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Something very unusual this afternoon, an Ashen Breeder walked right into the main lobby. Most seems to be very cautious of the creature as it stands there, idly rubbing on one of its breasts as it looks around. It makes some churping noises as its pink eyes roam about the room. The light rain outside has made the poor creature quite wet, and it shivers from time to time as it continues to gaze at the people about.

When the creature stepped through the doors, Max was seated at a table, mulling something over with slow sips from a glass of soft drink. The rather tame choice of beverage rather spoiled the image, really, of the male 'drinking his sorrows away', as it were. But as the Ashen wanders through the doors, he can't help but watch... Each momentary shiver crossing its body making him grow more concerned. It... Seemed docile enough. And the guards had let it through, so it surely wasn't any danger... And reaching into his pack, the raccoon pulls out a dry towel, rising from his seat and stepping over toward the poor thing... Seemingly intent on helping it dry off, at least, and become a little further shielded from the cold.

Outside, the rain seemed to pick up for a couple of moments. A gust of wind opens the front doors wide as wind seems to be blowing directily into the room, but yet not blowing anything over. The doors close and the wind start to pull together. The silloette of a person seems to be incased in the condensing wind. The figure puts their feet on the ground. "Hi Max. Like my new form?" the figure says. Its vocie seems familiar yet different. Finally noticing the ashen, the winds decrease around the being, making it easier to see who it is. Taking a few careful steps, Alta slowly kneels and extends a hand with some food in it. "its ok. we won't hurt you." shi says to the ashen, obviously trying to comfort it.

Spade comes into the lobby, having just spoke to someone about how she might best eliminate promethean propaganda, when she stumbles across a strange sight. She eyes the breeder, her body tensing up as she prepares to flail on it. She chitters "Umm... so..." as she loosens up a bit, watching Max pull out a towel to help them out. Perhaps they're just one of those tamed ferals. She watches it carefully just in case, bracing herself slightly at the sight of wind. She doesn't seem sure how to act to a ashen breeder barging into the zephyr lobby.

In the Corner of the room looking at a map is a fluffy three headed dog, "I don't think we should be picking fight with the Survivalist just for their gear." The left head says, "But maybe we could just ask or offer to do a little work." The Right head says, "Hmmmmm I used to be a survivalist think they would let be me back in if I looked mildly human? I really want those sexy sexy weapons." All there hears turn the the ashen and she pads over to the creature as her heads shift into a single wolf head as she sniff her from a distance.

Sithra was standing in the corner of the lobby and drinking tea, when Ashen Breeder comes in. He spits up a little of tea as he sees the creature. His body tenses up, and his hand starts searching for a weapon, but sadly he leaved his beloved RPD at home today. But then he sees a raccoon pulls out a towel and comes closer to the Ashen. "Seems like it's another charmed feral, just like my Illya." he mumbles as his body loses it's tense a little.

From the downstairs passage rises the regular silver and semi-formally dressed silver lion. Finally reaching the peak of the steps, the relatively tall feline tucks at his seemingly recently cleaned suit and pants and starts to straighten them out with loving care. Satisfied with his appearance, Dio scans the lobby with a newly grown grin and a slight wag of his tail. Spotting a particularly crowded yet wet looking ashen, Dio simply had to come over and help. He strides his way over towards the growing crowd and smiles. "Awful day, isn't it? As a gentleman, your condition is something I simply can't ignore," the lion says with a bow. "Things should seem a little warmer in a few moments." With the use of thermal nanomagic, Dio concentrates and attempts to warm the area around him to help warm those affected by the rain.

The Ashen looks to Max as he brings a towel over to it, and as Max pats on it, it murrs and moans slightly, however it seems very of put by the sudden storm coming inside the room. It looks over to the creature which braught it in and chirps angerly for a while. It didn't come up to fight with a storm.... So it slinks against Maxwell, rubbing itself upon the raccoon, a bit more.. affectionate then he might like. It seems to ignore Spade and Kilsa's actions, listening with its drooped ears though as Spade stutters at it. When Dio walks up to, and starts to warm the room, it trills in a seemingly happy mannor, but continues to rub and nussle on Max.

Maxwell doesn't quite expect the storm to roll into the building itself, his body jolting a bit was the wind swirls around in a seemingly confined space, and he doesn't seem too pertrubed as the creature comes in closer toward him, rationalizing it as a rather understandable response to the very essence of the storm raging about outside coming into the building. However, as it rubs and nuzzles at him he can't help but flush a bit... Nonetherless continuing the task he had set out to do. Dry the poor thing off. As others come in still, he nods to each in turn, before returning to patting and rubbing on the creature with the towel, trying to cleanse it of the rain that coated its body, and... Trying not to be too invasive about it.

Upon seeing the Ashen Breeder move away from hir, Alta almost seems shocked. Then shi remembers hir current form and smiles. The winds around hir die down as much as pssoible as a purple fog surrounds hir. When the fog clears, the image of a purple-tinted human is standing where the wind was. Shiu smiles and waves to everybody in the room. "Hello Max and Spade." Shi loks to the others in the room and gives a simple greeting. "Sorry if I frightened you guys. My name is Alta." The second part is said mostly to the ones shi doesn't know. Hir voice has not changed since shi last spoke, and if one were to get close enough to hir they would still feel hir winds. But for now, hir apperance looks human, abit a purple one. Shi loks back to the Ashen, and gently rolls an apple towards it. "I think it likes you Max." Alta jests at the coon.

Spade shakes her head the the unneeded and offputting display, but waves to Alta. "Hello there... so... are you going to find out what it wants?" she chitters, gettinig directly to theh point. She watches the being get chummy with Maxwell, recoil from the others and just listen to her, and decides to move slightly closer. "So why is it here? What has made the sewers so much more uninviting that it would venture up here?" she ponders aloud, her plated hide clicking as she moves across the floor towards the strange ashen.

Kilsa steps back finally deciding to give the creature a little space as she retreat to her corner and began to shift her body again. She kept an ear out to the group but back in her hand is the map from eariler as she speak to the group. She smiles at spade comment, "Shi isn't attacking us, She doesn't seem to be violent so just let her walk around keep an eye on here. Lets be honest any one of us in this room could shatter her spine so why not see if letting her relax improves overall relations with the Ashen. I'm doing my part.." The now Ashen matriach Kilsa chuckles.

Sithra comes a little bit closer to crowd to get a better view. As he sees Ashen rubbing against raccoon he says, "That would be..." then he sees someone shifting into a Ashen Matriarch and hears their words, "...very intresting. He smiles and takes a few steps back so the crowd wouldn't notice him, but then he feels someone pulling his coat. He turns and sees a small felinoid girl. "Hey, Sith what's going on in here? Why that thing is here and why everyone is staring at it?", says girl with a really loud voice.

Dio looks at the cute scene between the raccoon and ashen and chuckles lightly. It's been quite awhile since the lion's had a chance to have a bit of casual social interaction. "You make quite a cute pair if you don't mind me saying." Dio's attention was then caught by an interesting fog. "Hello ma'am," he says with a wave towards Alta, "Lovely to meet you. Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Dio. I see you have some of the same... skills as me." Being an illusionist himself, Dio saw right through Alta's trick. He then shifts his glance towards Spade. "And a hello to you too, fellow co-worker. I'd say this is a good time as any to start asking questions, but it does seem quite docile." Crouching down a little, Dio hopes that he can create the least intimidating persona a lion possibly could. Although, people usually seemed to find a gentleman lion with a suit not all that intimidating at first anyways. With a soft and smooth tone, Dio begins to talk to the feral seeming ashen. "I suppose my first question would be, can you talk or communicate in some way? Besides drying off and escaping the rain, are you in any trouble or require assistance? I'd be more than happy to help."

The doors slide open to let yet another into the strangely packed lobby, what looks like a curvy husky with an umbrella over... his head. It is indeed male, if the lack of breasts and straining bulge in his pants were any indication. Shivering in his jacket, the rare male husky pulls his umbrella tight against itself, shaking it off outside before he wraps it up and moves further inside. Confined to a slight waddle, he moves further into the room before glancing around, finding just the one he was looking for. "A-ahh, Max..." he calls casually over to the raccoon, trailing off at the sight of the ashen cuddling up to him. His head tilting for a moment, he slowly moves towards them, carrying the dripping umbrella with him.

Alta but how close to me? becasue within a few feet of me you would feel the wind from me since i hid my apperance. more than that and you wouldn't feel my wind.

The shivering creature seems very comforted by Max's continued attempts to dry it off, as well as the gental warmth coming from the lion. It nuzzles against the raccoon a bit more, dripping tits likely cuasing patches of mosture upon his clothes. It seems to relax more as Alta's winds die down and she takes a less threatening form. It looks over to Sithra as he moves about and another creature joins in beside him. She trills a bit at Spade when he talks about finding out what it wants, and nuzzles against Max a bit more. However, its focus changes quickly when Kilsa becomes a Matriarch. The creature churps and trills very happily, taking a hold of Max's hand and trying to bring him over to Kilsa. Weither he goes with it or not, the creature does walk over to Kilsa, starting to study the map along with her for a while.

Maxwell tries to continue on in the task, leaving the Ashen nice and dry, at least of the rain, but as Nyo's call causes his attention to alter, the creature suddenly clutches at a paw, tugging him away towards... Wait, another Ashen? When did this happen!? Nonetherless, he takes a moment, a small motion telling the creature to give him a second, if indeed it understood it, before he turns to the husky. "Hey there, Nyo...", he greets, offering a small smile. "This poor thing stumbled in from the rain... I'm just offering it some help." That said, he does start walking after the creature, seemingly intent on making sure it remains alright during its stay, but a paw motions the canine to follow, if he so wished.

Alta nods to Dio with a smile. Shi goes to try and give Nyo a welcoming handshake but decides against it. Seeing Max strongly encouraged to follow the Ashen towards Kilsa, Alta chuckles a little bit. "Hey Max, Kilsa, see if it is hurt or hungry. I can help with both of those." shi says as the purple version of hir goes near Spade, but hir true self staying where it is. Hir fog turns to Spade and Pats her on the shoulder. "Never a dull day in fairhaven huh?" Shi sighs when a girl comes in and talks in a loud voice to Sithra. "We are all right here. no need to shout." the psuedo-woman says.

Spade looks to the incoming Nyo and offers them a wave, before turning her attention to the now matriach Kilsa. She notes the immediate interest the ashen provides her, using this time to approach them slowly, showing her interst in the map. "I never said we should cause them harm or throw her out, just that we should address her immediate concerns." she chitters and gently taps the ashen on the back. "Are you okay? Did you come up here because you're injured, or someone is in trouble?" she says, trying to wrap her head around their presence.

The now Ashen Matriarch Kilsa smiles and reaches down to gently stroke the head of the smaller Ashen breeder. Kilsa reaches into her bag and pulls out a bag of jelly beans, She opens the bad and give her a few placing them near her nose before giving her the back. Kilsa contines to pet and rub the creature looking her over, "She doesn't seem hurt and she seem kinda cute." She lets the smaller creature play with her map and jelly beans while closing her bag.

Sithra looks at girl that appeared behind him so suddenly. "Illya, what are you doing here?!" says he quietly, "And don't be so loud, everyone heard you.". Girl grins and says with quiet voice too, "Staying at home for a whole day is boring. And I've prepared some food for you so go home already.". Sithra covers his face with a paw, and says, "You sound just like my mom..." he sighs, "I'll be home a bit later, so you go ahead.". Girl sighs and leaves with a sad expression on her face. As she leaves Sithra mumbles, "That girl..." then he turns to crowd and says, "Sorry for that people." he comes closer, "Any clues of whats it doing in here?".

It would appear that the lion's questions have been more or less ignored by the rain-touched ashen. Dio only shrugs at the idea, as he didn't really expect much of an answer from it anyways. However, he couldn't shake the feeling that this ashen came up to the lobby for an important reason. With soft footsteps, Dio follows after the ashen and stands in a new position not too far away from the group growing around Kilsa. "It is rather cute, isn't it," murmurs the large lion. Dio nods at Spade after shi asks hir questions. "I'm interested in why this Ashen has strolled in here. I suppose it doesn't need a reason, but I still find it a bit strange." Dio then points to the map. "I wonder if it's actually reading or just enjoying the pictures. Perhaps it could write as well?" The lion crosses his arms and thinks for a bit. "How about this... If you're in need of any assistance, simply nod your head and we'll do our best to help you."

Nyo watches the commotion with great curiosity, though a smile comes to his own face as Max approaches and greets him. "Ahh, I see... that's strange, they love in and around the sewers..." he mumbles aloud, though the kindness shown by his favorite 'coon warms his heart. He's about to hug onto Max, but the man instead follows the ashen towards the larger one, this whole situation causing the shy male some confusion. Giving a soft shrug of his shoulders, he follows behind Maxwell, wanting to be close to him either way, even as he returns Spade's wave. At the same time, his curiosity might be sated. "You're generous, Max..." he almost whispers behind the raccoon, resigning to observe the situation.

Daniel makes his way into the lobby, energy encased insectile wings causing small ripples in the air as they send the fae along with a continuous little hum. Ah, Zephyr Lobby, he hadn't been here in a while, it brought back memories, some good and some bad. Snapping out of his nostalgia, he notices the scene going on in the present. "Er, well I seem to be missing something." The sight of a feral ashen breeder makes his hair stand on end, he didn't exactly have a good standing with them using their home as a form of fast travel, but this one seemed docile at least. Plus there were several people seemingly coddling it, so it couldn't have the chance to be hostile towards him, right? He looks about for friendly faces, and while he /does/ spot Kilsa, her current form only helps to unnerve him further, instead approaching Spade and landing on her shoulder. "Er, there's a... I /think/ it's feral... feral ashen breeder in the lobby? Did someone lose their pet or something...?"

Looking at the map soon grows boring for the Ashen, and it moves over to the soda Maxwell was drinking. It sniffs at it, soon lapping at it and drinking a bit. It trills in annoyance before heading over to the terminal. There it procededs to look it over. Eyes glancing over toward Max and Kilsa, it seems happy that it has braught a good speciman over to a Matriarch. Then it looks over to Dio. It's head tilts this way and that, but trills to acnolidge that the lion seems to be wanting to be helpful. The feral creature then looks over to Spade and trills again. As the room gets a bit warmer, it seems more and more comfortable being here. Notcing Nyo and his... endowments, the creature seems very interested in him, but avoids actually walking over to him for now. The creature then starts to press randomly on the terminal, watching the interesting lights for a time, until it starts to screech at him for pressing the wrong buttons, simply wanting the Ashen to try again to give it the right commands, however, the Ashen Breeder seems completely confused by it, starting to scrape at it using its small claws and screeching back to it. It turns it gaze over to Nyo, fear, and a bit of other things in its eyes.

Maxwell watches as the creature wanders off, seeming to take in various items and equipment with curiosity. It was... Adorable, in a strange way, watching it stumble about in what to it must have been a strange new world. Looking over to the other Ashen for a moment, who seemed far more civilized, he merely shrugs, very unsure as to why it brought him over. As Nyo comes after him though, he steps over toward the canine, placing a gentle paw on his shoulder. "Its good to see you.", he merely states, offering a smile, before his gaze returns to the creature roaming about... Keeping a steady eye on it.

Alta walks hir fog over towards the terminal and interacts with it, making the terminal go silent save a quiet hum. the purple woman smiles at the ashen breeder and gently pets its head with hir psuedo-hand. "Your just a curious little one aren't you?" shi says. shi looks back to everybody before returning hir gaze to the ashen. Shi tries to think of something else to ask it, but deems it better to just continue petting the creature calmly. Meanwhile, Alta's actuall body is movign a little closer to the group. Shi speaks to them, but hir illusion does not look to them. "So what are we going to do? We cannot just keep it at Zephyr."

Spade looks to her shoulder and gives a smile to Daniel. "Hello dear, we're trying to figure out exactly why this thing is here." she chitters and looks over the control pad. "It really seems like it's trying to settle in... explore maybe, I think we should go down to the sewers and see what brought up the interest in a new living quarters." she says looking to everyone and then thinking, she shifts her form into that of an ashen herself, trying to see what the reaction would be. Maybe she could lure it along with Kilsa into paying attention and divulging some form of information.

The Nanite adept shakes her head, "I think I should take her home before she decides to shit on the floor." Kilsa grabs the feral Ashen by the hand and smiles reaching into her bag pulling out a dog toy and a few jelly beans and peices of jerky into the toy. "I'm taking it to the sewers unless anyone wants a human sized creature that probably isn't potty trained or charmed or even collared." She look at the ashen breeder and smiles, "I'm going to call you Rita because calling you an It seems kinda mean. Come on rita lets go back to the sewers." She takes the creature by the hand and give her the snack filled dog toy.

As he sees Ashen Breeder being taken back into sewers, Sithra nods and mumbles to himself, "Thats a good idea, I don't think that people would like to see that thing wandering around in Zephyr. But that Ashen is very intresting one, isn't it." He walks a bit closer to crowd while still looking at creature.

Dio gives the familiar doctor fairy a friendly wave once he enters the lobby. "A pleasure to see you, Danny. I must thank you for all your help a few nights back with the blood business and all. I'd also like to apologize for the fuss I put up with the... Well you know. If you ever need my assistance, I'll be there in a flash. Never know when you might need to pull a lion out of your deck," he says with a slight chuckle. "I asked it earlier to nod if it needed any help, but it didn't seem like it did." Dio smiles once Kilsa decides to give it a name. "I'd agree with the assertion of taking our friend Rita here back home to the sewers. A curious and cute feral, but she'd probably be safer with her kind." Finished talking, Dio walks towards the outside door and holds it open for Kilsa. "I shall assist you in taking Rita back home."

Nyo smiles back at Max as a paw is placed upon his shoulder, quite happy to see the 'coon here too. "It's good to see you too, Max." he replies, getting in a bit of a nuzzle, pressing slightly closer as he too watches the feral messa round with the lobby's equipment. "I-I think um... I think they're right... R-Rita should probably go back home..." he agrees shyly to the others, honestly wondering to himself how, if a single feral made it into Zephyr so easily, the place was not overrun long ago. Suddenly feeling skeptical of the place's security competence, he slips his paw around Max's arm and gently tugs, letting his 'mate' know he'd like to head out himself.

Daniel quirks a brow at Spade, "While I think their kind hate my guts, it doesn't really do the poor thing any justice to call it a... thing." He starts to give an inspective glance at it's groin, but stops himself... what if that was a way of coming onto it? Last he needed was a lovey-dovey breeder following him around, or worse, an offended one. He glances back at the spid- okay she was an ashen too now. This wasn't one of /those/ dreams, was it? The kind where you're in front of your entire class giving a speech, and then suddenly you're in your underwear? This sure seemed like it, and the way this was going, everyone was going to be ashen by the end of this and probably devour him or something. He returns the friendly wave to Dio, giving him a nod and a grin. "Hey, no problem. It's my job after all, and you're a pretty great guy after all." When offered his assistance, he chuckles a bit, "It would be a bit of a kick in the balls to find a tasty fairy morsel, and then suddenly out of nowhere, LION!" The idea amused him, he'd certainly have to take him up on the offer sometime if he finds himself in some kind of danger.

Rita, as the feral is now called, seems to squarm in Kilsa's grasp, at first trying to get away after Alta makes the device stop buzzing and beeping at it. Soon though it accepts what the Matirarch has planned for it, and resigns itself to being taking back to its home by Kilsa and Spade. However, once there, it explains the wonders of the serface world to its breathren. They all seem to click and trill about the ideas of the comforts of the above world, surely more will now visit and explore. Rita seems a bit... put off by being suddenly taken back without getting to bring back a 'sample' from Max or Nyo, but... maybe 'she' will have another chance?