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Sunday June 16, 2019=Log=

"I know I'm running late boss! I'll be in soon, just... just relax, come on! Don't write me up!" Yells a rather large panthertaur as he runs full force down the street, talking into a rather simple comm unit. "I know it is the third time in two weeks, I just, got... busy... tied up with things." He says, then his ears fold back and a growl escapes his lips for a moment, "Yes, tied like that... I told her I didn't have time to take the knot today, but she wouldn't listen! And by the time she'd softened down enough, I was already late!" Behind him a wagon is weighed down with various tools and supplies, evidently things he'd need to be doing his job. "Please, please, just... this is the last time ok!?"

Meanwhile, a family of fennecs, two evidently older adults, and three of their children, are heading out toward the AWOL bar and grill for a nice early dinner. A mule pulls their own adjusted wagon along, it having slats over the middle to provide seating. As they are entering the intersection though... the galloping panthertaur approces from the perpendicular street...

The impact reverberate through the streets! Tools, glass, circitry and fennecs go flying through the air! One of the carts crashes directly into a pole, taking down power lines. The baying of the wounded mule is easily made out for blocks minutes after the crash...

Lucas was distracted with his own thoughts as he walked through the streets of Fairhaven, growling and grumbling to himself. "No, I will not go find a feral to fuck us Lap... no, I don't care how horny you are, I'm not lifting my tail for some random feral. We're a-" He said, speaking loudly as his arms covered over his bare breasts, an apparent arrousal dripping from between his legs. He's interuptted by the loud crash, ears perking up and pivoting out of reflex. He stops in his tracks and chews on the inside of his muzzle. He nods in quiet conversation with himself. "Yeah, that was a big crash, we should check it out, see if anyone needs help... no, we're not going to see if anyone needs to rut. God damn it Lap, not everything is about sex. Just-just shut up, I need to pay attention," he grumbled to himself as he began jogging lightly towards the sound of the crash, wincing as his breasts bounced up and down without any sort of clothes to hold the hefty breasts.

Khaybat was currently on her way to see Senpai when she heard the crashing! As much as she likes visiting Magnus though she can't ignore the sounds and ends up scrabbling towards them as fast as she can. Unfortunately when you're not even quite three feet tall fast isn't very fast! At least her pregnancy hasn't weighted her down yet!

It had been a late lunch for the bat. A trip out to Fairhaven for a bite, then back to work. Well, that *had* been the plan. But as the streets shook and she pondered whether the buildings in the area still had any of those earthquake mitigations still worth mentioning. The flying fennecs on the other hand, didn't quite fit that.

Violet shakes her head and ran towards the the nearest one to check on them, pulling out a small first aid pack, "Are you okay?"

Discovering the cause of this would just have to wait.

Walking across that intersection moments before the crash, is an okami boi glad in rather old fashioned clothing. For those who met her, they would recognize Miru, the intrepid newswuff. The okami looked like she was deep in thought, mulling over some new scoop she got just earlier today, but her attention is caught by the loud noise of the collision. A surprised expression covers her face as she watches the chaos unfold, standing still. A couple of blinks later, Miru shakes her head. "Sweat Kaizer Wielly! Theat's a sorprise..." She mutters in her distinctive melodic accent, before she quickly approaches the injured mule. "Err, excose mae, arre yo alright there, mister?" She says, quickly toning down that accent to sound more understandable..

The panthertaur is knocked out cold, and a couple of the fennecs are openly wailing, meanwhile, the downed powerlines continue to spark off to the side. One of the fennecs groans a bit, before looking towards Violet, "My... my daughters, please, make sure they are ok." He says as he starts to get up, before coughing up blood. The mule just continues to bay out, flailing slightly. Violet's once over of the younger fennec doesn't show anything serious to her, but knowing that coughing up blood is quite the bad thing is easily within her grasp of medical knowledge!

Lucas comes to a stop at the intersection, grateful that his breasts are no longer bouncing up and down so vigorously. His ears scan the scene along with his eyes, the braying from the mule and the apparent attempt by the Okami to communicate with the animal making him pause. "Is... is that wolf talking to an animal? ... no, we're not going to calm it down by fucking it, Jesus Christ Lap, it's not a mutant. There's... I don't have time to explain the difference to you between a mutant and an animal and why it's not okay to fuck a random donkey." He sighs and pads over to the fennecs, his sharp sense of hearing catching that the fennec was concerned about the younger fennecs. He pads up to them, kneeling down in concern to check on the wailing fennecs. "Hey there you two, it's okay, it's just a little scary..." He stops and turns his head, whispering to himself. "Not the time, shut the hell up," he says before looking back. "It's just a scary little accident. That nice... bat? Bat is going to take care of your father, and we'll have you all back on the road, okay?" he says, trying to sound as calm and comforting as he can.

Violet stands up and rushes over to the ailing fennec, this is definitely beyond her abilities, but, if nothing else, she had her comms, and she had something that occasionally resembled wits. She places a call to whatever counts as emergency medical services these days, which as it turns out, isn't very much, "There's been an accident near the intersection of 3 and Green street, there's downed powerlines and several injured people. At least the fire department kinda works"

She looks around for the rest of the fen-fam, being careful to avoid the downed powerlines and scattered glass.

Khaybat ends up going all big-eyed after arriving to see what's going-on! She ends up running towards the fennecs since the panthertaur is kind of big and she doubts she can do much to help them at this point. Upon getting to the little-r foxies she goes to start searching for the other, smaller, ones!

Miru blinks, realizing this is indeed just a mule. "Jumping Lemmings...ah, well...looks like not everyone is a talking animal like that cat yesterday." The okami muttered in her sing-song voice before she turned her gaze towards the powerlines. "Oh, that might be dangerous." She muttered as she approached the down pole, eyes scanning the situation and deciding what's the best way to remove this particular hazard.

The fennec male tries to push Violet off of him, "No no! Not me, my children. Take that-" and he stops to cough more, blood splattering out of his muzzle, but less than before, "medical kit to my kits!" He says, "Nanites will... patch me up sooner or-" he coughs some more, barking as he tries to take a step and clutching to his side as he falls over.

The younger fennecs continue to cry, until Lucas starts comforting them. Slowly they stop whiling, reduced to whimper, "Is... is mommy and daddy ok?" Says one of them, sniffling a few times. At about the same time she asks that question though, Khaybat can make out a broken window in an otherwise mostly perfect building, one that had been recently restored, with a tuft of brown fur hanging off of one of the shards, along with more blood... just beyond the window is a very well endowed fennec woman, probably the mother... laying motionless, but it looks like most of the bleeding has been slowed.

So far Violet's request for aid has gone unanswered, though Miru recalls that touching the lines themselves would be a very bad idea, and a better one would be to find a large stick or other wooden object to move them out of the way instead.

Lucas turns his head, scanning around to find the children's mother and father. He catches sight of the father, still coughing up blood, but he seems more concerned for his children. He can't see the mother, but turns back and offers a kind smile, giving a nod, trying his best to ignore that his bare folds were dripping honey onto the ground as he crouched down before the younger fennecs. "Yeah, they're just fine. Those kind people are making sure they're getting the help they need, okay?" He tilts his head to one side and draws a hand to his chest. "I'm Lap... erm, I mean Lucas, what's your names?"

Khaybat is all ?!11 after seeing the window and blood and fur but nonetheless goes to scramble inside the recently restored building before she makes to check on the woman's breathing. Seeing she's still alive the cutebold makes to produce the medkit she was given when she first began her journey for Promethea, then pushes it up against the older female's body. Hopefullly it works!

Miru is slightly unfocused with all the melodrama happening behind her, at least that's what she thought secretly. Well, she could remember the basics, so...look for something to move the wires with...she could probably tank it, but she was not in the mood to get electrocuted. The okami turns around, scanning the carnage in front of her, she bites her lower lip, muttering something about noises. With a shrug, Miru goes still as she speaks up. "Heavens to Betsy...well, Hades...bring solace to the victims of fickle fate." And with that, the intersection seems to get a bit bright with random poppies growing through the cracks of the roads. One hopes that everyone in the area would start feeling calmer, and at least slightly better...hopefully that mule will shut up. Once she channeled her patron's blessing, the okami would then look around for something to use on the wires.

Violet mutters something about the sooner or later part being a deeply unpleasant experience, but she listens to what the fennec asked of her, shaking her head after he seems to have passed out. It was true, but, she'd been left to recover as she was knit together slowly, it was painful, and the drifting in and out of consciousness meant that... But the wuffgirl reporter rendered it a non-issue, the field of health and hearty mind permeating her. It wasn't for her.

With that taken care of, she pulls an item out of her pack, a collar, putting it on, her skin rubberizes, and she turns to the problem of the power lines.

The fennec male continues to cough up blood as he lays there, though the powers of the power used by Miru seems to soothe him, and the donkey, a bit. The children whine a bit more, but under Lucas's caring words, nod a bit, and hug against him, the trio's muzzles right up near his leaking pussy! "Thank you misses Lap Lucas." Says one of them, "I'm Tiara, and these are my sisters, Trisha, and Tammy." The other two simply get to licking against the nice husky's thighs...

Meanwhile, the fennec mother was in quite the bad shape, fortunately, with the supplies from the med kit, Khaybat will be able to use some of the nanite medicines and bandages to patch her up fairly well, letting her own internal medical nanites do the rest of the work. She groans out a bit, eyes fluttering slightly, shaking her head, "w...what... oh... happened... oh... I hurt... all over..." She mumbles out not yet trying to get up.

Forget sticks, twigs, and such, while Miru is looking around for something to move the wires with, she catches sight of a shutoff box! It would darken at least a few blocks, but that would have to happen anyway before repairs could be made, though a rubberized Violet wouldn't have much issue with moving them herself.

Lucas rubs at his brow, at first ignoring that the fennecs, with their miniature stature, were right up next to his dripping folds, corrects them. "No, my name is Lucas, not Lap Luc-aaaah!" He's soon interrupted by the attention of the younger fennecs tongues to his inner thighs. "H-hey! Would your mom and dad b-be proud of you doing that? We're all adults here but... dear Lorf this is indecent!" he prostests, trying weakly to push them away, but struggling against the sapping influence that Lap causes on his willpower. His tail suddenly curls and makes an audible 'Pop' followed by a 'squeak' as his ass and tail shifts in shape to something a little less canid and a little more squeak toy. He clears his throat and looks over his shoulder. "C-can someone help the father so he can t-take help take care of his kids?"

Miru rolls her eyes at her own stupidity. Why didn't she think of looking for one of those boxes in the first place? Noticing Violet, Miru waves at her. "You bundle up those wires. I will turn off the electricity here." She says as she approaches the box, opening it before going for the main power switch and turning it off.

It seems imprudent to leave the power lines where they are, sparking as they do. Violet grabs onto one of the lines, a few feet from the sparking end, trying to compromise between dragging it away from the area of the accident, avoiding setting the city around her on fire, and avoiding setting herself on fire(or melting herself, that doesn't sound fun).

She repeats this with the rest of the power lines around the area, missing the delightful interaction between the Husky and the oh-so-grateful children, or the inflation of the husky's ass, but you can't be lucky enough to see everything, can you?

Khaybat goes from ?!?! to *.* when her attempts to fix the mother fennec appear to work--at least enough to let their nanites do the rest of it--but when questioned she just looks up at the other mutant with big eyes. Then the kobold makes to pull out her trusty notepad and writes down: 'You must have collided with something!' before making to try to pick up the other female and carry her out of the building.

The fennec woman shakes her head a bit more before getting up, "Thank you... oh thank you, I feel a lot better, how are my babies though, are they-" and she catches the sound of her daughters talking! "Sweeties!" She says, massive breasts bouncing and sloshing when she jumps from Khaybat's arms and moves quickly to the broken window and looking out of it, seeing what they were doing, "Oh sweeties, thank Odin you are all safe." Then she calls out, "Tiara! Make sure you and your sisters thank the husky properly and throughly, and where is your father..." She asks, looking around and barking! "Robert! Oh Robert! Are you ok?" She yips out before jumping over the window, scratching herself slightly, and slosh-bouncing over to her husband's side, "Robert?" The male fennec coughs a bit more, "Natalie? I'm... I'm ok... are... are our kits-" She puts a finger over his muzzle, "Quiet dear, quiet, they are ok, see, they are thanking that husky over there." She says, looking around to everyone, "Thank you all, is... is the panther ok too? Someone called in the emergancy?" She asks.

Tammy stops her licking and lapping to giggle a bit, "Yeah, Mommy, we'll thank her." She says before Trisha pulls away a bit to say up to Lucas, "This is how we thank each other all the time, and we need to thank such a nice misses Lucas husky for helping." Before the trio of them try to push Lucas over, spread his legs, and get to work properly 'thanking' him throughly over his gushing pussy and tailhole.

The box turned off, the wires moved, just in time for a cart of emergancy responders to arrive, "We got report of some kind of accident? What happened here?" Asks a tiger police officer, looking about the scene, "Is there anyone needing taken to the medical facilities?" Looking to Violet, before calling out, "You, would you mind telling us what happened here?"

Khaybat is trying so very hard to resist the urge to touch the other female's boobies and it just gets all the harder when she hears how full they are of milk. SHe might be a liiittle jealous she has so much trouble keeping milk of her own when she's not pregnant but either way she goes to point out the window where she last saw them with the other rescuer lady. Finally however she ends up following after the others, joining the group of foxies!

Miru stretches her arms as the situation seem to have finally been handled. The radiant field that she called forth seems to finally die down, and with it the okami checks on her own belongings. She does raises an eyebrow at the sight of the husky...that's the odd one from the lobby. Miru shrugs, having nothing else to do here, she darts off, heading towards the radio station.

Violet shrugs, "Ah, well, I didn't see what happened, but there was an injured family, the cart driver, and... A mule I think." She shakes her head, looking at the cop apologetically, "Sorry that I can't offer you more details. I'm just glad that it seems like everyone is going to live"

Lucas grits his teeth, at least in as far as they're teeth for the time being. His fur recedes, a coldness flowing over his hide as his plush coat of husky fluff soon turns into a latex hide amidst the fennecs ministrations. He squeaks out a yelp, but his inflated body is less effective at shoving away the fennecs. "T-this is not a proper way to thank someone! I'm... okay, I'm thanked! I'm... oh fuck, damn you Lap, this does not feel... hmm," he weakly protests, tail raising as the trio of younger fennecs sexually assault the gradually changing husky.