Armored Vest

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Item Armored Vest
Some basic, light armor, good for keeping the worst blows off without being slowed down. Its seemingly unusually high upkeep is to fix inevitable tears and scorch marks from its surface.
Additional Information
Power Armored Cost 5
Upkeep 1 Loadout 30
Base Power Stats
Type Passive Auto Self
Target Self NoAoE Energy 0
Charge 0 Cooldown 0
Accuracy 75% Damage (Type) 0 (Healing)
100% chance of inflicting PysicalDamageResist at magnitude 1.2 for 10.0 rounds.
100% chance of inflicting Coldadaption at a magnitude of 0.5 for 100.0 rounds
100% chance of inflicting Damageresist at a magnitude of 0.2 for 100.0 rounds
100% chance of inflicting Heatadaption at a magnitude of -0.2 for 100.0 rounds
Differences from Base

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