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List of actions/commands

  • "eat" : to eat.
  • "kill" : to attempt to kill a monster.
  • "kiss" or "Hug" : to activate the "fuck" command on a creature. Response based on your groin state - pussy or cock or both.
  • "look" : to look.
  • "north/west/south/east (n/w/s/e)" : to go in one of the 4 cardinal directions.
  • "offer" : to offer your corrupted groin to a Person or Infected Person, it will make you grind up against them and you infect them.
  • "open _____" : to open a locked door or drawer, etc.
  • "read" : to look at an object or a monster, or yourself.
  • "submit" : to get fucked.
  • "take" : to pick up an object.
  • "tie (something) to rope" : Tie things up, needs rope.
  • "wear" : to wear an object.
  • "who" or "prog" : Lists number of people by transformation type, their locations, and the locations of any transformation items. "Prog" limits the list to infected survivors.
  • "zap (someone) to (something)" : Transform someone into whatever you want. A bit of a cheat, perhaps, maybe I'll add a supporting item for it. Note : it still obeys rare/unique settings. Zapping someone with latex fox could get you a fox, vixen OR prickvixen, since they are all the same infection.