Automated Multiplayer Updates/2017 January

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[Update] Systems Glitch rustles, "The Arctic Fox has gotten an update, becoming Color Chooser compatible."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Daily missions are now half as long."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Daily progress is now made per enemy defeated, not per battle. You gain 0.2 fights worth per enemy, so every 5 things you beat up is worth a fight."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Mission command updated for new quicker format."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Random encounters no longer occur, well, randomly. They can be triggered by search as always."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "The cost of pacifist reduced from 10 to 1 since the playerbase gained most of its effect. If you have it, you need do nothing. Type list merits and enjoy your extra points."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Major shift. You will no longer be attacked randomly and must use the search command to get a fight. Fights take patrol points. Fights give about 7.5 times the usual reward. This affects web combats as well."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Infection vial! You get 7 rolls per fight to get any, if you could get any at all."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Builder vials now also get 7 rolls per."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "The Scent Masker recipe is no longer available."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna yips, "Scent Masker no longer eligible for craft bounties."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "party now displays the partrol energy of all members."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Gaining a level no longer restores patrol points."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "On-arrival alert messages restored."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Primes no longer boosted as if they were a random battle."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Buff: When performing a search, you are set to 100% hp and energy."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Related to last, if you are in a team, but not the leader, you do heal too."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Combat should tick faster."

[Update] Udder Nutter Busty cums, "The Bound Minotaur has been returned to the Homonculus lab following the rollback, should perform as it did previously, kinks and all."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Stance command is now a thing. You can use it to switch the damage types for powers that have damage variance (which is basically nothing right now). More features coming soon, like making stance by itself list what powers you have with variance and their options. You can stance damagetype and stance specificpower."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna yips, "Make Love Not War and Rapid Fire Platitudes readjusted."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "The damage type being dealt is now displayed in attacks."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Damageimmunity should no longer scale with remorts."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Damage type specific immunity is now functional."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "All base powers updated to have updated damage types."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "All recipes updated to have updated damage types."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "The Shotgun can now toggle between buckshot and sandbag mode (pierce or blunt damage)"

[Update] Systems Glitch rustles, "Secondary Damage Types shoudl now be the proper damage type rather than Physical or Energy."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "It is now possible for the damage type of an element to cause statuses. Your opportunity combat skill enhances the odds. Powers that charge slower and cooldown slower will land more powerful statuses than ones that are rapid fire. Only heat is coded at this time, but more are coming."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Blunt damage now causes knockdown."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Pierce now does damageresistdebuff and Slash does bleedingdamage."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Cold now has a chance to do ChargeDebuff."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Negative energy has a chance to clear the buffs off an enemy."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Positive now causes DamageBuffDebuff."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Poison now inflicts MaxHPDebuff"

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Acid now causes DamageImmunityDebuff in small amounts."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Psychic causes confusion, to the surprise of no one ever."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Sonic attacks can cause DefenseDebuff"

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Radiation now saps your immune system, causing debuffresistdebuff."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Electric attacks can cause hastedebuff."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Opportunity rpinfo updated."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "The chance for a secondary effect is now increased by 1% per 100 charge (this works backwards for things under 0 charge)."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "As in the base 10% becomes 11% with a 100 charge power, 15% at 500 charge, and 30% at 2000 charge."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Secondary hits can no longer trigger secondary effects. Too much!"

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Opportunity will not trigger damage off of these extra statuses."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Agents with claws will have the option to deal slashing damage with attacks with the word 'punch' in them automagically"

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Complimenting damages are now checked every 10 minutes or so, so if you have clawed, powers with 'punch' get a slashing option. Have tentacle nanomagic? The two tentacle powers get all physical damage types."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Barb Firing can now be applied to a weapon to give it the pierce damage option, in theory. Testing required."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna yips, "Always Peppy placed back in."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "The 'so and so triggers the elemental blah' debug message removed."

[Update] Qualyote Control commands, "Due to the AI slot Mpool, players now have an additional AI set slot to save AI setups in."

[Update] Qualyote Control commands, "(Yes, I know it looks like they got the badge twice, I had to redo it after typo the first time. >.>)"

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna yips, "Swarm of Rats given immunity to Kangaroo persuasions."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "New command, resist, shows all your resistances and immunities to all damage types."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "The rpinfo on damageimmunity statuses in powers tweaked to explain what the heck they do."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Immunities now affect betrayed damage."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Belay that last update"

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Resist command now gives better resistance values."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Resist command now attempts to figure out the highest damage hit you can take before your resistance is 'used up' for the hit."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Addressed flaw in energy and physical maxes in resist command."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "The max level in resist is now the maximum damage you can take before you stop resisting 80% of all damage."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Resistances per element are no longer stacked, which made everything more confusing. So your pierce damage resist is only your physicaldamageresist without generic thrown in."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "* This is only for display in resist."

[Update] Fatal Error: Hinoserm quietly yips, "Server memory pool has been embiggened."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Items with the poisoned craft modifier now gain the poison type in stance."

[Update] Systems Glitch rustles, "Recipes and Recipe Modifiers with DoTs have been updated to represent the expansion/reclassification of damage types where necessary."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna yips, "Look-trap 'Small Fire' in the Vision Quest properly named and linked."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna yips, "Images in Vision Quest now properly use local files instead of using external links."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna yips, "Fox, the sneaky bastard, in the Vision Quest wasn't announcing he was around. He'll now be a bit more forthcoming like the rest of his brothers and sisters."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna yips, "Hand of Justice trigger temporarily removed pending review. Nanite Burst, Heal, and Recover disabled pending a fix of the cooldown period."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Less Flexible now properly affects recursion/coyote/adept shifting."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Stay with me now functions."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "All Natural agents with Mutant Trick should be able to set AIs for their trick now."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Cost to summon primes, in creds, increased and attached to the daily economy so it can self-adjust from here out."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Primes above level 30 will now conjure talented backup. Minions at all levels from 20+ will try to protect their prime."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "* Minions will gain their level / 20 in Front Row."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "33% chance a given minion at level 30+ will be a healer. If that fails, 50% chance it will be a dedicated striker."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Murdering minions will apply a stronger debuff to the prime."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "New minion type: Defender. If it isn't a healer or striker, it will be a defender that will try to protect the others and the prime."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Defenders can defend better"

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "+reward will no longer try to give you resources you can't have due to level."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Nanite medbot given an upgrade."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Stealth is no longer a combat proficiency"

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna invitingly murrs, "Code error in Size Shifting found, type 3 bug. Bug squished."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "New token recipe, the applicator!"

[Update] Systems Glitch rustles, "Gender Trap wi flag has been added. wi #whatis gtr for details."

[Update] Fatal Error: Hinoserm quietly yips, "Disabled a third-party SSD disk caching system that was doing the exact opposite of what it was supposed to (by increasing disk thrashing and latency)."

[Update] Fatal Error: Hinoserm quietly yips, "Removed 8gb of unnecessary revision history from the wiki, drastically decreasing database fragmentation."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "You can now resist target freely."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Error in research fixed."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Alien Self is now coded, but needs testing. Powers you gain will be upgraded 3 times worth! (feral mode only gets 2, but they get to pick what powers they have and keep them)."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "If you have feral mode AND Alien Self, you will have 0 mastered powers (1 with mutant trick). Mutant powers will upgrade to a -4- times, but you've just enabled hard mode I think, having both feral mode's inability to use equipment well and alien self's inability to select mutant powers."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Mutant Trick updated to note how it works with Alien Self. It now does work with Alien Self, just to re-state that."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "All Natural Buff: Intense Training now gives more statusboost and damagebuff"

[Update] Avatar says, "Item (1484256001) placed onto the poll board by Nuku, called 'Mutant Evolution. +poll/view Mutant Evolution to look at and vote in this poll."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Stance (item) for equipped items now works properly."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "New players should begin with 2000 more freecred"

[Update] Avatar says, "Poll 'Mutant Evolution' has ended."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Mutants have evolved with the times and are now showing distinct skill with the talents and powers that nanites have given them. Agents are cautioned to handle them with care! (Mutants now gain 0.1 of a training spread through all the upgrades availabe per level, up to level 30. Being remorted sets this to 30 right away.)"

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Critters now gain Regenerating and Durability based on their summoner's Enduring Minions skill."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna invitingly murrs, "Enduring Minions' RPinfo now updated."

[Update] Systems Glitch airily moans, "A new face has hit the Sinful exhibits of the Wax Museum, Glustonny! This will carry with it the Mouthy infection. Due to space issues, the Sinners have moved on to the Industrial Exhibits."

[Update] Systems Glitch airily moans, "Er, Glusttony."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Do you know what time it is? Did you guess buff time? I bet you didn't, but it is."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Pets now benefit from 'unusual' combat skills of their owner. Front Row makes minions more eager to Support their leader. Taunting Strikes opens up new Opportunities for their attacks. And if you Roll With It, your minions will move with greater Speed."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Pets now gain the warded rating of their summoner."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Rage of the summoner now makes pets better at healing."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Overkill gives Penetration, Reactive gives Tactician. Warded is shared."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Overkill gives Penetration, Reactive gives Tactician."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Mastermind lowers the scaling caused by pets significantly per point. This affects primes, and basically only primes. The scaling, at this time, is a pet is worth its rank / 200. A Boss would be 100 / 200 or worth 0.5 players. Every point of mastermind increases that 200 by 100. So if you had, say, mastermind 3 and a boss pet, that would be 100 / 500 = 0.2 players."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Removed the debug that was there just for Maya. Thanks again for helping debug before!"

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Kangaroo Pets now start with only 2 points base of training since they come over with a boatload of upgrades from the mob."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "If a roo has a pet they sunk mako into, submit a request if they want to trade it in for a mako refund."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "buffclear no longer touches triggers or confused statuses."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Mobsters have decided all those aerobics are lame and invested in heavier body armor (health->durability)"

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Buffs to pets confirmed to work, more testing required. Mobster summon working intermittently, investigating."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Fixed a bug that stopped powers with string parsed status names from firing correctly."

[Update] Avatar says, "Item (1484361391) placed onto the poll board by Nuku, called 'State of the Game 2017. +poll/view State of the Game 2017 to look at and vote in this poll."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "All nanite commands reactivated and working properly."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "MUSK receiver fixed."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Enemies that revive themselves with posthumous powers should now function properly."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Fixed a bug that allowed multiple items of the same slot or too high level to be trained."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Always Peppy perk re-added"

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Hand of Justice re-armed."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Infectious milk should now request transform permission."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Pierce damage's extra effect will now actually do something."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "+pregtime properly responds to PBRD:Both."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Big update for DoT users! There is now a SUPER SECRET modifier that increases the speed at which DoTs inflict their harm. Enduring Malice gives 0.7 per point, Damage gives 0.3 and Speed gives 0.1 per. Assuming you have any points, your DoTs will have their duration -reduced- by 10 + ten times the total to a maximum of 50%. Its damage is increased by twice as much, meaning about the same damage overall, but it happens -faster-. If a DoT would be reduced under 1, it will stop at 1, and you'll only get the bonus damage for what brings it to 1 or less."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Increase to damage for DoTs adjusted to make it -exactly- the same as what it was before, just faster."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "There is now a 1% chance per defeated enemy during a mega fight of gaining a full +reward. Consider it a thank you for putting less tax on the server."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Mega fights now give 7 * progress and credit towards dailies."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "If you happen to run across a bountied enemy in a mega fight, it is also counted as 7 *."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "+xp now show how many High Octane +rewards you have."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "New perk, nanobiologist."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "1500 stretch goal modified."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "In theory, you will automagically stack during builder vial rewards after combat if you hit max items."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "When you dodge out of the way, the message now starts with "<Avoidance>""

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Loot messages should now be free of spam out of consideration for our vegetarian players."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna deeply thrums, "Behemoths have learned how to better resist the charms of the Kangaroo."

[Update] Avatar says, "Poll 'State of the Game 2017' has ended."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Code made to not overflow your inventory so easily."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "buffclear no longer clears DoT statuses."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Looting after combat debugged and optimized."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "You can no longer be driven into the negatives of patrol by being hauled by your lively party mates."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "You should properly gain your class skills when levelling up from the web."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Debugging done on profession costs to make them more consistent."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Perception is not a combat skill."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Minor text fix."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "You can no longer re-master a power you already know."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Less spam in theory."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Web combat should be less loud."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "The Health combat skill now increases the effective rating of maxhp status by 25%. The same caps still apply."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "That's per point. (health 3 = 75% increase)"

[Update] Fatal Error: Hinoserm quietly yips, "Significant changes have been made to the server's disk subsystem that should drastically improve recent disk latency issues caused by poor cache performance."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "When purchasing from the web, if it finds you are overflowing, it will try sorting/stacking -before- producing any error. If that resolves it, it will continue happily."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Remorting capped at 25. If you're already over 25, well, enjoy that :D."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "If you have superior adaptation and are below 50% health, buffers you receive will be smaller, but you'll regain hp."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Mako Pool: Buyer's Market - Vials refunded."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna deeply thrums, "Cost of using Weight Gain Milk changed from 25% Battery Charge to 5k Builder Nanites for genital/breast changes and 50k Builder Nanites for height/weight changes."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Prism storm is now capable of being a terrible torrent of ice/snow crystals."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Staff list pruned of dead weight."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Staff idle purge complete. With that out of the way, there's room for new blood. Seeking: Builder, Monster Reviewer."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "The mutants of the highway have grown stronger, living away from the comforts of the city."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Not to be outdone, the wastelands is also sporting beefier monsters."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "MAJOR CHANGE: Monster makers who have 25+ commendations can now review other infections that are pending review and mark them approved. This will make a request automagically, and get them 2 mako, for staff to review them and get them out onto the grid. We hope this will help get monsters through the process faster and smoother."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Since it was asked, player reviewers can only look at an infection, they can't edit it beyond approving/kicking back for revisions."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Player reviewers can now edit the notes sections on forms."

[Update] Systems Glitch rustles, "Commending a form you are the owner/author of will now also show you how many commends have been given to that form. Don't forget to 'commend' infections you enjoy to help reward the authors!"

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna invitingly murrs, "Love Box somehow didn't match its status to its upgrade. This has been fixed."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna invitingly murrs, "As all combat is limited by patrol points now, the web should no longer give you a timeout from combat for searching again too soon after your last search. As a note, the web combat may still require time to clean up the last fight, during which you will still be unable to search."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Womb code should be more graceful when things go wrong."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Mega combats are now strictly superior for daily missions."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Daily missions will want 5 more kills to make up for the 1 point it gives you to mark the mission started."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Buffclear no longer clears taunt or repeats."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Triggering a summon via talk/check will now debit a patrol point."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna invitingly murrs, "Removed reference in help to body parts changing some powers. Made mention in the sexual stats help that some ferals do care about just how big/small you are!"

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "You can no longer join a party mid-battle."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Disconnecting will NOT remove you from a party, only movement will. So if a group is mid battle and your connection drops and you get back and the party's still there, you can hop right back into things."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "In theory, clearing a battle will evict any disconnected players from a party. This will keep parties tidy, while giving a player a chance to reconnect if the battle they paid patrol to be in is still going when they get back."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Related to the last, performing a search will also try to clear sleeping/disconnected players."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Talk Scripting repaired."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "The annoying messages of receiving currency from web battles is defeated!"

[Update] Marpiest Marpeggio marps, "Sick of being marped at endlessly, Osprey have migrated to the Great Red Forest! Marp!"

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Zephyr has thrown open the doors to their interplanar labs, provided agents are willing to sign a mountain of papers exclusing Zephyr from any shred of liability."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna invitingly murrs, "New Flaw, Mute."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna invitingly murrs, "Now, if you have the Mute flaw, pose will not allow you to speak."

[Update] Udder Nutter Busty cums, "Planar Hound has been given an update by its creator, now has a victory and third person victory."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "New area, Sheephole Valley, now available for exploration."

[Update] Systems Glitch yhiffs, "Vulpogryph's description now takes into account the Chubby perk."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna invitingly murrs, "Heaven is no longer a part of Eureka."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Negative charge powers don't need to be AS negative to get instant firing."

[Update] Marpiest Marpeggio has been witnessed riding a Balaur Taur, rounding up several of them into the Museum External. Marp!

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Sellers in consignment stores may sell their goods for tokens. sell itemnumber=price=tokens The word tokens is specific. It will then put it up for tokens and sell like any other item. This works for people buying in game or through the web page."

[Update] Script-Kitty Fauna wantonly purrs, "listing your ignores (@ignore #list) will now remove non-player ignored references from your list that can cause weirdness. (typically the result of an ignored player retiring or being otherwise removed)"

[Update] Script-Kitty Fauna wantonly purrs, "New stringparsing: [power stat <stat> of <power> for <target>]. No associated [if ] statement is currently coded."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Peek at now works properly."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna invitingly murrs, "New class being offered by RSX, Master Insurgent!"

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Due to Salvage Surveyors paid for by Zophah, the density of mechanical salvage in the toy factory has increased from 15 to 20!"

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "You can now commend forms if you have said form mastered, even if it's not placed."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Delighted at the news of Zephyr opening a buffet, the fluffy skunks have migrated from the humanist Woodfield to be among their furry kin with hugs and extra servings."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Your comm unit crackles softly before a little jingle plays. A female voice speaks softly to you no matter your affiliation: Thank you, brave agent. As a way of expressing our gratitude, Zephyr Incoporated is proud to announce the opening of two leisure facilities to enhance the body and soothe the mind. Come and enjoy the sweat at Curvy Gym. Getting hungry from all those reps? Head right on over to Sloppy Seconds! All meals are on the house with a valid faction badge. Warning: This is a training facility. Roughousing is not only allowed, but encouraged, to keep up agent readiness. Play nice, and enjoy!"

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Fixed an issue with feral mode players not getting the same feedback from atb towards their charge times and general atb status."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Bug that caused skipped turns appears to be fully remedied."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Fixed a critical error that caused talkscript spawned enemies to not yield infection/chakras and related booty."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "When checking you own +mut, it will ignore looks human."

[Update] Systems Glitch thumps and waves, "The ever-jiggy-with-it Peacock Spider has joined the musical machinations of others at the Techno Safari, working its tucas off with those dance numbers."

[Update] Sumbitted Infection Marpeggio webwebs, "Peacock Spider sayverb now funnier thanks to a suggestion."

[Update] Systems Glitch webwebs, "New 100% Form Power: Adorable Dance for the Peacock Spider!"

[Update] Sumbitted Infection Marpeggio marps, "Peacock spider better flagged and tagged."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Superior adaptation will turn itself off while the agent is below 1 hit point."

[Update] L'Etre Et Le Neant philosiphizes, "Powers given to: Armored Pinscher, Barn Owl, Graceful Crane, Hedgehog, Helmeteer, Herm Caracal, Hummingbird, Lizard Cockfighter, Majestic Swan, Monkey, Sand Cat, Satyr, Scorpilion, Siamese Seer, Snapping Turtle, Social Butterfly, Thirsty Badger, Wakiya and Yucca Moth, also added them to the $pen, allowing them to be called upon by the Market Bounty announcements, along with: Cauven, Demonic Cat, Golden Grizzly, Jackalope, Leopard Seal, Redwood Unicorn, Royal Termite, Submissive Stallion and Talakai."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "The sounds of heavy construction ring out from the police station in Fairhaven. Seems there's work going on over there."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "The licker now looks for messes on breasts. Be mindful of those."

[Update] L'Etre Et Le Neant philosiphizes, "The formerly Private form Vulpine Mutt has been added to the Market Bounties. Enjoy when it appears."

[Update] Systems Glitch hallows, "A strong newcomer has been found in the Heavenly Planes. The powerful Ophanim has arrived as a force to be reckoned with, protecting the planes."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna squeggs, "Born Leader and Backseat Driver better explain what they do."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "After much debugging and sweat, repeats are validated for silky smoothness, and can even cooperate when there is more than one repeatattack status on a power/item."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna squeggs, "A new helpfile all about pets! (No, not when you RP being ultra-subby.) Help Pets to read it. (An additional update to it about crafted pets soon (tm)(c))"

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna squeggs, "Combat isn't a time to be walking your pet! And as such you can no longer attach a leash while in the middle of a fight."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "The value of training tokens increased by over 100 times."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "nanite heal made more reliable, and less mad with floating point."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "While performing a survey of power use, I found secondary powers were not setting their true damage. I cannot say for certain what this was breaking and how, but it wasn't right and is now fixed."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Rarely used, poorly documented, hero options to use with a power have been removed."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "HPBuffers are now used -after- damageimmunity, which is better for positive damageimmunity and worse for negative."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "New status created, PowerAmp(damage type). It only works with specific damage types (so not physical/energy). It modifies the damage by 100% + ((mag)/20+(mag)) * 25) If the mag is negative, it will take away that amount from 100 instead of adding to it. This has no hard cap beyond what is built into that equation. At Most, assuming infinity of negative infinity of this status, you could change the damage by up to 125% or low as 75%. 25% is the starter value we picked to test and play with and could be buffed later."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Sharpening, in theory, now makes your slashing weapons better."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Fiery Hide now amps the heat damage of all touched by it. Enjoy the warmth and let your enemies feel the burn!"

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Flash Freeze renders the target less able to inflict heat damage for a while."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Testing required, but poweramp statuses should apply to mobs without the innate immunity that high ranking mobs get."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "After being chastised by staff, the goal of Long Term Development reduced (3000>2000)"

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Damage should be less floaty."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "When battling primes, their helpers should keep counting up in number instead of resetting to 1 with each wave."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "The mpool Precious Things has been reduced in its goal dramatically."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna squeggs, "Totally remembered a thing about Crafted Pets that really needed to go into the Combat Pet help file. It's in there now."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Mobs no longer cap out at an area's level and should be able to keep up with a player, provided they can normally get them to spawn. This should make levelling less painful as you reach the cap of a given hunting area."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Superior Adaptation adjusted. Instead of acting differently at different hp values, it now, blanketedly, takes half the incoming heal, keeps it healing, and takes the other half into a buffer."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna squeggs, "Nanite commands change. Nanite Boost will no longer be usable if you have used one of the other Nanite combat commands recently. The cooldown between them all standardized."

[Update] Systems Glitch hallows, "Commendation now gives a badge after 25 to let you know that you're capable of doing player monster reviews."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "Assistants should no longer share #1 forever, and hopefully not appear in quite such thick numbers."

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "A spacesuit has been turned in for the Nanite Power Suit research!"

[Update] Nuku happily giggles, "+mut should allow looks native people to see themselves clearly."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "If changed in a way such that a strain has no mutation message due to string parsing, it will give a minimal transformation automagically."

[Update] Avatar says, "Item (1485706002) placed onto the poll board by Nuku, called 'New Class January 2017. +poll/view New Class January 2017 to look at and vote in this poll."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "You can now #alloff to shut all comsys channels(pub, rp, theme, etc.) You can #allon to turn back on the ones you did with #alloff."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Oops, should mention you do (any channel) #allon or #alloff"

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Theme update: Not sure where this came from, but a given agent does not 'choose' their level of ferality. They can certainly work and struggle towards higher or lower levels of functioning, but it's just that, work and struggle. If it was an easy choice, the Prometheans would have very little purpose indeed. We'd just shake our fingers at mutants and scold them for being -broken human beings-. Reformation is a real and life-long thing."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Fee gates are less likely to suck you through them automagically."

[Update] Avatar says, "Poll 'New Class January 2017' has ended."

[Update] Avatar says, "Item (1485719821) placed onto the poll board by Nuku, called 'Technical or Not Technical. +poll/view Technical or Not Technical to look at and vote in this poll."

[Update] Avatar says, "Poll 'Technical or Not Technical' has ended."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "New class available! Thanks for helping us hit 2.1k"

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Every time you bop a mob and gain xp, it will check for possible auto level goodness."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna softly chuffs, "Ixchel Jaguar class Cihuacoatl Warrior has been completed. But how do you get it? Those promised to the Goddess of Midwifery will soon find out just by waiting..."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Powers/items/etc that have 'heal' in their type will specifically AVOID people with over 80% of their hit points. This should help heals get to allies that actually need it, especially in large parties with AoEs."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Healing AoE targetting AI now has more debug as a temporary measure."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "#brodcast The new targeting AI will now -ignore- if the target is hurt or not for your primary target. If you specifically aim at someone, you must want to hit them."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Some powers that had healing as a damage type but not a power type have been fixed with the most recent bugix and will start healing. Any time a power has healing for a damage type, it will heal, regardless of power type (which is how it should have been in the first place)."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "New Research Available!"

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Regen, the status, no longer scales when being applied. It instead scales -as- it heals."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Regen is changed, dramatically. It has no hard cap, and you heal every tick, for sure, every single one in combat. Equation: total mag / total mag + 10 * 15% of your max hp / 5 per tick. Having regenerating lowers that +10 by 2 each, making your regen status more valuable. We feel this equation will service us better, but do need feedback on how it actually performs 'in the field' as it were. It can be adjusted, of course. Regenerating still has its built in regeneration and that is untouched and unmodified."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "For sake of debug, it will now announce how much you are regenerating a round. This does not factor regen 'wasted' if you were not injured at the time."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Effect of Regenerating changed. It now lowers that 10 in the equation by only -1 per point, but increases the 15% by 1 per point, which should make regenerating quite good at... regenerating. Go figure."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Healing factor, the perk, is coded and raises the amount healed by 25%!"

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "The base power, regen, has been buffed. If you have a mutant power based on it, like nurse, you may want to retrain it as its upgrade for regenmag has been increased."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "In an homage to City of Heroes, Radiation damage now inflicts HealGainDebuff."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Mobs now regen slower if their rank is above boss level, proportional to their rank level. This does work in reverse, so a little enemy might actually regen something worth even noticing."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Tweak to the last, it now looks specifically at the rankmod value for HP."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "joinpool random now favors, slighty, pools that are closer to finishing."

[Update] Nuku squeaks, "Needs testing, but bewitched should now try to un-scale *damage before flipping it into regen."