] Nuku softly churrs, "Cover Me now uses positive Meek instead of negative Menace."

[Update] Nuku softly churrs, "The old newbie wiki page is now the newer wiki page, like magic."

[Update] Nuku softly churrls, "You can now 'daily list' where you get your dailies and get a list of valid areas!"

[Update] Nuku softly churrs, "In theory, if a status is caused by Opportunity (noted by 'Element ' starting), it will now use Opportunity, instead of tactician to determine complimentary debuffs."

[Update] Nuku softly churrs, "The burning fires of heat-based opportunity strikes are much hotter and briefer. Feel the burn now!"

[Update] Nuku softly churrs, "Further tweaks to make opportunity the key player in opportunity-prompted compliments."

[Update] Nuku softly churrs, "Critical damage powers now opportunity to a critical DoT. Note that it is weaker than heat (by half mag) but it is critical."

[Update] Test. Glitch churrs adorably, "REJOICE! The Ocean Harem is now on-grid! It's a little sneakily placed, so, you may have to hunt it down."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Added much more comprehensive color chooser support to the Pewter Consort. color2 = countershading along fore, inner thighs, upper arms, undertail, and main genital covering. color3 = glans, inner walls, underpaws, tailhole, sexual fluids"

[Update] Stuffer fox Hexaferrum says, "There is now a buy 5 button on the token store, it is limited to paying with tokens atm."

[Update] Nuku softly churrs, "Slash opportunity DoTs hit twice as hard for half the time. Bleed!"

[Update] Stuffer fox Hexaferrum says, "Since someone mentioned needing powers with an intrinsic vampiric stat, now you may search for that criteria in ps. Type in ps to see the help for P.owerS.earch"

[Update] Stuffer fox Hexaferrum says, "So, since the in-fs writing bounty board isn't done yet, and we have a new player bounty, check out if you've got any knack or interest in earning some mako for writing a form. The new player bounty is at the end of the section"

[Update] Nuku softly churrs, "You can now keep doing nanite production, gaining 25 each time, up to 10 times!"

[Update] Test. Glitch churrs adorably, "Void Certifications that were erroneously tradable should no longer be tradable (Shop already had them as no trade)."

[Update] Nuku bestially hisses, "Just One better at working on clits."

[Update] Test. Glitch churrs adorably, "Infectious Milk and Infectious Womb have been updated in code to function like Infectious Cum in that you can set an infection when you +use the gear item. Testing has shown positive results."

[Update] Nuku softly churrs, "Central combat display tweaked in appearance."

[Update] Nuku softly churrs, "Shadow Depth tuned down."

[Update] Stuffer fox Hexaferrum says, "nisd/consume will no longer allow you to consume vials if you have totalchangeimmunity."

[Update] Stuffer fox Hexaferrum says, "Fixed an issue in party code that would cause a party to be joinable(and listed in plist) if is larger than 8 members."

[Update] Stuffer fox Hexaferrum says, "Buffclear should no longer clear hostileproc triggers"

[Update] Stuffer fox Hexaferrum says, "The cock milker now checks the proper stat for quantity."

[Update] Nuku softly churrs, "New edge, Surprising Ambush"

[Update] Nuku softly churrs, "nanite production properly stops you from using them more than 10 uses and wasting your builders."

[Update] Stuffer fox Hexaferrum says, "Nisd upgrade and turnin are now more or less at value parity in terms of value-per-value."

[Update] Stuffer fox Hexaferrum says, "*value-per-vial"

[Update] Stuffer fox Hexaferrum says, "Similar to nisd/transfer, now you can share boss vials with those similarly equipped with an advancement nisd using anisd/transfer. To do so, have an advancement nisd, and run anisd/transfer <person>=<level>=<quantity>"

[Update] Stuffer fox Hexaferrum says, "The mission page has been updated so that it links to the combat page while you're in combat."

[Update] Nuku softly churrs, "In theory, if the cock desc includes [balldesc] then there will be no description of any balls you may have."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Added leg splitter support to Wolver Sheep, content courtesy of Archer."

[Update] Test. Glitch churrs adorably, "The Global Real Estate market has opened up! So long as an area isn't owned and is safe, you can rent a room there! This includes all unowned areas where mobs do not spawn."

[Update] Test. Glitch churrs adorably, "Updates to global real estate. You can now make rooms in Combat areas, limit 1 room, but those rooms will be a 'safe' area. If you purchase the new mako item Private Hunter, your rented room will retain the hazard area."

[Update] Stuffer fox Hexaferrum says, "Co-owners of rented rooms can now alter the description."

[Update] Stuffer fox Hexaferrum says, "The Nanite Focus Device now allows nanite adept owners to adept shift outside the dedication, because it kinda sucks needing to do it piecemeal when the game ought to be able to figure it out."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Clarified that the Nanite Resistance Adjuster cannot be traded in the item description when viewing in the shop."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Fixed the room that Custom in the Latex Toy Factory sends you to not being set noride and no summon like the others."

[Update] Stuffer fox Hexaferrum says, "Once again, nisd upgrade should be less capable of losing your upgrade's rating."

[Update] Stuffer fox Hexaferrum pants, "Shift ded should work."

[Update] Stuffer fox Hexaferrum says, "Power Upgrades are now synced to the wiki by the wiki bot. Now only if it was fast enough to use..."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Changed Rod's truck quest. Truck Parts now always have a chance to drop from Clockwork Foxes regardless of installation skill, and Village Guard Clockwork Fox Girls count as well. Installation skill still heavily increases drop chance, but will no longer be a progression stopper."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Aliased lotto to +lotto, just like how mlotto is aliased to +mlotto."

[Update] Test. Glitch churrs adorably, "Fixed a small bug in +tentacle that happened when choosing an infection you didn't have mastered."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Fixed the Hyena Herm legs TF message never showing up to to a misnamed property."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Fixed the Latex Skunk defeat scene's collar mechanics. Characters with Graceful in Defeat and Ultimate Infection Resistance will now be resistant to getting the badge (as the former can't see the scene, the latter can't get infected with the collar, and mention of being collared has been snipped if you have UIR). It now also has a sanity check to ensure the stat is set in advance to avoid being receiving an empty or invalid badge (such being awarded 0 if unset, though characters with the badge get to keep it)."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Further Truck Quest and Grenade component farming streamlining. Drop chance of Truck Parts from Clockwork Foxes now checks for sensible installation stats instead of expecting 50/60+ (as per the old system). It now also checks for high installation first, meaning each fight has a high chance of giving out 2-3 per battle at 30+ installation instead of most frequently dropping 1. Low installation maintains similar drop chance odds."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Fixed typos in Blue Sphinx skin/desc and skin/longdesc referring to your fur as 'sof'."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Fixed Crystal Avian mentioning you have massively engorged breasts if you're pregnant and don't have breasts."

[Update] Stuffer fox Hexaferrum says, "Want to find only those mako toys you have, or maybe you need one of those things that's called a drug, you think you have it, but you're not sure what it's called. Now you can use +gear #type <type of thingy> to look through your gear by type of item. It is listed in +gear #help. (+gear is the same as inv, inventory, and i)."

[Update] Stuffer fox Hexaferrum says, "Auctions may now optionally be specified with a quantity attached, using this looks like auc #start item=1 start=5 quantity=5. Details may also be found with the auc #help command."

[Update] Stuffer fox Hexaferrum says, "+gear #type should now work for recipe 'types'. +gear #type equip will find all items which it thinks are capable of being equipped."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Added Naturally Winged support to Crystal Avian, content courtesy of Berry."

[Update] "Master" Of Science Fauna wantonly purrs, "Fixed a minor bug with pronoun substitutions in autodescs."

[Update] Stuffer fox Hexaferrum says, "Run Terminal Mastery to only see forms that you have yet to master"

[Update] Highway Song says, "Buffed various powers. Ink Blaster: Knockdown: 0.5 -> 0, ChargeDebuff: 5 power -> 10 power. System Fault: Removed MaxHP penalty, changed power type from Blunt to Electric, Base damage: 30 -> 36, Self-damage: 20 -> 14. Sharpshooter: Cooldown: 8600 -> 6000. Scythe Sweep: Damage: 14 -> 21, Bleedingdamage: 0 -> 100% chance at 2 power for 5 rounds, Physicaldamageimmunitydebuff: 100% chance at 5 power for 5 rounds. Sharp Bite: Cooldown: 5100 -> 6100, PierceDamage: 10 power -> 20 power. Wind Buffet: Accuracy: 80% -> 90%, Aggro Rate: 75 -> 100, Cooldown: 2800 -> 7000, Damage: 14 -> 4, Energy: 15 -> 20, AccuracyDebuff: 100% chance at 30 power for 3 rounds, ChargeDebuff: 100% chance at 15 power for 3 rounds, InstanceCooldownDebuff: 50% chance at 3 power"

[Update] Stuffer fox Hexaferrum says, "Transfixing gaze has chargedebuff now. 2mag."

[Update] Test. Glitch churrs adorably, "+census class has been updated. Now, it will display how many have a particualr job set as their Active class, same as their Second Class, andtotal active players who have the class known to them."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Tweaked Sedative Saliva to fit a role of quick, easy debuff better. Damage: 18 -> 8, Charge: 1500 -> 400, Energy: 15 -> 5. Buffed Acidic Vomit. Single secondary target -> Small AoE secondary target."

[Update] Test. Glitch churrs adorably, "Terrible Pun has been updated so that its Damage Type is properly Psychic for the correct punnishment. Bullet Spray has been tweaked, adding a little bit to Cooldown, but its energy has lowered a bit, and its Damage significantly risen."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Adjusted the Mobster class: Bewitched 1->0, Damage 1->2, Endurance 2->0, Fast Loading 2->1, Reactive 1->0, Scavenger 1->0, Support 0->2, Tactician 0->2, Taunting Strikes 2->3, Warded 2->1. Adjusted the Unrefusable Offer ability: Removed the repeatattack and changed from Single Energy to Small Enemy AoE."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Tin Foil Hat now correctly grants ConfusedResist instead of granting you negative ConfusedResist."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Adjusted Love Nibble. Instead of applying DebuffResistDebuff/100/3/2, it now applies PsychicDamageImmunityDebuff/100/3/2."

[Update] Test. Glitch churrs adorably, "Trouble Boys for Mobster should have its minions be a little more effective. Test and see for more refining."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Tweaked Will to Destroy's passive statuses to better reflect Monstrosity's theme. Removed the accuracy penalty, converted the fleerate bonus of 5 to a -50 debuff, and increased KnockdownResist from 2 to 5 - possible minor tweaks to these values pending. Added extra flavor text to Will to Destroy to explain fleerate penalty."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Adjusted Blowhard. Charge: 1200->600, Cooldown: 2800->5000"

[Update] Highway Song says, "Buffed Headshot and Slip Beneath. Headshot's damage type has been changed to Critical, and Slip Beneath's cooldown has been reduced from 12,000 to 10,000."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Tweaked Endocrine Overdrive. Removed negligible 0.3 StatusBoost, but lowered Energybreak penalty from -10 to -4."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Pincers buffed. BluntDamage stacked DoT duration increased from 4->6"

[Update] Highway Song says, "Buffed Fontanelle. Charge: 1000 -> 800, DebuffResistDebuff: 100/8/5 -> 80/10/5, HealGainDebuff: none -> 80/10/5"

[Update] Highway Song says, "Made Front and Center easier to apply mid-fight by cutting its charge from 1550 to 600."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Bear Hug charge time reduced from 1200 to 800."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Buffed Enduring Spirit. ChargeMag 5.5->6, EnergybreakMag -1.5->2, MaxhpMag 5.5->6"

[Update] Highway Song says, "Buffed Gigantic Body Slam. Charge: 3000->1800, Damage: 25->30, Cooldown: 7000 -> 15000"

[Update] Highway Song says, "Buffed Careful aim. Made NoAoE, Charge: 2000 -> 1400, Damage: 33->35, Cooldown: 7900 -> 10000"

[Update] Little Miss Mess Maker Irimi humbly says, "Minor typos fixed in dribbling messages and the list editor"

[Update] Test. Glitch churrs adorably, "A note has been added to Culinary Nanomagic to clarify that the biomass cannot be from living tissue you're currently using, a contradiction against the KeepAlive functions."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Replaced the invalid "Blade Fury" power on the Minokama with the correct "Blade Flurry". Fixed all monsters, mercs and players to use the correct power instead."

[Update] Stuffer fox Hexaferrum says, "Not a buff... More a rename, reflexiveinsult from prickly skin has been changed to 'No U'"

[Update] Highway Song says, "Buffed Density Shift: MaxHP mag 5->8, added 20% chance of Physicaldamageresist at 3 power."

[Update] Test. Glitch churrs adorably, "+re #setexit has been added so that you can change the name of your rented room's exit name (to a limited degree). While in the room where you can see your exit, use this command followed by the new name, an it will change it, though the # it has will remain the same [#] <name of exit>."

[Update] Highway Song says, "After some testing, Scythe Sweep adjusted again. Removed DamageImmunityDebuff, decreased charge from 800 -> 600"

[Update] Test. Glitch churrs adorably, "Global Real Estate's rental fees have been adjusted to their intended, dynamic amount based on the daily economy."

[Update] Stuffer fox Hexaferrum croons, "Rooms should not give out xp to their owner when they're in a combat zone now."

[Update] Test. Glitch churrs adorably, "Bug in +re for global real estate areas showing 0 cost fixed."

[Update] Stuffer fox Hexaferrum croons, "Bleeding damage(the magnitude of the DoT) inflicted by an attack is now shown after the attack is used."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Adjusted Mafioso Grace: Removed Aggro and Menace statuses, replaced with 5 Charge and 5 Recharge."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Changed Protection Racket from a standard AoE to a Large AoE"

[Update] Stuffer fox Hexaferrum croons, "Doing social actions on the website will now grant you experience in the job"

[Update] Highway Song says, "Made many changes to the M4 Carbine and its recipe: Accuracy: 85% -> 80%, Charge: 1400 -> 600, Damage: 22 -> 26, Energy: 35 -> 25, Loadout: 30 -> 25, Cred Cost: 40,000 -> 15,000. Salvage Amount: 2 uncommon mechanical, 40 common mechanical, 25 common chemical -> 60 common mechanical, 15 common chemical. Skills: 60 mechanical, 15 chemical -> 25 mechanical, 10 chemical"

[Update] Highway Song says, "More love for single-target Big Hits: Heavy Smash received a hefty buff. Charge: 1050 -> 800, Cooldown: 6100 -> 9000, Damage: 23 -> 39, Penetration: 0 -> 3"

[Update] Highway Song says, "Buffed Egg Toss. Energy: 25 -> 20, Charge: 1000 -> 600, Cooldown: 10000 -> 8000, Self-heal: 16 -> 20, and added 100% chance at 4 power PoisonDamage for 3 rounds."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Adjusted Flutter. Damage: 7 -> 6, Energy: 18 -> 25, Charge: 1250 -> 1200, Cooldown: 3000 -> 8000. Overhauled Flutter's repeats: 100%/6 power/5 rounds -> 100%/4 power/2 rounds, 50%/2 power/2 rounds, 25%/2 power/2 rounds, 10%/2 powers/2 rounds."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Lowered Tail Slap's charge: 1000 -> 700"

[Update] Highway Song says, "Adjusted Slam. Energy: 4 -> 12, Cooldown: 1600 -> 6000, Damage: 10 -> 22, ChargeDebuff chance: 50% -> 75%"

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum smoothly says, "Ai-view will now accept the engraved names of the equipment that you have equipped instead of only allowing those less descriptive accessory<number> names."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum smoothly says, "A new thing has been made. The inflatable dummy. It summons a new pet. I'm sure it'll work out wonderfully. Go get it at the mall"

[Update] Test. Glitch churrs adorably, "New Class Hedonist has been made, attached to the Initiate of Dionysus Dedication. Those dedicated will automatically get it on refreshes, as per many such classes. Also, Typos in receiving dedications this way "the the" have been corrected."

[Update] Test. Glitch churrs adorably, "Bit of a tweak to Bloody Sadist. Opportunity removed in lieu of upping Damage to 3 and adding Rage 2. Get your cuts in!"

[Update] Highway Song says, "Buffed Classless: 14 -> 26 different combat skills, giving it the same skill total as other classes."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum smoothly says, "As an optimization for for highly populated areas, the hp command will skip any players who fits both these conditions, that they are at least an hour idle, and that they are not a member of your party."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum smoothly says, "nisd #search here and nisd #search masterable are now much faster than before."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum smoothly says, "Native suppressors give you a time status that lasts 2 hours instead of a normal status that lasts 500 rounds. This should be a nicer safety margin"

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum smoothly says, "Shifting native while under the effects of a native suppressor will now warn you that you might be wasting mako battery"

[Update] "Master" Of Science Fauna wantonly purrs, "'herematch' (the function we use in several programs to match players, things and objects as required) is now smarter about partial matching. That is to say, it first tries to find a full match, before looking for partial matches."

[Update] "Master" Of Science Fauna wantonly purrs, "#update This solves a bug in +size where trying to +size someone might instead give you the numbers for someone else with a similar name."

[Update] "Master" Of Science Fauna wantonly purrs, "+size is now, and has always been, an alias for size."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum smoothly says, "The Bleeding combat skill will now give your enemies BleedingDamage rather than CriticalDamage."

[Update] Highway Schrubbery Glitch churrs adorably, "Flags now prioritizes flag names before checking for player names."

[Update] Highway Schrubbery Glitch churrs adorably, "Tags given teh same treatment."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum smoothly says, "Prickly skin now functions once again"

[Update] Highway Song says, "Every class rpinfo entry now has a short blurb at the end of the description that succinctly describes the class's function."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Clarified in Opportunity's rpinfo description that it counts as 0.5 points of Enduring Malice and Tactician for DoTs and Bleeding."

[Update] Highway Schrubbery Glitch churrs adorably, "Twilight Breaker's gotten a revision, removing Opportunity and shifting its combat skills to better fit its intended role in DoT/Debuff with a secondary in Big Hits."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum smoothly says, "DoT reports are unconsolidated"

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum smoothly says, "Repeats back to 50% of initial hit, theoretically."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Tukupar Itar has been revised. It's now slightly more robust to avoid dying due to Taunting Strikes, and it's gotten some Accuracy/Opportunity to better suit its role as hybrid Taunt Tank/DoT DPS."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum smoothly says, "So, opportunity is now what you all thought it was. That is, the convoluted nonsense that it had before is now well and truly gone. And as song says, 'This really does mean Opportunity should recieve a buff of some other kind'"

[Update] Highway Song says, "Blowhard buffed: 1 -> 12 Cold damage"

[Update] Highway Schrubbery Glitch churrs adorably, "-Controlled Burst will lessen Enemy AoE even if Front Row isn't present."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Flame Warden slightly nerfed. Technical 2->1, Opportunity 1->2."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Due to Tukupar Itar getting -2 Healing, buffed its class skill Lick Wounds. Charge: 1200 -> 800, Cooldown: 5000 -> 6000, energy cost: 30 -> 20."

[Update] "Master" Of Science Fauna wantonly purrs, "fixed a crash in stringparsing caused by a corner-case in yesterday's bugfix."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Adjusted Self-Destruct: It's now classified as a Nuke type (since it has Target: Nuke), and removed the -10 EnergyBreak."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Crash and Burn slightly nerfed. RepeatAttackMag down from 1 -> 0.5. It still rounds up to 1, but this prevents upgrades from boosting it to 2 magnitude."

[Update] Highway Song says, "After consideration, Mobster slightly nerfed. Support 2 -> 1, Regenerating 0 -> 1."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Monstrosity's fourth class power, Frenzied Assault, has been tweaked. Medium AoE Enemy -> Small AoE Enemy, removed the Nuke type."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Various tweaks to Street Samurai. Windless Cut has been buffed. Its self-buff statuses have been increased from 2 -> 3 rounds. Setting Sun has been buffed. Its base damage has been increased from 30 to 40."

[Update] Highway Schrubbery Glitch churrs adorably, "The divine presence of Inari has made herself known in a dedication spot. Though not the main Inari Shrine where Tanuki and Kitsune already reside near to, she has connected via an Inari Shrine underneath the perview of one of her Head Shrine Maidens, Vari Arak'Than, at the Floral Hearts Mansion and Hospital. Those who wish to dedicate may seek the Head Shrine Maiden out for access."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Adjusted Staggering Blow on Monstrosity. Charge: 2000 -> 1200, Damage: 36 -> 26, added self-targeted DamageBuff, InstantCooldown, and KnockdownResist. This differentiates it more from powers like Gigantic Body Slam and gives it a use outside of raw damage."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum smoothly says, "#nyan"

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum smoothly says, "Nyan should meow cat substitutions correctly on words like usefur, bountifur, and mercifur."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Slightly optimized stringparsing in monster template requirements. Removed some unused templates."

[Update] Highway Schrubbery Glitch churrs adorably, "BusyPockets status remaining added to Cooldown display, if there is any."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum smoothly says, "I'm not sure I documented this when I made it, but the 'shiny' or (mirrored template) exists, it provides +2 reactive, and a bit more rank and bonus xp."

[Update] Highway Schrubbery Glitch churrs adorably, "And now, it'll show even if no other powres are on cooldown! Yay! Progress!"

[Update] Highway Song says, "Adjusted the Banana Cannon. Energy: 40 -> 25, Charge: 2800 -> 1400, Accuracy: 90% -> 45%, Damage: 2.5 -> 3, AoE: Small Enemy AoE (3 targets) to Large Enemy AoE (5 targets)."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum smoothly says, "The Citric Chooter(Yes, this is not a misspelling), is now available for purchase from the token store. Because bananas are okay when you're just getting started, but it takes a badass to shoot lemon juice into your foe's eyes."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum smoothly says, "Hey, have you ever wanted to /wait/ in battle? Me neither, but now, like pass, it does what you'd expect"

[Update] Highway Schrubbery Glitch churrs adorably, "Inari? Who said Inari? Nobody said Inari. You must be imaginging things. However, there are Shrine Maidens. You can becom a dedicated Shrine Maiden to the Shinto gods not far from where many dedicate the the fox messengers."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum smoothly says, "Cover will now be reported for repeat users. Per tick. (For staff wanting to remove this potentially massive amount of spam, search for (repeated @ not) 1 if"

[Update] Highway Song says, "Fixed a bug in Salamander Femme where the Victory/oVictory would only print text in [else] parts of variable checks due to the doublepen variable being set to the wrong value (my bad)."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Fixed help Class/Dual Classes stating that the Dual Soul Pendant costs 100 reward tokens or 20 Mako -> it costs 100 reward tokens or 10 Mako."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Cut the base crafting credit cost of the Magnum from 50k to 20k, which is more in line with its output."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Buffed Bounty Hunter's Ambush class ability. Energy: 15 -> 10, Cooldown: 20000 -> 8000."

[Update] Highway Song says, "After more thought, adjusted Ambush again. Lowered energy cost from 20 to 10, bumped the cooldown from 8000 back to its original 20000, and increased the Retaliate proc's damage from 10 critical to 20 critical. Reasoning: Applying it before a fight takes a larger immediate chunk of enemy health, scaling with group size, and there are often better alternatives mid-fight to use over a 10-damage crit nuke."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Changed Bounty Hunter's "Even the Odds" class ability. Removed the 5 mag knockdown in favor of a 10 mag, 1 round taunt. Reasoning: Tanks pull aggro, so incorporating a string taunt into BH's 4th class ability allows you to dole out Ambush's Retaliation trap more reliably in groups."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Final (for now) wave of changes to Bounty Hunter: Reverted change to Even the Odds - it now just applies knockdown and not taunt. Added single enemy NoAoE secondary taunt effect to Ambush. Increased Ambush's damage further from 20 to 30 critical AoE Nuke. The Retaliation proc does not scale with power mods, preventing abuse, and it required more damage to make a worthwhile impact beyond very basic enemies."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Bounty Hunter's unpopular third ability, Just A Scratch, has been removed and replaced with Spring Trap, a delayed-effect single target attack that can dole out immense amounts of damage in longer fights."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Adjusted Bounty Hunter's combat skill tally. Outnumbered: 2 -> 0, Concentrated: 0 -> 2. Reasoning: This change allows Bounty Hunter to use its single-target class abilities to better effect, making it a more appealing candidate for a primary class."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum smoothly says, "Due to no demand, now you can run primer #frenzy to get a frenzied prime"

[Update] Highway Schrubbery Glitch churrs adorably, "Twilight Breaker's been updated with a minor tweak to lessen number of 4's to jsut 1 in the class. Tactician 4->3, Back Row 1->2"

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum smoothly says, "mail order madness nerfed. Now you only get two Technical stat rather than fucking 5."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum smoothly says, "Cold war over. We're hot. Nuke debuffs gone."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Determinator has received several buffs to its powers. Strong Spirit no longer causes -EnergyBreak, which was both limiting and counterintuitive to have on a class with Endurance 2. Bludgeon's damage has been buffed from 15 -> 21. Rapid Fire's negative DamageBuff and negative EnergyBreak have been removed in favor of -10 -> -15 Accuracy penalty. Force of Nature's damage has been increased from 28 -> 30, self-damage decreased from 6.5 -> 5, self-debuffs removed, and enemy confusion debuff removed, in addition to costing 40 -> 30 energy to use. Overall, the class has far fewer self-debuffs and will cost less energy to use. Happy repeats."

[Update] Nuku brays, "Incorrigible Jerk's skills tweaked about (- survivability, + offense)"

[Update] Nuku softly churrs, "Penetration now helps DoTs get past immunities (-10% immunities per point, multiplicative. That is, you have 50% heatimmunity and the guy attacking you has 2 penetration, 20% of that immunity will be ignored, for a total of 40% immunity being applied instead)"

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum smoothly says, "Editplayer has a new option to turn off the automatic toggling of LFG on login."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum smoothly says, "Searching for a fight will now clear the previous cooldown on your powers."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum smoothly says, "Improving an upgrade will now err on the side of caution, and say "That answer doesn't have a y in it!" when you type in something other than yes, this should reduce the number of tokens spent in error."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Cascading status removed from some class passive abilities, but buffed those abilities in other respects instead. Strong Spirit: Cascading 2.5 -> 0. Buffed charge and recharge 2 -> 2.5. Buffed KnockdownResist 4 -> 5. Agile Footwork: Cascading 5 -> 0. Buffed Charge 5 -> 10. Showering Stars: Cascading 5 -> 0. Due to the loss in accuracy and defense incurred by the passive, more buffs than AF, namely Charge 10 -> 15 and adding 0 -> 5 KnockdownResist."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum smoothly says, "Rpinfo will now supply more readable information about delayed statuses."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum smoothly says, "XP is now properly capped at 150% of the requirements for you to level. This should happen after the system does the normal automatic levelup procedure(so ideally you won't lose anything you were supposed to have)"

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum smoothly says, "Those relatively few 'items'"

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum smoothly says, "Ack... Those equipment with the 'Item' Type will now display their penetration value."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Somewhat belatedly, The Trick or Treat Motel is now open again! Come and by to visit and make your rounds."

[Update] Highway Song says, "The Shotgun recipe has received a buff. Damage: 25 -> 28, Cooldown: 15000 -> 12000, added Slash damage variance."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum smolders, "You should be able to shift into a Sa'iryim"

[Update] Highway Song says, "Removed the requirement to have the 'everything' or 'submissive' wi flags set to get the option for Sobek's third scene at the Trick or Treat Motel."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Added blunt damage to Heavy Melee damage variability. Previously, you could only use slash."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum echoyips, "Hey, new useless class. THE USELESS CLASS. For testing. It's like ZZ the wiz dummy, but for classes..."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum echoyips, "all players can be useless if they really want to be"

[Update] Highway Song says, "Since Brawler was nerfed when cascading was removed from its passive, it has now been buffed in other ways. Agile Footwork now gives +15 BluntPowerAmp. Haymaker's change has been cut 1000 -> 800, cooldown 15000 -> 12000, and added 2 mag InstantCooldown to it."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Slight tweak to Brawler's skillset. Overkill 2 -> 1, Avoidance 2 -> 3. This should make the class a little more durable for most content."

[Update] Highway Schrubbery Glitch churrs adorably, "+anisd/transfer should now properly remove the vials from your vials count when you transfer them to others."

[Update] Highway Schrubbery Glitch churrs adorably, "The functionality of the Assimilator has been changed and updated so that players can have multiple locked powers again (The prevention has been remove so that those who've used it since won't be affected by the limitation priorly installed)."

[Update] Highway Schrubbery Glitch churrs adorably, "The cost of the Nanite Adaption Cleanser in the Mall Rat Territory reduced to a much more affordable rate, about 1/100th the original cost.. Far easier to remove aLocked power, especially good for Liberated Children, now."

[Update] Highway Schrubbery Glitch moo-squeaks, "New function added into the shift command. If you use a partial that has multiple results, it will prompt you to pick from those results."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Brawler adjusted again. Added 10 mag Cascading self-buff to Haymaker. This should make the class more appealing to use as a primary."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum echoyips, "Now you can do +badge #find to find badges like you can gear. For looking at other people's badges, you should use the format +badge <person> #find <search text>."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum echoyips, "Plumpkin is now available through the latter half of october into November."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum echoyips, "Concentrated's description amended to include its lack of effect on DoTs."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum echoyips, "Udder enhancement can now be disabled"

[Update] Highway Song says, "Adjusted Monstrosity's combat skills. Bewitched 2 -> 0, Avoidance 1 -> 0, Bleeding 1 -> 2, Sacrificial Fury 0 -> 1, Vampiric 0 -> 1. Reasoning: Thematically, more befitting of the class's descriptions. Mechanically, the class was falling behind other big AoE classes, and this gives more general damage output to bring it in line."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Reworked Heavy Fighter's combat skill spread: Avoidance 1 -> 0, Back Row 2 -> 0, Concentrated 1-> 0, Durability 0 -> 2, Front Row 0 -> 1, Outnumbered 0 -> 1, Vampiric 1 -> 0, Warded 0 -> 1. Reasoning: Thematically, being Back Row-focused didn't suit all the class powers being brawling and melee. Mechanically, being neutral or Front Row required more general effective HP. Also tweaked some of Heavy Fighter's powers. Scrapping for a Fight: DamageImmunity -3 -> 0, KnockdownResist 1 -> 3, PowerAmpBlunt 0 -> 5. Back Breaker: Removed enemy debuffs, made NoAoE, increased cooldown from 6100 -> 7000, increased damage 29 -> 42, added 3 penetration."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hexaferrum echoyips, "Concentrated now affects DoTs as it does other statuses."

[Update] Highway Song says, "What is Mine buffed. Removed NaniteUse self-buff status, increased EnergyDamageResistDebuff and PhysicalDamageResistDebuff 3 -> 6. Wing Dust buffed. 1200 -> 1000 charge, 10k -> 9k cooldown."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Mirrored Flesh fixed/buffed. Changed secondary target from (possibly nonfunctional) 'Enemy AoE Spread' to 'Medium AoE Enemy'."