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The location is simple. One of the many agents saw it while shopping. It seems that Hank, located outside of any bubble, has come into possession of needed suits. Perhaps he can be bartered or otherwise reasoned with? That is the hope that has the group setting out today.

Renaria would have turned into her jaguar form after seriously exhausting herself in her larger dragon form. The feline is matted with sweat from her earlier exertions, and her jumpsuit, while covering her modesty, does not do much for the heat. She has a couple drones flying low overhead scanning the area for any threats.

Cerl heads out for Hank's shop, keeping an eye out all around her as usual even though she is traveling under her usual cloak of invisibility for safety. Once she arrives at the store, she drops the invisibility, her dedication to Loki permitting her to use it even when outside the bubble, and then heads on in.

Sublime trudged to the shop, she felt heavy out of bubble. It was good to see another agent outside the shop, it meant that she didn't have to go much further.

She walked up to the shadow fox and greeted her.

Renaria would have turned into her jaguar form after seriously exhausting herself in her larger dragon form. The feline is matted with sweat from her earlier exertions, and her jumpsuit, while covering her modesty, does not do much for the heat. She has a couple drones flying low overhead scanning the area for any threats. Though she had never been out of bubble before, the nature of the material being looked for somewhat within her realm of knowledge. She looks at the shop, not really taking it to be some place suspicious, and thusly not hiding herself. Seeing the other agents answering the same call as her she gives a pant before adopting a relieved smile

Looking up from what he had been working up, the sparks abating from behind the clear barrier between him and his potential customers, Hank gives a big smile with a missing tooth or two. "Well lookie here, a whole mess of ya all at once now. This ain't a raid is it? Ah got defenses, practically all I got these days."

Cerl waves and smiles. "Howdy Hank. Got any new toys for me to tell Otto about? He's still raving over all the stuff he got from you the last couple visits here." She starts looking around the store, checking out the various items he has for sale.

Sublime smiles at hank, thankful for being out of the sun, "We've heard that you have come into posession of several old space suits. We'd prefer to buy them. I'd prefer to inspect them before that, if you don't mind."

Calistan couldn't even focus on what he would need. Having hardly had any experience out of the bubble he saw many different people shifting to something more easily fascilitated... Though having no clue what kind of research he could help with.. he'd just work to balance himself out. "I'm fresh off of the team and learning what I can. I couldn't miss an opportunity to get more insight."

Renaria would be a bit surprised by the introduction rendered by the store owner, not quite sure if its hospitality or just good business sense. Either way she supposes she's glad she isn't blown away "Not a raid, just an overconcious newbie..." she says, blushing in such a way that did not compliment her already flushed face, and just nod and agree a "yeah, what he said... also some water..." Hank frowns sharply before it turns to a more calculating look. "I see, well... if there's demand, ya came to the right place." He points across the way. "Right there, second aisle, bottles up tight so them naners don't get in and wreck 'em up. Go on, take a gander." The suits look like they were part of a set, even marked for an identical mission by the patches on their shoulder. A mission that was fated to never be... Renaria would nod and enter, the mutant once an air force pilot in a past life. Though she knew flight suits, pressurized space suits were a bit beyond her knowledge. She would at least be able to check if they had proper seals on them "Where did you find it anyways?" Calistan would nod and enter a moment before blinking twice at the new mixture of suits to start taking in the features of the designs. Cerl sighs at the blunt "negotiating" tactics employed by some of her fellow agents, but shrugs and follows Hank's directions to the suits. Looking the suits over carefully, she shrugs. "Looks like everything is here, but they would need work to be useable." She heads back to the counter, and Hank. "Let's talk price, Hank. How much are you asking for the suits?" "Some damn mutants figured they were armor." Hank spits to the side. "Came in here, trying to hold me up, said 'no thanks', reminded them that kinda thing tends to be radioactivated and they didn't want them so bad no more, so I bought it off them, which brings us to that price, yeah. See, I need to make a profit. Fair's fair..." He brings his hands together, giving them a bit of a greedy rub. "Now, see, these are beauts! You obviously agree, look at your faces. You're practically eatin' em up with your eyes. Say... 140k a pop. Just tap your comm thingie up here." He points to a console on the other side of the clear plexiglass. "I'll handle the rest." Sublime sighs. "I'd want them for a lower price, but these are serious antiques, useful, and about as rare as things come. We'll take the lot."

She taps her com thingie up there.

Renaria shrugs and goes to the console, the former dragoness not the most shrewd negotiator "Guess fair's fair." she says, pulling out her comm without any hint of haggling "But you have to throw in a jug of water... been killer outside..." Sublime spends 420000 Freecred for RP reasons. Renaria would feel a bit bad for her fellow agent "Want me to cover one of them, thats a bit of freecred, figured I could go bug zephyr to call it a business expense." Hank whistles appreciatively. "Well, shoot, always love me a customer that knows an honest price. Yer alright in mah book!" He presses a button and the case that holds the suits cracks open, allowing access. "Pleasure doin' business!" Calistan was about to work his way over to join in with Cerl's negotiation waiting for the conclusion of the agreement to pitch in only to blink twice as the credits went sweeping out. "Woah." Cerl shrugs. If her fellow agents wanted to just throw credits at Hank that was fine by her. She had been planning to offer up a rare bit of salvage worth that much or even more, but there was no point to doing that now. She moves back over to the suits and tries to move one, carefully, just to gauge it's weight. Calistan looked over the selection and had absolutely no clue of what he could get into and what would be useful at the time. Though he'd look back between Cerl and Renaria a moment before tilting his head slightly and praying to get something else in the set. "Got another one?" "Shit man. If I had another one, I'd already wheel it out! I don't hold out on paying customers." Hank settles back in his seat. "I'll pass the word on if I run into another one, promise." Renaria hums in her thinking "Mind if I loiter a few before heading back out?" she asks, still winded. Sublime commands, "Uh, Hank, I don't suppose you have a dolly or a pallet or something we could use to carry these back with us, do you?" "Too heavy for ya? Don't blame you. Shoulda heard the curses I made up getting them into the display." He stands up and points to the side, where a small dolley rests. "You could borrow that, fer a price. 25k." Cerl walks back over to the counter. "Got anything that would let us transport all three suits at the same time, like a wagon I could hitch up to, or perhaps we could hire them to be delivered?" He taps his chin. "Well, could buy two riot shields and the dolly, and I'll weld 'em all together fer ya, no extra charge." Calistan blinks before tilting his head in thought and sighing at the point. Though he'd look between the group and mused over what they had that was useful. Though he'd double back in thought, before shaking his head and settling down a moment in the new hoisting tension. He'd wait a second before shifting over to Cerl. "I can help with the backing. Doubt I'd be strong enough for hoisting all this stuff without a little difference in strength. But Let me know what I can do." Renaria hums "No sheet metal or lumber hank, come on?" she says with a bit of a smirk on her face "Wouldnt want to waste good shield." Cerl holds out a paw, an illusion of a chemical container hovering in the air above...a container of a rare and valuable chemical. "I have a source of these chemicals here, Hank. Pay me that 420k we spent on the suits, and throw in those riot shields and dolly, and I'll have the container delivered to you right away. The value of that is worth more than all of that put together." He rubs his chin thoughtfully. "Now, see, yer asking a man to give up money he done already got for stuff he aint got and won't get till later. C'mon, ya gotta see where that don't rub right, right?" Renaria would just wait for a bit, catching her breath as she listens in, her financial assets not being put to use today Calistan blinks at the point. "I'll be glad to get it for you to cut that rub into a glide. Just let me know where to go to make it work. I'll bring it right back for you." Cerl nods. "Yes, I can see where that could be a sticking point. Perhaps half the credits now, and the other half once the salvage is delivered to you? I would also be willing to consider half the credits and a significant discount the next time Otto and I come shopping, if you prefer. That way we're both waiting to receive stuff we ain't got yet. Otto is one of your best customers, so you know we'll be back. It would make no sense for me to try and stiff you when we do business with you so often." "Hell and fire, fine. I must be going soft. Here's half, don't make me regret showing some trust, alright? Not like you can go to someone else fer what ah got."