Automated Multiplayer Updates/2016 July

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[Update] Maid Treharne humbly says, "Dunno if this really counts as an update (or how many people it's actually relevant for), but I made a neat little table of how many boss vials are needed for each level barrier for a given remort count. Also started a wiki page for hopefully containing other remort-related data than just the table at some point.

[Update] Ground Control commands, "Liberty Leopard has returned, with two powers exclusive to the form. (No, you can't master the two powers.)"

[Update] Ground Control commands, "AN players with Mutant trick may now master their chosen power normally."

[Update] Ground Control commands, "Note, the above only applies to mastering the powers in-muck."

[Update] Ground Control commands, "Fixed the thing so ANs with mutant trick can actually master a power."

[Update] Ground Control commands, "Judges of judge level 4+ with the judge status active (That JDG thing behind the name) are now able to use nanite grenades without warning and without checking trust. (Basically like a mass zap.) If anybody is found abusing this/using it outside an organized scene, they WILL be stripped of judge bits."

[Update] Snug-burd Volucris flutters, "Updated TPort to restrict creating and removing Public locations to staff. Also made it possible to remove public locations with the command."

[Update] Maid Treharne marps, "Crossbow buffed. Base cost reduced from 30k cred + 20 common energy + 25 common chemical + 2 uncommon mechanical to 20k cred + 20 common energy + 25 common chemical + 1 uncommon mechanical, base damage buffed to 16 from 14, base energy cost reduced to 18 from 20."

[Update] Avatar says, "Item (1468447552) placed onto the poll board by Nuku, called 'Autolevel. +poll/view Autolevel to look at and vote in this poll."

[Update] Maid Treharne marps, "Hydrodynamic Nanomagic description updated to be somewhat less of an affront to grammar. Basic function remains the same."

[Update] Avatar says, "Poll 'Autolevel' has ended."

[Update] Husky Tester Miorna squeals, "Otter no longer locks you at 6 foot+ in its auto desc."

[Update] Skunk Skank Skye softly churrs, "Animate Doll was given Color Chooser support."

[Update] Nuku jingle bells, "You can now autolevel up to max level, however high that is. If you're at a level that requires vials, it will NOT work, and you will have to manually level, then it will kick right back in."

[Update] Udder Nutter Busty squeakily pants, "Bunny Boy now supports Leg splitter! Bunny taur away!"

[Update] Udder Nutter Busty squeakily pants, "Small fix made to the Fire Elemental's arms."

[Update] Not A Sleep Aid Lunasta softly churrs, "Goo Girl now has two new mutant powers; before only had 3, which is less than the majority of forms."

[Update] Nuku trills, "Kangaroo and Racoon avatars added. Yes, they have a few glitches, those will be fixed."

[Update] Nuku trills, "New vanity merit for rare, but present, situation: rpinfo chimeric mutant"

[Update] Script-Kitty Fauna wantonly purrs, "Removed everyone from judge channel. Actual judges, you're free to re-open the channel."

[Update] Script-Kitty Fauna wantonly purrs, "non-staff, non-judges can no longer open judge-channel or read the log from judge-channel."

[Update] Not A Sleep Aid Lunasta softly churrs, "Kemonomimi support added to: Moth Girl, Dark Elf Male, and Dark Elf Female."

[Update] Nuku chuffs, "Kangaroo avatar fixed."

[Update] Nuku trills, "Raccoon avatar repaired."