Automated Multiplayer Updates/2016 November

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[Update] Husky Tester Miorna invitingly coos, "Ever wish your character would stop squirming when they aren't pregnant? Tired of rubbing on your breasts at the slightest provocation. Then the new perk Cold Fish is for you!"

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna invitingly coos, "Macuahuitl given NoAoE property."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna invitingly coos, "In about 1 week from today, Weapon Master recipes will have their Mako Battery costs reduced. During this time you can break them down for a full refund. This reduction will not happen before Aug 8, 2016."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna invitingly coos, "Changes to the Spear of Judgement. Taunt duration up to 2, Secondary Statuses now get the +30% mag bonuses. Native Regen and Debuff Clear lowered to compensate but come out the same after +30% bonus."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna invitingly coos, "Overhaul of the Staff of Wisdom. No longer is it like an unlucky charm. Also has a +30 accuracy now. Removed AccuracyDebuff, DefenceDebuff, HasteDebuff, RechargeDebuff, and added HealgainDebuff, Confused, DelayDebuff. Mags and chances of remaining statuses raised significantly."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Average Effort merit now works as advertised (It was not working before)."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "The terminal command now tells you when it starts and when it completes."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Huge bevvy of fixes!"

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "AoE powers were not suffering a falloff on damage for secondary targets when using AoE 3+ powers."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Controlled Burst was not adding damage to primary and secondary targets when using AoE 3+ powers."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Damage may not have been adding all the damage it should!"

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Concentrated was applying bonus damage to everything!"

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Controlled Burst adds to the accuracy of attacks after the first target. First attacks are immune to the accuracy drop off effect for AoEs(Hit 5 guys, the first gets full accuracy, then it starts falling)."

[Update] Dog Song says, "Fixed Gulotaur oVictory and Legs TF not appearing correctly."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Massive bug in accuracy found and addressed. Debug is still on. We're still hunting."

[Update] Dog Song says, "Fixed Psycho Weasel having the erroneous 'Sturdy Frame' instead of Solid Frame."

[Update] Maid Treharne roars, "Controlled Burst rpinfo now mentions that the combat skill reduces the accuracy decay for successive targets in an AOE. It's always done this, it's just never been mentioned in the rpinfo."

[Update] Qualyote Control commands, "Big fix to crafted consumables/expendables in combat. They'll now cooldown properly (Showing up in the active powers list after the health tab), be affected by instantcooldown and recharge and actually read the modifiers on the crafted item when it calculates the cooldown. This means no more looking at effects to check if a thing is out of cooldown."

[Update] Qualyote Control commands, "If it's not in the active powers section, it's not on cooldown."

[Update] Qualyote Control commands, "Bandoleers now adopt the cooldown and charge of consumables when they have a valid item assigned."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Global Research effect: 10% chance per wound tick of increasing the base wound revival, doubling it."

[Update] Qualyote Control commands, "Research smarter pool has been coded up, you have a research skill percent chance of contributing an additional point to a project."

[Update] Qualyote Control commands, "Mods that cause expiration can now be removed from an item. NOTE! This does not remove the expiring flag from said item."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna invitingly coos, "Poisoned active enemy statuses properly typed."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Bloodthirsty merit removed. If you had it, you get to keep it as a fond memory. It will not take perk points."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Nanite heal returns! It costs more and has a 5 round cooldown."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Nanite heal bugfix: I had altered the displayed price, but not the actual one, oops."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Nanite recover restored, given a 5 round cooldown and cost increase. NOTE! Nanite boost, heal, and recover all share the same cooldown status. Having any on cooldown means they all are."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "nanite now warns you that three functions have a cooldown and which they are."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Trophy Case pool updated."

[Update] Monster Master Lurhstaap wingwrites, "So, Storm Dragon didn't have Leg or Tail Divider. I decided it ought to. So, it does now. You can now be a dragontaurtsune. Rejoice! Or something."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Cred/Crown energy bug located and fixed that caused you to be charged more than you actually made."

[Update] Qualyote Control commands, "Nanite upkept merit will no longer spam you with 'You don't need this'"

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "You can now +sheet #top to see just the top of your sheet."

[Update] Script-Kitty Fauna alluringly murr-purrs, "The Privacy Screen's desc (new ones bought from the store, not retroactive) now reflects that it is a game-wide account-item. It does NOT apply cross-game. Relevant to RuP only, new instances are now no-trade, and I will be making old instances no-trade later tonight."

[Update] Script-Kitty Fauna alluringly murr-purrs, "if you were unaware of the game-wideness of the item and want a refund for extras of yours, Nuku has okayed us doing such. We will also gladly transfer yours to another player as a gift instead. In either case, please file a request."

[Update] Script-Kitty Fauna alluringly murr-purrs, "(we WILL verify you have more than one. We won't refund purchase of a single instance from several months ago, for those, the standard refund-policy applies)"

[Update] Qualyote Control commands, "Fix for players who were missing the _desc_notify_looked/_desc_notify_looker props, it'll now use the global default ones."

[Update] Qualyote Control commands, "In english, if you didn't have those props, you couldn't tell if somebody was looking at you, now you can."

[Update] Qualyote Control commands, "Err. Give me a moment, rooms appear to have gained awareness"

[Update] Qualyote Control commands, "Rooms no longer aware they're being stared at. Also, just reset all the props on people. >.>"

[Update] Qualyote Control commands, "(All the look*notify ones, I mean)"

[Update] Qualyote Control commands, "Big update to editplayer, the horrid if statement tree's been turned into a case statement."

[Update] Qualyote Control commands, "Also, Fluid Gender merit is functional and in-game. It does not have any exclusions because it uses the other merits to function. (Real cost with an option selected is 4 vanity points, otherwise it takes up 3 points)"

[Update] Qualyote Control commands, "Fixed some options in editplayer crashing the program."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna invitingly coos, "New Creature Registration given a slightly easier to understand description."

[Update] Script-Kitty Fauna alluringly murr-purrs, "Buying vanity perks past the 10 point mark will no longer eat up regular perk-points. This means that you now -actually- have 15 vanity points, instead of the effective 10 you used to have."

[Update] Systems Glitch rustles, "Culinary Nanomagic has been updated to clear up how it functions. A line added into Biochemistry Nanomagic to make reference to the usage of Data files, too."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Severe bug located. Code meant to refund points spend on RuP for Affinity perks instead was giving basically everyone 5 merit points. It no longer does this. As a result, you very likely are over your allotment of merit/perk points. If you put in a request for perks to be nuked, they will be without cost."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "To help fix this horrible bug, if you perk nuke, single or all, when you are over your perk limit(check list perks first), it will be free, without any staff intervention."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "If you are in the negatives, you will be ineligible to gain cred/crown in any taxable fashion (that's most of it)."

[Update] Qualyote Control commands, "The various adept software toys that add or remove merits will not count against your merit point totals."

[Update] Qualyote Control commands, "List perks all now properly tallies 'Free' merits."

[Update] Qualyote Control commands, "Fluid gender merit's 'genderated' merits are also free now. >.> (No, I couldn't resist.)"

[Update] Qualyote Control commands, "Considering self control and selective reality are both Vanity merits, Graphic Finale has now joined them. (If you had unspent vanity points but no more regular perk points, this will have freed some of the regular points, otherwise, it's just moved into the vanity category.)"

[Update] Dog Song says, "Improved documentation of Pack Leader local stats and cleaned up its code."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna invitingly coos, "Very minor update to the various alcoholic datas to better reflect how they work."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Size King and Many Breasted are now vanity perks."

[Update] Qualyote Control commands, "The process for training epic powers at point zero has been clarified. (If you say no when you are asked about ultimating a power, it'll go to the normal process. It did this before, just now it actually says it does this.)"

[Update] Qualyote Control commands, "'Free' vanity merits are now considered free on weberface perks page. (Woops.)"

[Update] Fatal Error: Hinoserm quietly yips, "ProtoMUCK 2.1a0.5.1: Many small fixes focused on correcting some memory corruption issues and making the code compatible with new optimizations in GCC 6.2. Link-Time Optimization is now enabled, resulting in considerable performance improvements. Runtime Address Sanitization is now supported and enabled."

[Update] Fatal Error: Hinoserm quietly yips, "Server Upgrades: The games are now running on a virtual machine on a dedicated VM host. The server software platform has been upgraded from fc22 to fc24. The server hardware will continue to receive some considerable performance upgrades over the coming days and weeks."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna invitingly coos, "New token modifier! BALLSY! Make your clothes, med kits, etc add a little something something to that sac of yours!"

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna invitingly coos, "Make that NUTTY!"

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "All Natural pets have been slightly nerfed."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Remorts no longer increase the number of repeats in repeat attacks, but continue to increase the damage of each hit."

[Update] L'Etre Et Le Neant philosiphizes, "A new area has been discovered. The Marsh Town is now open to the public. Meet the locals, discover the sights and try not to get lost in the nearby Marshy Swamp. It's located off of the River. Enjoy this latest addition! rtrace marsh town."

[Update] Qualyote Control commands, "Marsh town should no longer kick players over a given size out of the area."

[Update] Qualyote Control commands, "No longer improperly, I should say."

[Update] Maid Treharne roars, "Started doing some work on writing guides on the wiki as a way to share various things about the game's mechanics. There's not much yet but I'm working on adding more over time. Hopefully it'll be useful to someone?'s_Assorted_Guides%22

[Update] Maid Treharne roars, "While we kind of messed up on the initial date this was supposed to be on by about two weeks, I'm putting out a second notice that the mako battery cost of Weapon Master weapons (Bow of Mercy, Blade of Mastery, Axe of Focus, Spear of Judgement, Staff of Wisdom) is about to drop severely. If anyone wants to break down any of those they've crafted to recoup the full 20 batteries while it's still 20 batteries, now's the time to do that. I'll be doing the cost change in 20 minutes (at which point this message will probably be lost in most people's backlogs somewhere); just wanted to put out a second warning so that if there's anyone who wants to do that, they have advance warning."

[Update] Maid Treharne roars, "Mako Battery cost to craft the Weapon Master weapons (Bow of Mercy, Blade of Mastery, Axe of Focus, Spear of Judgement, Staff of Wisdom) reduced from 20 to 5. Sorry it ended up being almost two weeks overdue from when we said it would be. ^;"

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "+jnote now shows the cost of any merits it finds, if it has a cost. Vanities will be yellow, normals green."

[Update] Qualyote Control commands, "The rope bridge now uses Acrobatics instead of the defunct Sports skill for determining who gets thrown off."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "The regenerating combat skill will no longer activate while defeated."

[Update] Dog Song says, "Fennec now supports Arm Divider! It's now among the growing list of forms with full divider, color chooser, and Kemonomimi support."

[Update] Maid Treharne roars, "Overcharged now uses an uncommon Electronic rather than an uncommon Mechanical. This is due to 1) the description mentioning wires and putting in twenty times the voltage, and 2) way too many things using mechanical salvage and as a result we've got a major imbalance in salvage type usage so hopefully this is a step toward rectifying that."

[Update] Monster Master Lurhstaap moistly cheeps, "A new group of ferals has been discovered. These small amphibians have been dubbed Puddlejumpers, and can now be encountered when exploring the Marshy Swamp near Marsh Town."

[Update] Nuku mechanically mewls, "Removed the faulty makolunar amount from purchasing the survival pack."

[Update] Dog Song says, "Arctic Fox updated with Leg Splitter support."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna whirrs, "Updates to Nanomagic Help-file to reflect the fact that under normal situations only a single non-passive nanomagic can be used at a time."

[Update] Script-Kitty Fauna alluringly murr-purrs, "Change to weight mechanic (as reported in +size). The mass stat (on FS) of a form is now a percentage modifier to your mass. The same holds for perks that modify your weight (FS and RuP both)."

[Update] Script-Kitty Fauna alluringly murr-purrs, "One effect of this is that people with a height different from their old mass value will report as being heavier or lighter now (if height was more than mass, heavier, otherwise, lighter). People for whom the stats matched were not affected."

[Update] Script-Kitty Fauna alluringly murr-purrs, "further tweaks are pending, as the current implementation has some scaling issues at extreme heights. (Not super relevant for RuP)"

[Update] Qualyote Control yips, "(We also have to set the proper weight modifiers for most forms.)"

[Update] Script-Kitty Fauna alluringly murr-purrs, "This also means that both maxHP and Defense now scale off of height, rather than scaling disjointly."