Automated Multiplayer Updates/2017 May

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[Update] Systems Glitch trills, "Thanks to fulfilling our donation stretch Goals up, there's a new Nanomagic available! Freeze Drying Nanomagic, a branch of Cryo and Hydrodynamic Nanomagics respectively. Time to preserve some snacks into crispy treats!"

[Update] Nuku schemes, "lift silent fixed"

[Update] Nuku schemes, "New research available."

[Update] Script-Kitty Fauna alluringly murr-purrs, "Sculpting nanomagic is now a touch-based nanomagic."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "There is, temporarily, debug showing how many salvage checks you get each time you defeat an enemy."

[Update] Systems Glitch glories, "Despite a brief vacation, Mortimitri is back where she generally hangs in the Techno Safari."

[Update] Systems Glitch moos, "Several inappropriate stacking of powers have been resolved on forms, including Seraphim, Behemoth, and Chocolate Cow. If you find ANY form that has 3+ powers on a single part, this shouldn't be. @ should also be decently rare, especially if both are passive powers."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Mega combats now reward more salvage reliably."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Fixed Violet the Blue Gryphon herm never running through an explanation of what the heck a beak sheath is when preparing for oral."

[Update] Systems Glitch tuts, "A new denizen of the wetlands has appeared! The Nile Croc can be found in the Marshy Swamp, weirdly enough."

[Update] Systems Glitch tuts, "Color Chooser support given to the Nile Croc infection."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "New vanity merit, boy attractor"

[Update] Systems Glitch deeply purrs, "Ixchel Jaguar's powerset has been spread out a bit more fairly, Feline Agility moved from Legs to Torso to prevent a three-power pile-up."

[Update] Systems Glitch rustles, "To help hopefully clear up some of the confusion with Nanomagic interaction, a new help file has been made. +help Nanomagic/Interaction"

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Boy Attractor merit fixed."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "You can now walk into the chandler hospital ded room, presuming you've been helpful."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Midnight Slash now also taunts."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Pool backers of 50+ on Technical Classes now have Frontline Soldier"

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Frontline Soldier now available at RSX for agents to enjoy as a class!"

[Update] Nuku schemes, "There is now a quick sorting machine in RSX lobby that will distill boss vials down to generic versions in one quick command. Just pull the lever and enjoy a decluttered inventory. It will ignore boss vials under level 30."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "All references to 'haste' in powers and mutant powers converted to charge. All of them."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "You can now +badge/title group to set your channel title to your group's name. Enjoy it!"

[Update] Nuku schemes, "The last update also works for setting individual channel titles."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "You can now wf #note (name)=(thing) to set notes for yourself about a person. This is private and only you see it. This has been added to wf #help."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Compost areas allow you to drop crafted items. 80% of their base value is added to the room's source values, making salvage you can gain by RPing there."

[Update] Systems Glitch rustles, "The new Nanomagic program Detachable Nanomagic is ready and available for NICE users to acquire. Requires Medical and Hydrodynamic Nanomagics for full functionality."

[Update] Systems Glitch rustles, "Oh, and folks who donated 50+ should have their Detached badge. Don't lose your head over it!"

[Update] Systems Glitch rustles, "Most nanomagic entries have been updated with a little blurb about their Passive or Active usages."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna proudly yips, "Milky Recipe added to Mako Store."

[Update] Systems Glitch rustles, "Almost all nanomagics have documentation in their description about Active and PAssive interactivity."

[Update] Systems Glitch rustles, "Whoops. Seraphim's Field of Dread properly moved to the correct folder. It should now appear on teh form."

[Update] Combat-Fox Luminosity glories, "Seeker Hound was being a slight cheater having three powers on it's torso. Adjusted by moving Adrenaline Boost from Torso - > Head."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna proudly yips, "Three badges added, Chaste, Extra Virgin, and Pacifist (a few already had these from manual additions earlier)."

[Update] Systems Glitch gloriously neighs, "Puny Pegasus powerset updated. Solid Frame removed entirely and Headbutt added to the Head."

[Update] Department Of Fox Luminosity glories, "Ahem, yes this thing on? Okay! So upcoming update right now for the Joey. Maternal Love and Protective Pouch have been switched to 100% form powers."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna proudly yips, "Male Gator Water Adaptation moved from Torso to Head."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Added several all-new Defeat scenes when you submit to female Otters."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Replaced erroneous 'Unknown Power' mutant power on Royal Termite head with 'Bleeding Bite'."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Added Color Chooser support to Parrot Lady. Set color alone for single-tone plumage, color and color2 together for two-tone plumage, and add color3 for a resplendent coat of three colors."

[Update] Systems Glitch whurrs, "WF #help now shows tthe wwf command."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Penicillin now available in the drug lab next to Z Triage."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Pain-Killers also available as a Pharmaceutical data pack."

[Update] Systems Glitch whurrs, "Water Dragon has been tweaked to balance out power location. Gigantic Body Slam has been shifted from Torso to Legs Rar-rar SMASH."

[Update] Systems Glitch whurrs, "New Unique Form Power! The Visceral Surgeon can now perform Manic Surgery."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Added variants to the Hermaphrodite Phoenix's descriptions and TF messages for masculine players."

[Update] Systems Glitch punchily roos, "A new showroom model can be found at the Latex Toy Factory, Custom. It's sporting the new Rubberoo infection. Take a test drive with this model and see how you like its custom features!"

[Update] Nuku schemes, "You can now access social actions from the web. Note, this will not affect any city stats."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "The actual numeric rating of social action rewards when looking at sa list is shown instead of a descriptor. Say, '12, 6, and 2' instead of... 'fantastic', 'fantastic' and 'fantastic' (This is a real example)"

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Web social actions now check if you can actually do the social actions properly."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "They also display properly for things that have string parsing in them."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "The web now shows social action money/influence rewards as numbers as the ingame sa list does. Enjoy clarity."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Web social actions actually work now, imagine that."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Web social actions no longer allow you to spam the bejeezus out of them for profit and excessive patrol."

[Update] Systems Glitch rustles, "Two new +help files. +help Theme/Nanite Degradation which is a mirror of the Wiki's page that it shows a link to, and +help Theme/Supernatural Dedication. Remember, you can often shorten to a keyword with +help, like +help supernatural."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Herm Caracal has been tweaked to balance out power locations. Removed Purr from the Head and added Scent Of Victory to the Groin."

[Update] Systems Glitch devastates, "Like something out of a Cretaceous nightmare, the Crurivastator has appeared in Bozeman University. Beware the Devastator of Shins!"

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna proudly yips, "Lucky Charm update! PhhsicalDamageReturn cut in half on mag, 40 down to 20."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna proudly yips, "*physicaldamagereturn"

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Fighting mega things drains an area's energy faster than chipping at normal mobs."

[Update] Systems Glitch devastates, "The command resist should now display Acid as one of the resistances."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "When restoring an area, you get 10 influence in that area as a free bonus."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "When receiving salvage from influence, you also get 7 points of nanites as a free bonus."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Updated and expanded the 'string parsing/variables' helpfile."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "At vampiric 0, the maximum draw from direct attacks is 12.5%. At vampiric 1, 37.5%. At vampiric 2 and 3, the cap remains 75%."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Generic PowerAmp is now a thing."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Rage no longer gives damagebuff. Now it gives +2.5 generic poweramp every hit, up to the usual 3/6/9 stacks, meaning it will stack nicely with basically anything."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Sheet no longer shows professions after you have 6+, since they have no further meaning, IC or OOC, once you've loaded up on them."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Non-violent progession folks! If you fail to get a boss vial on any given RP tick, your odds of getting one on the next tick now increase, and continue to increase until you get a vial or more (at which point it resets). This should help those cursed by the RNG to get more vials reliably."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "If you need a boss vial and receive xp from a +pj reward, you have a chance at getting credit for one (15%)"

[Update] Systems Glitch devastates, "Welsh Corgi now has Kemonomimi support."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Tar Baby now works on every hit, no matter how small, provided it was an active hit (small passive hits are still ignored)"

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Small hits will only inflict half the usual power of statuses."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Causing tar baby effect now also incurs a small amount of aggro on the slowed person, making tanks with tar baby a bit... stickier."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Roll With It now triggers at a small rate at hits 10% lower for half power. This means, at roll with it 3+, you will always trigger, every time, muah aha ha ha ha ha ha"

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna proudly yips, "Tar Baby and Roll With It will no longer proc on the repeat part of repeats."

[Update] Systems Glitch devastates, "A bevy of new Pharmaceutical Nanomagic Data programs have hit the Drug Lab. Yay, drugs!"

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna proudly yips, "Subtle change to Ovulation Period with respect to Delayed Pregnancy. Shuuush... you didn't see anything..."

[Update] Highway Song says, "By popular request, changed Alpha Husky groin TF to not suggest you're constantly hard. Looks like you can finally get that pinup of a plump-sheathed husky hunk."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna proudly yips, "Web Controls no longer say they go to 5, there is no 5! Just like on an amp, there is no 11. Why have a scale if you just break the scale dang it!"

[Update] Systems Glitch devastates, "New theme help file: +help Nanite Limitations"

[Update] Nuku schemes, "You can now set a request as 'open' or 'closed' as a status. When you mark a request as open, all players can see and comment on the request, allowing for public weighing in on ideas, bugs, or other issues. Suggestions are open by design and cannot be closed."

[Update] Systems Glitch devastates, "Just a reminder, +request #help for details on how to interact with reqeusts."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Oops, you should be able to open/close your requests properly now."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "By popular demand, open/closed replaced with public/private."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "You can now +request/vote #=yes or no to support or vote against a given topic. For bugs, this tells us that you are suffering the same issue, or that it doesn't seem to affect you. For ideas, liking or disliking the idea, and so on."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "This is anonymous. Vote honestly."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "You can now vote yes/no with +request/review #=yes or no. Extra commands? Who needs those."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "If you own a dedication and go to its dedication point and try to dedicate again, you will be offered a chance to sever that dedication for half the cost of dedicating in the first place, reclaiming your freedom!"

[Update] Nuku schemes, "To make the votes more obvious and immediate to see, +request/review now shows any existing votes for requests in its list."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Give now informs you that it is aborting when you decline to proceed instead of just silently stopping."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Roll With It should be less spammy now."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Fixed a rather large bug with Roll With It that made it produce buffs based on your Tar Baby amount."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "If you give (number) to (person), it will immediately check if (number) is actually a gear number, and error out if so, rather than making you answer a few questions potentially just to notice later you are referring to an invalid object."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Merits that are marked as free will display no price in jnote and cannot be removed for mako."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "You can now examine specific parts with fex, for instance, fex skunk girl=ass"

[Update] Nuku schemes, "New edge, nano master."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Healing damage powers can now not be, invisibly, dodged."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Nanite resistor desc updated in the store."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "As requested, you can now, in editplayer, toggle auto-drop vials being on or off"

[Update] Nuku schemes, "New precious item to get from the wastes: rpinfo media set"

[Update] Nuku schemes, "nanite gender assigner made more obvious in its description."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Speed skill has lost its base delay of turn reduction. All other functions untouched."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "When dedicating, it will not offer to remove the ded unless you are actively that ded first. It will also not proceed if you lack the makolunardollars."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "#brodcast You can now vote in favor/against requests from the web."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "You should not be able to vote on your own requests."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "New Research Available"

[Update] Script-Kitty Fauna alluringly murr-purrs, "We can now set modifiers to require or exclude specific base items."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Explosives Expert class now available at RSX. Enjoy!"

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna proudly yips, "Critical error in give command found and fixed. Should no longer prevent giving money, tokens, premium currency or, in FS, builder nanites."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna proudly yips, "Update on last update, that includes salvage as well."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna proudly yips, "Bone Yard level range made more standard."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna proudly yips, "Level of Lactation is now stringparsable using similar rules as number of egg pregnancies running. Example, [lactation of [player]] will return the lacation percentage as an integer."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna proudly yips, "Milky Messages are now not only more easily coded, but display outwardly as well."

[Update] Systems Glitch croons, "A newly discovered infection has appeared in Sheephole Valley. The lovely Secretary Bird with its colorful contrast and quilled scalp can now be found there."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Patreon supporters! You can now patreon (Your email on patreon) to snag yummy makos for your contributions to the patreon."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Once you've set your email, you can just type patreon to check in the future if you're owed mako and get it."

[Update] Systems Glitch devastates, "Regulation and Distributed Nanomagic descriptions updated."

[Update] Systems Glitch devastates, "The Goals' Form Update has been applied to the Okami Boi, adding in support for Arm Divider and Tail Divider."

[Update] Somewhat Damaged cutely churrs, "Patreon service speed doubled!"

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna proudly yips, "Margay Taurs have relearned a way to continue to give Royal Delight to those they love... using their groin instead of thier torso!"

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna notes that's on the margay taurs, the mob, not the form.

[Update] Nuku schemes, "You can now renew patrol to blow 10% charge to regain a patrol point."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Fixed typo in the Rubbery modifier resulting in 'Rubby' PhysicalDamageReturn. Now is not the time for rubs!"

[Update] Nuku schemes, "You can now +prove (edge name) and it will show that you have it and the edge's desc nice and neat and simple."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "The test command, for crafting, no longer cares if you actually have a recipe or not. It will inform you if you are lacking it, but will run the test anyway and give you the stats."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Oops, mistake fixed last time, now you really can test recipes/mods you don't have."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "You can now test (recipe)=(mod 1),(mod 2),... #makers to get a list of all crafters that are available to commission who can make what you want!"

[Update] Nuku schemes, "If you do a search for a recipe that more than 20 makers can make, it will only show 20 results, and will skip crafters on cooldown."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "In the name of fairness, the pool of crafters will be shuffled around randomly before picking the first 20 to display."

[Update] Systems Glitch devastates, "+help Channels has been updated to show newer channels and a more compelte list, overall, of public, common channels and their uses."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Two new edges for you hyper producers out there!"

[Update] Nuku schemes, "test (stuff) #makers now leaves out people more than a week offline, but only ONLY if there are more than 20 results. If there are 20- results, they will be displayed, just like people on cooldown. Better idle results than no results at all, right?"

[Update] Systems Glitch devastates, "Milky Messages should be corrected, now. Randomization involved and prior typos and grammar issues fixed."

[Update] Systems Glitch devastates, "Minor addition to +help string parsing/IF about time and weekdays."