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Andrew by Rukis

Species: Wolf
Gender: Male
Location: The Palomino
Must be found?: No
Events: None
Bring to Bunker?: No
Sex?: Yes
Infectious: Yes
Endings: Game Over

Flag Categories

Flags: Guy, Furry


Rubbing the large bulge in his black cargo pants as a particularly sexy ass walks past him while he's sitting in the cornermost booth, this black furred wolf bobs his head to the beat. The fellow is of average height and build, but has a considerably lupine body. His arms end in pawlike hands and his legs have become digitigrade, though his wolf tail seems longer than those of others you've seen. He's going topless, wearing only a pair of black cargo pants held up by a rainbow belt. Below that brightly coloured belt is a very sizable bulge that draws your eyes before you notice you're staring and look back up at his face. Having noticed your glance, his mischievous violet eyes look you over through his shaggy headfur as his ears perk in your direction and he gives you a lupine smile while twirling a fingertip in one of the messy splatters of white goo on the table at this particularly sticky booth.


Andrew is found in the Private Booths in The Palomino. Andrew has a progressive series of sex scenes with are predominantly male/male. If the player has Brutus as a pet, they may orchestrate a demon sex show which turns into an orgy. The player will gain four random infections from this and lose a significant amount of humanity. If this drops the player to 0 humanity, it will result in a special game over scene.