Automated Multiplayer Updates/2016 October

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[Update] Husky Tester Miorna moos, "Another new Nanomagic! Sparkle Nanomagic. Comes with autodesc altering powers!"

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Ban on removed."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna moos, "After some editing, Bullies should once more show up."

[Update] Monster Master Lurhstaap says, "Storm Dragon form has been improved. It is now neuter/sexless, as I intended when I first wrote it. I fixed the 'long haired' bit on the tail to say [skin] so it properly matches your Skin infection, amd I gave the form a smell. Finally, I have changed its win/loss scenes so that the original, rather violent ones are only visible to people who have the Hard Vore flag set as a like in their WI. Other people will see a nonviolent scene. Note that this change will be applied to all of my forms with scenes containing content that is likely to be upsetting, offensive, or otherwise highly unwanted by people who don't enjoy it."

[Update] Monster Master Lurhstaap says, "Song did the sexless update, I did the rest. Just to clarify. :p"

[Update] Monster Master Lurhstaap says, "A Stretch Goal: Add Chooser/Splitter Support to one form is complete. Dandy Peacock is now Color Chooser compatible. I also gave it a scent while I was at it."

[Update] Chronic Glitch peppers, "Candy Canid updated to have a smell message!"

[Update] Chronic Glitch hisses, "Female Lamia updated with a chubby perk-induced alternative and kemonomimi support."

[Update] Chronic Glitch hisses, "Sultry Vampire, Skeletal Miscreant, and Excremental all updated with a scent message."

[Update] Chronic Glitch zrrrz, "African Rock Python, Ankylosaurian, Blade Elf, Bronze Imp, Chi Lung, Chrome Shark Beast, Crystal Spider, Cyber Serpent, Dairaiju, Devil, Eclectic Genteel, Emerald Dragonfly, Glowvine, Grapploid, Hunched Dwarf, Masked Phantom, and Melodramatic Villain all updated to have scent messages. Many more to come."

[Update] Monster Master Lurhstaap says, "Cativa has been updated. Its victory/defeat messages have been edited to check for multiple cocks/clits/cunts on both victor and loser instead of assuming a specific amount like they did before, and have also been tweaked and expanded to make the form more sexy and less horror-ish, as befits a cat made of weed. Plus, I figured no one would mind more graphic sex. ;)"

[Update] Monster Master Lurhstaap says, "Oh, and Cativa also got a smell message, too. Check it out - the form is now actually as smelly as it's always claimed to be!"

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna moos, "Arrows of Light shifted away from Stacked Dot to normal DoT."

[Update] Monster Master Lurhstaap rustle-meows, "More Anery Stripe Cornsnake updates. Should be the last for now unless I missed something. It now has a less lazy scent and accounts for several height and weight perks (Thin, Chubby, Tall, Short, Giant, and Human Sized), giving slightly different messages on the Torso and limbs to account for variant body shapes while keeping the overall snek-ness of the form. Finally, I changed how the Color Chooser works on it to correct an inconsistency between the name and the way that item worked (since it's much easier to do that than to rename the form, it turns out). It will now remain an 'anery' whether or not you use the Color Chooser, though it is still compatible with that item! It just won't change the colors that make it an 'anery' by definition anymore."

[Update] Chronic Glitch sparklechurrs, "Stretch Goal completion: Staff Monster added to the grid. You can now find the Sparkle Skunk in the Twilight Caverns. Enjoy!"

[Update] Avatar says, "Item (1475681950) placed onto the poll board by Miorna, called 'Color of the Energy notification. +poll/view Color of the Energy notification to look at and vote in this poll."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna pants, "Double Mako for running judged scenes, may or may not be a temporarly boon."

[Update] Monster Master Lurhstaap evilly hisses, "The Victory and oVictory scenes for the Green Hydra have been updated to account for neuter players. No longer will you be told that you ejaculated slime using unspecified genitals that you don't have anyway. XD While I was at it, too, I corrected some things that were too specific, such as the tail being described as 'seven or eight feet long' (what about a size 1 Green Hydra player, or a Kaiju Green Hydra player, after all?) And I gave it a smell suitable to its native home, Fairhaven Chemical. Enjoy. Or something. ;p"

[Update] Monster Master Lurhstaap chirps, "RPinfo of Comprehension has been updated to better explain exactly how it works. It IS doing something useful, guys! :p"

[Update] Avatar says, "Poll 'Color of the Energy notification' has ended."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "web #difficulty and the like no longer accept 0 as an input."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "(channel) last works again for a quick peek. Does NOT support numbers after it, use #last for that."

[Update] Chronic Glitch sparklechurrs, "Rejoice! Two sparkling new data have been added into the Food Labs for your consumption, Bacon and Cocoa. These may prove to be popular flavors of biomass."

[Update] Dog Song sultrily growls, "Female Lamia updated with Arm Divider support."

[Update] Ground Control commands, "Fix to autoleveling, it should now be smarter about how much xp you need to be 'over 150% capacity'"

[Update] Chronic Glitch softly growls, "Feral Wolfess updated thanks to an Infection Update to support Leg Splitter."

[Update] Dog Song pants, "Updated Female Husky with alternate descriptions for characters with the Chubby perk."

[Update] Maid Treharne pants, "Fox Magician given an extra rank each in Opportunity, Speed, and Endurance across its leveling path because for some reason it had 23 combat skill ranks (a T1 class, all of which are super-cheap and meant for starting out) rather than 26 (which would be more appropriate for T2 like any not-super-cheap class is, and it's a dedication class so it's definitely in the T2 category)."

[Update] Chronic Glitch sparklechurrs, "Random love given to the old Bunny Boy form. Given an update to support Chubby and Tail Divider."

[Update] Dog Song pants, "Blue Gryphon now supports unique descriptions and TFs for characters with the Chubby merit."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "XP from RP should now properly use your rested XP."

[Update] Avatar says, "Item (1475870904) placed onto the poll board by Miorna, called 'High Quality crafting option A. +poll/view High Quality crafting option A to look at and vote in this poll."

[Update] Maid Treharne pants, "Physical Armor and Light Energy Armor stripped of their odd Piercing DR and Heat DR, which I am doubtful if any attack in the game actually has those as damage types. As a tiny amount of compensation in the event that they did do something by way of secondary damage types (however those work), their non-DR statuses (MaxHP and HealGain, respectively) have been bumped up half a point of magnitude, the same amount of magnitude as the odd DRs were."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna invitingly coos, "Nanopacks can now be used to disable them. This will cause them to stop draining your battery, but also remove the extra inventory space until turned back on."

[Update] Monster Master Lurhstaap rustle-meows, "Xanadu Bird has been updated and improved. Its win/loss scenes are better now, both longer and more theme-compliant. The weird reference to 'spores' has been removed and replaced with more appropriate planty references. You can now properly impregnate and be impregnated by its win/loss scenes as appropriate. There is also an added bit of fun in the Victory scene for people who have Sounding as a liked flag in their WI. (People who dislike Sounding or do not mention it in their WI at all will not see it.)"

[Update] Monster Master Lurhstaap rustle-meows, "Oh, yeah. Xanadu Bird has a scent now, too."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna invitingly coos, "Lead The Gang's description given a slight tweak."

[Update] Monster Master Lurhstaap trills, "Indicat has become the latest beneficiary of the scent adding thing. She too is now as smelly as she should have always been."

[Update] Script-Kitty Fauna alluringly murr-purrs, "Mission Map mpool got a silent 50 mako boost because it was the closest to completion. (stretch goal reward)"

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Manually set pronouns will be automagically removed over time."

[Update] Script-Kitty Fauna alluringly murr-purrs, "Instinctual Bond's eenrgybreak upgrade fixed. People who have it have also been fixed."

[Update] Avatar says, "Poll 'High Quality crafting option A' has ended."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Active xp tweaked again."

[Update] Avatar says, "Item (1476151832) placed onto the poll board by Miorna, called 'Repeat Attacks HPBuffer effect. +poll/view Repeat Attacks HPBuffer effect to look at and vote in this poll."

[Update] Chronic Glitch rustles, "Okami Boi victory and ovictory messages updated to better match defeat behavior."

[Update] Chronic Glitch rustles, "Okami Boi and Cactus Mephitaur scent descriptions set."

[Update] Avatar says, "Poll 'Repeat Attacks HPBuffer effect' has ended."

[Update] Chronic Glitch rustles, "Aassahke Male and Aassahke Female given support for Leg Splitter as per reaching the form update goal."

[Update] Monster Master Lurhstaap trills, "Balaur Taur now has theme-compliant Loss/Victory/oVictory, including a WI-hidden hardvore victory. As usual, if vhd is one of your WI likes, you'll see it, and if not, you won't. Also, I forget if this was announced before or not, but just in case - its descs have been updated, it now has Kemonomimi, Arm Divider, and Color Chooser compatibility, and a smell. So, yeah, yay raptor taurs."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Fishing message for expert angler revised."

[Update] Monster Master Lurhstaap eerily howls, "So, it turns out I've been doin it rong all this time in terms of the height/weight system for forms. Turns out 'weight' means density rather than mass. Oopsies. So I revised them in an attempt to fix that. Also added scents to some that didn't have them while I was at it. The forms edited: Anery Stripe Cornsnake, Balaur Taur, Bookwyrm, Cativa, Gryphoenix, Indicat, Psilocybe Dragon, Redwood Unicorn (gained a scent), Sandfire Dragon (gained a scent), Social Butterfly (gained a scent), Stygian Hound (gained a scent, Vampiric Wolf (gained a scent), Wild Cannibal, and Xanadu Bird."

[Update] Monster Master Lurhstaap eerily howls, "A Stretch Goal (3 new lores for monsters) has been completed. The Storm Dragon, Stygian Hound, and Xanadu Bird now have lores."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Puzzler rewards in general increased by 50% for salvage or straight up cash. Having the puzzler ded, in addition to its other effects, increases the 1-100 roll for how awesome the loot is by a flat 10, making them considerably more likely to be awesome."

[Update] Ground Control quietly yips, "Mutant mastery pool halfway implemented, code is live, just need to add the merit in."

[Update] Ground Control quietly yips, "rpinfo muscle memory. It's the result of mutant memory mpool. You can probably figure out what it does from the rpinfo. :P"

[Update] Ground Control quietly yips, "mutant mastery*"

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna invitingly coos, "New recipe modifier for sale in token shops, hiddennormal^

[Update] Maid Treharne pants, "Deep Healing and Precautious Care adjusted to the Lactaid standard. EN cost 10-->6, Cooldown 1350-->1450, base Damage 20-->21. Additionally, both powers had their HPBuffer duration reduced from 3 rounds to 1 in order to give them a reasonable chance to properly expire and convert to HP before their next application, keeping the overall healing in line with Lactaid's regeneration."

[Update] Quality Control commands, "New merit, in opposition to the Helpful merit. Selfish. Basically, you'll never be asked to help somebody else in web combat."

[Update] Chronic Glitch rustles, "Techno Safari has been updated tor better themely accuracy. The decrepit scape filled with beasty, mechanical-like monstrosities can be accessed by going SE and E from the McKinley Manor."

[Update] Fledgling Admin Swordfox yips, "Fixed a typo in Chrome Shark Beast's ass transformation message."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna invitingly coos, "Various changes to Determinator have been had. Strong Spirit: debuffresist from 15 to 10, energybreak from -8 to -4, Damagebuff from 2 to 5, added Cascading 2.5. Bludgeon: confused removed, Damage down from 25 to 15, Repeatattack of 2 over 4 added, target changed from Single Target, Enemy, NoAoE to Minor AoE Enemy. Rapid Fire: Haste from 85 to 60, Vampiric from 5 to 25, EnergyBreak from -15 to -10. Force of Nature: Energy from 65 to 40, Self Damage from 6 to 6.5, secondary target from Nuke AoE Ally to Self NoAoE, Repeat duration from 1 to 5."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Infrequent rut merit created."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "New Merit, Going Alone. Never be petered in web combat again!"

[Update] Dog Song pants, "Cheetah given Leg Splitter support. Cheetaur."

[Update] Chronic Glitch rustles, "Female Dullahan updated as per the Stretch Goal to support Color Chooser. Sea Angel also given Color Chooser Support by author."

[Update] Chronic Glitch rustles, "Female Dullahan now has Kemonomimi compliance. Rejoice!"

[Update] Chronic Glitch rustles, "Rejoice! Not only is there Soap in Biochemistry, but now there is Shampoo/Conditioner! Like Soap, but more expensive."

[Update] Chronic Glitch rustles, "A New Token Recipe has made its way into the Token Redemption shop as per prior Stretch Goals. Taze Cartridge can be purchased for 100 tokens or 20 Mako there."

[Update] Quality Control commands, "Possible fix to a chargen thing, born male/born female should properly function now."

[Update] Monster Master Lurhstaap wingwrites, "It's almost Halloween, so I chose a couple of my creepier forms to write about this time. Wild Cannibal and Vampiric Wolf now have lores. Spoooky~"

[Update] Quality Control commands, "In-game chargen will now give a warning if you try to go through chargen without taking born male or born female, and ask if you want to proceed. (It'll send you back to merit/flaw if you say no.)"

[Update] Quality Control commands, "Coyote and Aassahke male ball size has been nudged up a tad. (Coyote's quite well endowed, why would he settle for his followers having small sized balls?)"

[Update] Chronic Glitch rustles, "Rejoice! The essence of the Dusk Dragon finally deigns exist in the Elite Shop. You, too, can look awesome."

[Update] Monster Master Lurhstaap eerily howls, "Bookwyrm now has a lore! With the two others from before, that completes another Stretch Goal for monster lores. Also, Stygian Hound's flags have been updated to be more accurate."

[Update] Quality Control commands, "$broadcast Belatedly, (I fixed it an hour or so ago) Breadth of experience actually works consistently now."

[Update] Quality Control commands, "Belatedly, (I fixed it an hour or so ago) Breadth of experience actually works consistently now."

[Update] Quality Control commands, "Ever wanted to pick a dog, any dog, to turn into? The infection randomizer just feel like it grabs from too broad a list? Well, it's been upgraded. If you have an Infection Randomizer from the mako store, and nanite adept, you can now do shift random x, where x is one of a number of tags we've just finished applying to all of our infections. Currently available tags include Arachnid, Avian, Candy, Feline, Demon, Dino, Dog, Dragon, Equine, Vulpine, Goo, Insect, Latex, Plant, Rabbit, Reptile, Robot, Mustelid, Skunk, Undead, Lupine, Canine, Cervine, Supernatural, Mythical, Hybrid, Bestial, Biped, Humanoid, Taur, Rodent, Bovine, Fish, Serpentine, WTF, Anthro, Template, Fungus, Aquatic, and Amphibian. (Yes, that is a lot of them.) Shift random dog will pick one of the various dog forms that you've mastered."

[Update] Quality Control commands, "That last little spot was an example of how it works."

[Update] Quality Control commands, "Oh, right, one more while I was in there. No Breasts merit is coded and available to be taken."

[Update] Quality Control commands, "Formexamine (fex for short) now shows a form's tags."

[Update] Quality Control commands, "Shift random now supports multiple tags."

[Update] Quality Control commands, "Fix to the multi-tag thing."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna purrs, "Long overdo updates to the descriptions of Enduring Minions and Mastermind about their loadout and upkeep reducing properties."

[Update] Quality Control commands, "Another addition to tags. The gender of a form is now a tag you can use in shift random."

[Update] Monster Master Lurhstaap whooms, "Another spoooky update. Stygian Hound now has kemonomimi descs and Tail Divider compatibility. As if one thorned bullwhip of doom for a tail wasn't enough. You can now have an entire cat-o'-nine-tails. :D"

[Update] Monster Master Lurhstaap whooms, "Wild Cannibal also has kemonomimi descs. Yes, they are actually pretty different from the non-kemo form. Much more human. Added some bonus content for people with Thin and Chubby perks, too."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Kitsunetsuki rpinfo updated with rp note."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna invitingly coos, "Shades no longer give the 'Discreet' status and instead work from just being equipped."

[Update] Qualyote Control commands, "Pregnancy haste has been restored to the correct values. (Somehow, PBRD code snuck into there.)"

[Update] Qualyote Control commands, "pub #list (also known as comlist) now respects your line length settings."

[Update] Qualyote Control commands, "If you haven't noticed yet, there's now a 'cute' channel, blame Kyuketsuki."

[Update] Monster Master Lurhstaap whooms, "#recent"

[Update] Monster Master Lurhstaap whooms, "Whoops. Typo, sorry. x.x"

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Subtle fix to mako tracking that has no effect on almost anyone reading this enacted."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Subtle fix to mako tracking that has no effect on almost anyone reading this enacted."

[Update] Qualyote Control commands, "Fixed an edge case with formex and forms with a single flag causing crashes"

[Update] Dog Song pants, "Just in time for the Halloween season, the Trick or Treat Motel has reopened! Peruse the spooky tenants just north of 4th Street 1500 street in Fairhaven, and be sure to sample their sweets. Area open from October 28 to November 3."

[Update] Chronic Glitch rustles, "As per prior Stretch Goals, the NPC Mortimitri, found in the Techno Safari, has been updated with two new additional scenes! No longer will shi not be in the mood when it comes to anal."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "The toggles command now shows the energy use of all your toggles."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Nanite Upkept merit ready for action!"

[Update] Qualyote Control commands, "Nanite giving now functions. 'give x builder nanites to y'"

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "New nanite option, nanite production. Type nanite for details."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna invitingly coos, "Zipper added to the Mako Store!"

[Update] Qualyote Control commands, "Zipper added to disableable list."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna invitingly coos, "New local stat for the zipper, lstat backzipper. If this stat exists at all, the zipper will be placed upon your back."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "nanite production will now inform you if you're out of nanites instead of pretending you do while giving you no boost."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "When using a hero point on a roll, if you score under 3, it becomes 3. Otherwise, it is increased by 1."

[Update] Systems Glitch rustles, "Saber-Toothed Bard is now back where it should be in the Techno Safari."

[Update] Monster Master Lurhstaap eerily howls, "In the name of Halloween and awesomeness, Zombie has received a full rewrite. It is no longer an oddly incomplete theme-breaker, but a canon-compliant, and Color Chooser compliant, human zombie. It even has content for Thin and Chubby perks. :D Hard vore fans get bitey horror scenes, everyone else gets more general-audience-friendly yet still nicely scary horror scenes. Enjoy, folks!"

[Update] Monster Master Lurhstaap eerily howls, "But wait! What if you don't want to be a -human- zombie? What if you want to be, say... a Zombified Skunk Girl? Or a Zombified Wolf Beast? Zephyr is here for you! Our fine scientists have created a Zombified template. When you become infected with our new zombification infection, whether by using a boss vial or 'shift Zombified', the form will overlie your previous form. So if you're a Fox Taur, and you 'shift Zombified' - voila! You are now a Zombified Fox Taur. Be your own Halloween costume! Pull scary pranks on your friends! This fun new form is available in the Elite Shop for 5 Mako. (Disclaimer: Zephyr does not take responsibility for how purchasers make use of the form.)"

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Birthdays in 1990 disallowed in the setup of your birthday."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna invitingly coos, "The game will now remind you to set your birthday if you have not set it."

[Update] Script-Kitty Fauna alluringly murr-purrs, "My player characters will once again see Nuku talk in public. Oh, and I suppose I squashed the bug that caused that and potentially other annoyances."

[Update] Script-Kitty Fauna alluringly murr-purrs, "On a more serious note, issue fixed where partial dbref-matches on your ignore-list would mean people you hadn't ignored wouldn't show up in channels for you."

[Update] Qualyote Control commands, "Funnels should now grab from actual infection slots, rather than try to grab from clit one time in 7."

[Update] Qualyote Control commands, "Relatedly, the other halloween forms have returned to the mako store."

[Update] Qualyote Control commands, "Fixed the new mission, go hit the start button again"