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[Update] Nuku schemes, "Gifts! Every time you give $5 or more in a given month, it will now give a gift to you. It can be anything that is marked One Use or Drug in type from the elite store that costs 5 or less. If it costs less than 5, there is a chance to get more than one of them. This is not a chance thing. The first time you give 5 or more in a month, you get this, period."

[Update] Script-Kitty Fauna alluringly murr-purrs, "Sterility patches are now sold in a -disabled- state, rather than an enabled state."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "The buy premium currency page now informs you of the once per month gift and how to get it if you still qualify for it at the moment (That is, you didn't already get it for the month)."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "There is now a 1 makolunardollar item called the Party Energy Restorer. Simply use it to give everyone in your party, including you, 3 energy. It is one use. If you are alone, it will refuse to work."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Husky Den NPCs moved off-grid while tweaks are being made to their talkscript."

[Update] Highway Song says, "Husky Den NPCs returned on-grid. Their quests are now integrated with the quest log system. Note that this change does not affect players' progress retroactively; if you were mid-quest and forgot what to do, try speaking to the NPCs again for info. Progressing to another stage will automatically update your quest log with info, regardless of current progress."

[Update] Living In Obscurity bestially hisses, "The following forms have been updated with the Oviparous flag: Nile Croc, Octopus Guy, Orthom Ovaped, Osprey, Parade Dragon, Parrot Lady, Peacock Spider, Penguin, Peregrine Girl, Philosiraptor, Polyethylene Dragon, Psilocybe Dragon, Quail, Quetzalcoatl, Quicksilver Serpent"

[Update] Systems Glitch primly oinks, "Subwoof and all other breath-slotted powers now fully linked with each other so that their cooldowns are snyched."

[Update] Living In Obscurity bestially hisses, "Parched Horror given Kemo descriptions for Torso, Arms, Legs and Head."

[Update] Systems Glitch primly oinks, "The perk Mighty Mouse and group perk Weight Training have had a slight update to description to give an idea of scale."

[Update] Systems Glitch primly oinks, "The badge Lait De Couteaux appears to be an improper statement as to what was intended. If players who eanred this badge wish to get it made proper, you may request its change for you individually."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna proudly yips, "@last 100"

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna proudly yips, "Rad Sword updated to match other items from the same vender."

[Update] Systems Glitch primly oinks, "What's that I hear? Is that the sound of a tasty beverage? No. Is that the crackle of frigid air snapping? A new Token Recipe is now available: Freeze Bang. These cryogenically-inclined grenades help slow down your foes with some potential for light, cold DoT."

[Update] Systems Glitch primly oinks, "All non-holiday, non-dedication forms have been brought down to 7 powers maximum (not including duplicates of the same power). Holiday and Dedication forms have one more than this, and all forms no longer have 3 powers to one part. If any exceptions are found that we missed, let us know! Also, a little bit of a power swap with Giant Robot. Their butts are better at homing in on targets and less flaming."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "+request/vote now shows in +request"

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Nichole, the object, is now properly a fox taur, as she should be."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Nicole now has a description."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Training respecializer fixed."

[Update] Living In Obscurity bestially hisses, "Massive Oviparous flag update. Affected forms: Raptorian, Rept-taur, Ribbed Frog, Roadrunner, Rock Lobster, Royal Coatl, Royal Termite, Rubber Anole, Runic Scorpion, Salamander Femme, Sandfire Dragon, Scorpion, Secretary Bird, Sexy Dragones, Shadow Dragon, Shy Gecko, Snapping Turtle, Snowy Dove, Social Butterfly, Solar Dragon, Sparrow, Squid Girl, Stag Beetle, Stegosaurian, Storm Dragon, Striped Snake Beast, Swordfish. I'm getting there! Only a handful left!"

[Update] Nuku schemes, "New mako item, the womb transfer, lets you swap people in your womb with other people who have wombs for rent. So convenient!"

[Update] Nuku schemes, "For the positive or negative, your size no longer affects hp."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Size, for the positive or negative, does not affect defense."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Big Boned reduced in price from 10 to 5 and made a vanity perk."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "If you already owned big boned, the refund was automatic, type list merits and enjoy."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Human Sized, Short, Tiny, and Giant are now vanity perks."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "All Big Hearts in existance were wiped out and refunded. You can repurchase if you desire."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "All size stabilizer destroyed and refunded. You can repurchase them if you wish."

[Update] Systems Glitch primly oinks, "A new nanomagic has been registered! Disguise Nanomagic is now available for consumption for those who know Clothing and Vanishing nanomagics."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Avoidance buff. Normally, enemies that are higher level than you enjoy a +10 accuracy status per level of difference. Avoidance now reduces that by 2 points per. Avoidance now helps you avoid things, even tough things. Especially tough things."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Wild Swing was doing too much damage for its AoE/energy/cooldown, especially with upgrades. It has been bopped on the noggin with a nerf bat. This applies to enemies as well."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Wild Swing made a bit more accurate to make up for its lost damage."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Overblown merit reduced from 5 to 3 points and made vanity."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Like all other perk point adjustments, you get your perk points refunded immediately. Type list perks to see if you have points available."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna proudly yips, "+groin no longer lists any HP or Defense changes due to your size."

[Update] Nuku schemes, "We now have an official Discord server:

[Update] Nuku schemes, "Fixed a major loot bug in parties. I'm leaving debug on for now, just in case, so it will announce when someone starts doing loot and finishes the loot cycle, just in case."

[Update] Nuku utters, "Fixed a bug that prevented salvage missions being done by the web from progressing."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna proudly yips, "New class made up, Tail Guard! It seems the husky den's been needing some extra help here and there, perhaps one of them could tell you how to get it? (requires no sexual content be done)."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna proudly yips, "Mitch the Husky has a notice explaining partying and the mentor system as part of his quest."

[Update] Systems Glitch primly oinks, "Thanks to the use of an Infection Update, the Painted Wolf Herm now supports the Leg Splitter."

[Update] Systems Glitch primly oinks, "A new special training has been developed for Weapon Masters. You can gain the Void Certification mako item from the Elite Shop for 50 mako. This will give you access through an NPC, Nunya in the Armory to learn new recipes specific to the special training! At present, there is one unique recipe, the Claws of the Void available, but all future recipes doen for this special training will be accessible to holds of the Void Certification."

[Update] Nuku utters, "Going home to a womb is now fixed, so is transferring people. Womb room owners rejoice!"

[Update] Systems Glitch primly oinks, "Line added into +request to display how to set your posts public."

[Update] Living In Obscurity bestially hisses, "Oviparous flags are finally complete! Final forms affected: Tarragon, Termite Drone, Termite Warrior, Tiger Shark, Toy Gryphon, Tricerataur, Water Dragon, Water Hydra, Wolf Spider, Xanadu Bird, Yucca Moth."

[Update] Systems Glitch squeawks, "Several specific forms have gotten the Oviparous flag removed, including Tiger Shark, by request of the authors. All forms should be up to date."

[Update] Divided By Hinoserm quietly yips, "Wikibot should now be repaired (again)."

[Update] Divided By Hinoserm quietly yips, "A new, modernized library has been created for dealing with the MediaWiki API ($lib/wiki). It currently implements a basic subset of features and can be easily expanded in the future."

[Update] Feature, Not A Glitch primly oinks, "The Ant Girl infection has gotten an update thanks to fulfilling more Goals. It now supports both Color Chooser, kemonomimi and Leg Splitter!"

[Update] Nuku utters, "Otter transformation no longer says an, entirely invalid, specific height that you reach."

[Update] Nuku utters, "The two headed giant's description also fixed."

[Update] Feature, Not A Glitch primly oinks, "Both Aassahke Male and Aassahke Female updated for Kemonomimi compliance."

[Update] Avatar says, "Item (1500589024) placed onto the poll board by Nuku, called 'Limits to Form Gaining. +poll/view Limits to Form Gaining to look at and vote in this poll."

[Update] Nuku utters, "Poll rescinded. No useful data incoming."

[Update] Nuku utters, "Devourers and coyotes cannot shift people to forms they do not have mastered."

[Update] Nuku utters, "Got the coyote ded, don't want it anymore? Pick another ded to have it swapped to and put in a +request. We'll get you swapped over. No cost, even if the new ded is more costly."

[Update] Nuku utters, "Coyotes and devourers can shift other people into things they don't have once again, yay! There is a mild catch. Doing so costs 10% battery charge."

[Update] Nuku utters, "When changing genital sizes, whether the victim has the form or not does not matter. It will still charge the 10%, but then immediately refund it."

[Update] Nuku utters, "Changing bit sizes no longer takes charge in the first place."

[Update] Nuku utters, "Shifting individual parts (like head or legs) is now 2% if the target does not have it, 0% if they do."

[Update] Nuku utters, "Just to be clear: Bit sizes, free, always. Bodyparts, as in, say, getting the tail of a fox or the head of a cat, 2% if they don't have the form. Entire forms, 10% if they don't have the form."

[Update] Nuku utters, "Much to coyote's frustration, Zephyr closed up the security loophole he was using, allowing calls to arbitrary programs that weren't recognized immediately. This was incredibly dangerous and Zephyr is quite happy to announce they plugged that right up. Coyote, being a savvy bloke, whispered a way around it in the ears of his faithful, though it requires a bit of juice to properly dupe the nanites into thinking it's an advanced program that they shouldn't look at too closely. Nothing to see here, security..."

[Update] Nuku utters, "RSX would like to mention that it was their techs that isolated and fixed the program. Zephyr just assisted with deployment... Fricken Zephyr, trying to hog all the glory."

[Update] Nuku utters, "Overkill now has a new benefit to add to its existance. Every point of Overkill causes any overflow damage you do to occur in 20% less time, so overkill 1? It will happen over 8 rounds. 2, 6 rounds, 3, 4 rounds, to a minimum of doling it all out in 1 rounds."

[Update] Nuku utters, "Repeats, as in hits after the first, as now silent."

[Update] Nuku utters, "* are"

[Update] Nuku utters, "In a grand victory for spam-free combat, repeats will now only talk about their repeatyness after the target takes a hit with no repeats on them and give a nice condensed report of all the strikes instead of a blow by blow as it happens. Enjoy the peace."

[Update] Nuku utters, "DoT told to shhhhhh. No more lingering damage reports."

[Update] Avatar says, "Item (1500679761) placed onto the poll board by Nuku, called 'Trifecta. +poll/view Trifecta to look at and vote in this poll."

[Update] Avatar says, "Item (1500689821) placed onto the poll board by Nuku, called 'Power Proposal. +poll/view Power Proposal to look at and vote in this poll."

[Update] Nuku utters, "Power Proposal vote was set to yes/no, oops, please vote now."

[Update] Nuku utters, "Fixed bug in repeatattack damage."

[Update] Nuku utters, "In theory, repeat attack reports will come out once every 2 rounds if there are reports that have not come out."

[Update] Nuku utters, "New flaw, Perpetually Horny"

[Update] Nuku utters, "Fixed bug in the elite shop."

[Update] Feature, Not A Glitch primly oinks, "What? What?! WHAT!?! Oh. Dampening Nanomagic has been designed. This extension of Reproduction Nanomagic uses dynamically-calibrated sound to dampen outgoing noise from an individual using it. Check out its info for details. (Brought to you by a Minor Nanomagic Registration from your Local Elite Shop)"

[Update] Nuku utters, "Covered repeat hits should be quiet now."

[Update] Nuku utters, "DoTs will now give status reports every 2 rounds, much like repeats."

[Update] Nuku utters, "To make life easier and more streamlines, you can now +poll, +poll # or name, and +poll # or name=vote. /view and /vote are now superfluous, though will remain, just in case."

[Update] Probably Has Child Aggro Miorna proudly yips, "Size Stabilizer bug has been analized and removed. It will now properly remember your weights and mass when activated and then forget them once more when turned off."

[Update] Nuku utters, "You can now store ranges and even multiple ranges at a time when storing your vials. +nisd/store 95-97,98-100,99-100=2 is a completely valid command."

[Update] Feature, Not A Glitch primly oinks, "Thanks to the Mako Pool being completed, two new Token Modifiers have been put into the Token Redemption shop: Static and Whirling. Those who contributed 25+ gained the Storm Bringer badge, and those that donated 50+ already have access to these new modifiers!"

[Update] Feature, Not A Glitch primly oinks, "A typo was found in the Bloodletter monster template. This has been corrected, and its active enemy status will now do normal damage instead of constantly doing critical."

[Update] Probably Has Child Aggro Miorna proudly yips, "The Pilot in Zephyr Lobby has got some new flight plans and orders. They can now tak you through to not only Eureka, but off to Clairmont and Glenstock as well!"

[Update] Highway Song says, "New anal sex scene added to Domori the Chocolate Lab. Content courtesy of friendly local shep James."

[Update] Script-Kitty Fauna alluringly murr-purrs, "Stringparsing restriction tightened on clothing items. Stringparsing on those will behave the same as stringparsing in a player-desc."

[Update] Script-Kitty Fauna alluringly murr-purrs, "The same applies to desc-ed underwear."

[Update] Probably Has Child Aggro Miorna proudly yips, "Tired of having the ferals you've copulated with following your every move? What to just be rid of them? Head over to Daycare and New Member Training in New Dawn and our team of well trained and knowledgeable maternal figures will take them off your hands at the low, low cost of 5 tokens!"

[Update] Avatar says, "Item (1500934051) placed onto the poll board by Miorna, called 'Ixchel and Sterility Effects. +poll/view Ixchel and Sterility Effects to look at and vote in this poll."

[Update] Avatar says, "Poll 'Power Proposal' has ended."

[Update] Avatar says, "Poll 'Trifecta' has ended."

[Update] Avatar says, "Item (1500940461) placed onto the poll board by Nuku, called 'Mutant Power Trimming. +poll/view Mutant Power Trimming to look at and vote in this poll."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Mutant Power poll tweaked in phrasing."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "rpinfo now understands upgrades."

[Update] Probably Has Child Aggro Miorna proudly yips, "Milky messages should no longer assume you have only two breasts."

[Update] Divided By Hinoserm quietly yips, "ProtoMUCK 2.1a0.6.1: The experimental multi-threaded subsystem for dealing with MySQL connections has been rewritten. Steps have been taken to drastically reduce the latency between MySQL query and response for most programs. This also introduces a fairer scheduling system that should keep up better when the game is heavily loaded."

[Update] Divided By Hinoserm quietly yips, "ProtoMUCK 2.1a0.6.2: Corrected a bug introduced in the last update where the new thread handler could cause a lockup that would prevent the game from shutting down properly."

[Update] Feature, Not A Glitch primly oinks, "Original Recipe damage types have been added into Damages so that those modded with Damage Vraiance can still do their original damage-type."

[Update] Avatar says, "Poll 'Mutant Power Trimming' has ended."

[Update] Feature, Not A Glitch primly oinks, "Rejoice! The Husky Pill price in the Elite Shop has been dropped to 1 Mako!"

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Upgrading a power via the web no longer prompts for a specific upgrade."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Epic via web now upgraded."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "7 basic upgrades installed in Patrick's Dojo in New Dawn!"

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "BIG UPDATE: Remorts no longer strip your powers away, at all."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Muscle Memory, the perk, has been destroyed. Enjoy your perk points."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "You can now swap classes even if you have 'too many' mutant powers."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "The code can now react properly to 'status chance' 'status mag' and 'status duration' upgrades on powers."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "You should be able to upgrade by gear number or upgrade name."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Installing an upgrade now immediately processes those upgrades so it shows up in review right away."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Feral mode players now enjoy +1 slot to all powers at epic or ultimate level."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Alien Self no longer can insert upgrades, aw."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Alien self can again use upgrades, but only on a mastered power."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "help upgrade exists now"

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Upgrades do not affect anything that is not a mutant power. Not a mutant power? It works like it always did."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Class Powers now have one upgrade slot, to be used as you please. This is entirely a bonus and a buff, seeing as they had no upgrades of any kind before."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "* These upgrades are not lost when swapping classes."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Viewing a power in upgrade now causes any upgrades the power has to be re-processed immediately."

[Update] Avatar says, "Poll 'Ixchel and Sterility Effects' has ended."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "2 new upgrades available from the dojo."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Enhanced Repeats buffed, several new upgrades added and available to buy!"

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "upgrade now has some color in its help messages, and offers the chance to 'upgrade dojo' to be transported to the dojo at no cost to grab up some upgrades!"

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "New players will now start with a healing item equipped. Enjoy!"

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "By popular demand, Refined Damage is now available."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Status Mag now verified to work!"

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "You can now upgrade (mutant power) slot to use your free slots in a mutant power, giving it more slots. If you hit 6 slots and try to put in more, it will remove them all, freeing up the slots."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "You can now remove slots! upgrade (power) deslot removes a slot, easy as that. You can only remove free slots you added before. If you the power is full of upgrades, you will be prompted for which upgrade you want to trash."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Enhanced Duration added to the dojo for your upgrading pleasure."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Big Update: Monsters now upgrade very differently than before."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Trained Skill now added to the dojo to make your power better in so many ways!"

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Percentage changes in upgrades are now calculated at the time of processing and saved. When you look at the upgrade (upgrade (power)) you see what they actually DO."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Status Mag/duration/chance will ignore the previous update, since there will never be an existing value to check from."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "New, mid-tier, upgrade now available at the dojo, Upending Force"

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Accuracy Status Enhancement added to the dojo, enjoy!"

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Fixed a bug that could cause % based modifiers to specific things to fail terribly."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "* If you were effected, it will fix itself."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "If a magnitude is negative, it will NOT be affected by status mag/duration/chance mods."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "MaxHP Status Enhancement added to the dojo."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Repeats are now rounded in magnitude, so 1.5 becomes 2, instead of 1.5, which was, before, basically counting as '1, but a bit faster'"

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Sad note, 'status mag' will not affect repeats."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Upgrades are better about being precise."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "New upgrade in the dojo, enhanced durability, for your generic damageresist needs!"

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Aggravating and Defense Status Enhancement added to the dojo"

[Update] Probably Has Child Aggro Miorna moos, "Bug found and repaired in rut and fuck code allowing fucking to remove rut if there was a chance of impregnantion."

[Update] Probably Has Child Aggro Miorna moos, "DamageImmunity no longer effected by Enhance Status."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Passive mutant powers that you don't raise to rank 2(by mastering and upgrading at least once) just won't work."

[Update] Script-Kitty Fauna pants, "Powers with a required level of 99 and up will now work, regardless of being both unmastered and passive."

[Update] Divided By Hinoserm quietly yips, "ProtoMUCK 2.1a0.6.3: MySQL query queue will no longer be erased when a program terminates. This allows programs that make queries (but do not expect a response) to function correctly. This should fix the problems with PAGE & POT."

[Update] Divided By Hinoserm quietly yips, "ProtoMUCK 2.1a0.6.4: Fixed a theoretical deadlock created in the previous update. (No restart at this time -- will be pushed live in the next update)"

[Update] Divided By Hinoserm quietly yips, "ProtoMUCK 2.1a0.6.4: Fixed a logic error in the MySQL queue handler that was introduced in the last update(s)."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "All defensive adaptions given significant boosts to their core stats. However, this means I had to wipe out all existing old-upgrades for them. This is for defensive adaptions, like the hides."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "* You did not lose your rating in them, so if they were, say, epic before, they still are."

[Update] Divided By Hinoserm quietly yips, "Fixed a minor bug in the who command that would cause display corruption for people with long line-width settings."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Energybreak and Debuffclear status enhancements added to the dojo for your upgrading pleasure."

[Update] Divided By Hinoserm quietly yips, "ProtoMUCK 2.1a0.6.5: Hashing functions will now try to make use of OpenSSL (if it's available) instead of using their own implementation. This shows roughly a 10% speed increase in most cases."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Tradein command created for the dojo. Get the upgrades you want! Bring your vials. (NISD vials are valid)"

[Update] Divided By Hinoserm quietly yips, "ProtoMUCK 2.1a0.6.5: Roughly 4x performance improvement in STR2HEX function."

[Update] Divided By Hinoserm quietly yips, "ProtoMUCK 2.1a0.6.5: (and thus hash functions that rely on it as well)"

[Update] Divided By Hinoserm quietly yips, "ProtoMUCK 2.1a0.6.5: NULL characters are now allowed in MUF strings (currently only works with some primitives). STR2HEX, HEX2STR and ITOC have been modified to support this."

[Update] Probably Has Child Aggro Miorna moos, "All upgrades that specify a particular status to improve now also improve a power that has that status as the secondary."

[Update] Divided By Hinoserm quietly yips, "ProtoMUCK 2.1a0.6.5: The mush_format_escapes and strict_mush_escapes @tuneable options have been removed."

[Update] Divided By Hinoserm quietly yips, "ProtoMUCK 2.1a0.6.5: Fixed some inconsistancies in the MUF_PROFILING system. Function calls will now be profiled even when a program terminates abnormally."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "If installing an upgrade that already exists in a power, you will be allowed if the new upgrade has a higher rating than the old one."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "upgrade dojo no longer shows you a list of your upgrades after teleporting you."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Upgrades were not properly using their rating. This is fixed. No action is required on your part."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Upgrades will show their percentage improvement based on their rating in your inventory, both in general view and specific."

[Update] Script-Kitty Fauna pants, "Selective Breeder item did not actually require Nanite Adept to function. We've decided to keep it that way, so it is now classified as a Mako Toy instead."

[Update] Script-Kitty Fauna pants, "Selective Breeder item no longer works for template-forms, because in its current implementation, that would break things in various ways."

[Update] Probably Has Child Aggro Miorna moos, "3 new specific standard upgrades: Enhanced DamageBuff, Enhanced Speed, and Enhanced Recharge. All to be added in a moment."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "All offensive adaption slot powers have been upgraded. All old-system upgrades have been removed from people as the base levels of all these powers are now increased."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Mid slot mutant powers upgraded! If you had old-system upgrades, they have been removed from these powers."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Attack Status Enhancement upgrade created."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "* It's not in the dojo! You'll need to swap some vials for it."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Upgrades can now drop from +Rewards. High octane option is coded."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Players that are feral mode but not alien self, will now get upgrades once in a while, randomly, as they do things that produce taxable cred (such as battling, roleplaying, etc)"

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "The specific rating of an upgrade is now shown if you look at the upgrade."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Attack Status was mispelled, this is fixed, but if you have it, it's now invalid. IF you need assistance, give a poke to have your existing power fixed."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Mega combatants do less damage."

[Update] Divided By Hinoserm quietly yips, "ProtoMUCK 2.1a0.6.6: MUCK debug messages now escape MUF strings instead of attempting to display unprintable characters. E.g: ("AA00BB") HEX2STR > ("\xAA\x00\xBB")"

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Toggles were not properly being denied when not-mastered. This is fixed."

[Update] Probably Has Child Aggro Miorna moos, "Found a whoops in Nanite Barrier, allowing for an unintended interaction. This has been fixed."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Fixed, in theory, low charge but not super low charge powers giving you another action. This applies to PCs and NPCs alike"

[Update] Probably Has Child Aggro Miorna moos, "Weak Spot made a defensive skill and brought in line with other skills in that slot."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Hostile Auras updated! If you have old-system upgrades in them, they are in the process of being removed."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "All of Special Adaption Slot items adjusted. If you had old-system upgrades, they are removed."

[Update] Feature, Not A Glitch primly oinks, "Cativa Now had Color Chooser support, thanks to Goals being met!"

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "All upgrades now have a rarity, this has no effect, yet. Coming soon."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "When doing a turnin, the value of the upgrade is not determined by its rarity, not its price in the shop, if it's even there. So, a common upgrade that is not in the dojo will be given a common value, rather than a super high value for not being in the store."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "* now determined"

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "When getting an upgrade from +reward, you will now tend to get uncommons if not-high octane, and will be assured a rare if it is high octane."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "All breath slot powers are buffed. Old-system upgrades are removed from players for those powers."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Tert slot powers buffed and old-system upgrades purged. All slotted powers completed!"

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "All toggle powers tweaked, old-system upgrades have been removed from them."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Combat should no longer care if you are idle."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Feral Mode and Alien Self characters have gained their awesome powers of auto-upgrading!"

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Feral Mode AND Alien Self? You're in for a treat. You will get a random rare rarity upgrade as your last."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "This all occurs as you 'attune' to your power, so you may want to unmaster and remaster powers, feral moders, or get changed, alien selfers, to get this going."