Automated Multiplayer Updates/2017 November

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[Update] Feature, Not A Glitch lightly chuffs, "The Scraps and Ends shop in The Mall now has a stockpile of Spare Shelf units they've scrounged from some unearthed warehouses! Despite the packaging being worse for wear, the contents are there and available to set up a Spare Shelf in your owned room. Pick one up today! (Item puts a container into a room with no containers and cannot stack with other containers whatsoever)."

[Update] Feature, Not A Glitch lightly chuffs, "New Mako Toy: Fertility Cum is now available in the Elite Shop. Like Rutting Cum, this toy allows you to induce the InHeat (rather than Rut) status with your Cum (or increase it)."

[Update] Feature, Not A Glitch lightly chuffs, "New update to the kinks command! Help files have been split into three sections, and two new commands have been added: +kinks #slist and +kinks #add. The former lists shorthand for each kink (and you can add a <cat> to look at the shorthand for just one category), and the latter can add multiple kinks at once, each with a chosen value."

[Update] Feature, Not A Glitch lightly chuffs, "Some discrepencies with the Training code have been fixed. It should now properly recognize caps and the ACTUAL levels of your proficiencies, including Group Skill and Mako Item increases."

[Update] "Master" Of Science Fauna alluringly murr-purrs, "Change to the way Mighty Mouse works. Instead of multiplying your lifting capabilities by 10-40, it now considers you to be one size larger for lifting-capabilities."

[Update] "Master" Of Science Fauna alluringly murr-purrs, "This drastically reduces the effect for folks at around size 4, while it increases the effect around size 1."

[Update] "Master" Of Science Fauna alluringly murr-purrs, "*the latter part is not intentional, but it is preferable over the large hike in lifting capabilities between size 4 and 5. No benching golf carts at size 4."

[Update] Feature, Not A Glitch lightly chuffs, "Hey, guess what? OOC command will now recognize ":'s " at the beginning and make it shows as <Your name>'s <stuff>."

[Update] Feature, Not A Glitch lightly chuffs, "Check out your web interface under Character for a Kinks selection! This will take you to the Kinks page, where you can edit your kinks actively. They will show your currect status in them, and you can edit via dropdowns and text entry!"

[Update] Feature, Not A Glitch lightly chuffs, "The description for Dual Soul Pendant has been updated to specify the effects of having a secondary class."

[Update] Not A Diamond Just Hexaferrum sensually says, "There is now a slot machine in Patrick's Dojo. Why is it there? Because it lets you combine upgrades at a ludicrously high rating loss. Not like you'd be able to use those extra upgrade items anyway."

[Update] Avatar says, "Item (1510881896) placed onto the poll board by Hexaferrum, called 'Next Global Research scene topic. +poll/view Next Global Research scene topic to look at and vote in this poll."

[Update] Living In Obscurity bestially hisses, "Minor grammatical adjustments made to the Oniwara Shrine rooms."

[Update] Not A Diamond Just Hexaferrum sensually says, "Now the quick generic machine in RSX's lobby will produce vials that can stack with those genericized by hand."

[Update] Avatar says, "Poll 'Next Global Research scene topic' has ended."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Margay Taur has received Chubby merit support."

[Update] Nuku maternally coos, "The tear bomb is now available to buy at the Arborwatch Manor."

[Update] Nuku maternally coos, "If you are at max level, your 'needed vials' will be 0."

[Update] Feature, Not A Glitch lightly chuffs, "Help file for String Parsing updated to show all the Fill targets."

[Update] Nuku maternally coos, "Web battery can now display over 100%."

[Update] Nuku maternally coos, "The code should be much better about removing vial credit when you are in a level that doesn't even need vial credit."

[Update] "Master" Of Science Fauna alluringly murr-purrs, "filled stats added to to the whitelist in stringparsing."

[Update] Nuku maternally coos, "New exciting option! You can now, in the paypal section of the site, buy a monthly pass for 4.99 or 14.99 which will give 50 or 150 makolunardollars over the course of 30 days, over twice the normal value! You can only have one such monthly ticker ticking at once though, and that counts for all games under the same account."

[Update] Nuku maternally coos, "+billing/buymako now reports you get 4 mako per dollar instead of 2 (display errror)."

[Update] Nuku maternally coos, "You can now get the monthly tokens from the comfort of your client through +billing/buymako. Same cost, same token, 100% less HTML involved."

[Update] Nuku maternally coos, "Editplayer now has an option (35) to automatically buy/activate a monthly token if you don't have one going. This is not yet functional, coming soon. (the option works, but the auto-buy isn't coded, that comes next)"

[Update] Nuku maternally coos, "This works with existing subscriptions. It does not make a subscription."

[Update] Nuku maternally coos, "Error fixed in the new 35 editplayer option(you will need to set it again if you had done so already). Paypal subs now obey the setting."

[Update] Nuku maternally coos, "Card-based subs should now also work."

[Update] Nuku maternally coos, "the monthly tokens are now monthly vouchers. If you have a token, you can still use it, but all future ones will be vouchers to avoid confusing with other things called tokens."

[Update] Nuku maternally coos, "The display of the monthly token prettied up and moved on the web site"

[Update] Nuku maternally coos, "* Vouchers"

[Update] Nuku maternally coos, "You can now click your avatar on the page to quickly and easily reach the avatar editor."

[Update] Nuku maternally coos, "The avatars on the webpage can now be clicked to be taken to the profile of the person who's picture you clicked (including your own)"

[Update] Not A Diamond Just Hexaferrum sensually says, "Now there is a companion command for WS for arranging scenes. It is called rpo. rpo #helpnormal^

[Update] Not A Diamond Just Hexaferrum sensually says, "Now there is a companion command for WS for arranging scenes. It is called rpo. rpo #help to get a guide for its usage."

[Update] : main[ str:args ] me @ args @ Hexaferrum sensually says, "Have you wanted to be a terrible person? Good! Now you can be. Go pick up the rather tanky INCORRIGIBLE JERK from the RSX class store for the all too apropos price of 1 million creds. Enjoy!"

[Update] Nuku maternally coos, "Major revision of sucking-based +lactation. You now get a _week long_ boost instead of a very short one. The magnitude is much smaller, but can stack if you're sucked from every day, up to a week's worth."

[Update] Nuku maternally coos, "Lactation bonus increased from suckling."

[Update] : main Hexaferrum sensually says, "Now, daily missions may be assigned to all valid party members by the leader. To do so, pdaily <placename>. It will not assign daily missions to people who are not eligible."

[Update] Nuku maternally coos, "Being milked now gives the same time status that being sucked from gives. It also gives a 24 hour milking lactation buff which will stack with the daily nursing ones."

[Update] Highway Song says, "The Psycho Weasel has been given Color Chooser support. In addition, the form's writing has been given a second pass for grammar and sentence structure fixes."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Fixed the Submissive Stallion's ass description displaying incorrectly due to malformed string parsing."

[Update] : main Hexaferrum warmly intones, "fixed incorrigible jerk missing a level of avoidance"