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== Magical Kitten Girl, at your service! ==

Amethyst is a nekomimi kitten medic. When not working her job over at Sunshine Restaurant, she's usually out and about either lending her special talents to the wounded or just meandering around, meeting new people and making friends. Her demeanor is a bit sheepish and timid, until she really gets to know someone... Then nowhere is safe. (She's a cuddler!) Despite this, she still attempt to portray a certain type of girl, with cheesy lines and exaggerated styles more becoming on a 5 year old girl than a young woman.

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Amethyst in her usual form, wearing her Mahou Shoujo outfit.

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== History ==

Amethyst is pretty new to the above-ground scene. As a young girl, her life was pretty normal. When danger arose, her family retreated to an underground bunker. It was a pretty small community, but it was social enough of an environment to raise a girl in. For years, however, her only form of entertainment was the vast array of medical texts stored underground. You don't know boredom until you read about obstetrics. For fun. As can be expected from a young woman who had spent her life underground, she tired of it. Despite the rumors, whispers, and stories about the hellish surface, she disregarded her neighbors' advice and started her journey with nothing but the clothes on her back.

The first place she came across was the Promethean town to the west - New Dawn. She spent a while there, acclimating and earning her keep in the fields, before moving on. The mutants there seemed nice enough, and really drove home the Promethean mindset into her already forgiving, soft demeanor. To this day, she still sees even the scariest of ferals, and, through the fear, wishes them to get better despite their instincts.

It was on the day that she left New Dawn that she came across Setrian, a bipedal wolf-morph, in an abandoned house nearby. The wolf showed her kindness, and led her to rent a room and introduced her to the Zephyr building. They grew close fast, and a mere few weeks after their first fateful encounter, she was engaged to be married. Boy, wouldn't her mutant-phobic parents be proud? As time went on, She fell prey to mutations herself, although she kept most of her humanity - She merely grew into new ears, a tail, and even wings. She continued her studies and learned to alter her body in order to properly help the wounded and save lives.

Since then, she's become an Idol, of the Sunshine Restaurant, and wears costumes, serves food, and makes people smile. As long as she can help people in one way or another, she's happy.

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