Abysmal Aura

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Abysmal Aura stats
Type Toggle, Debuff, Dedication Target Enemy AoE
Description An aura of lackluster radiates from you, and it drains enemies of their fervors and passions. Though normal emotions remain at normative levels, rage and lust will dwindle to simple anger and desire making conflict far less plausible to most enemies.
Cooldown 5000 Charge time 200
Energy 1.5 Accuracy 75%
Damage 0 Negative at level 0
100% chance of EnergyBreakDebuff at magnitude 10 for 2 rounds.
100% chance of DebuffResistDebuff at magnitude 10 for 2 rounds.
100% chance of DamageBuffDebuff at magnitude 5 for 2 rounds.
Training Upgrades
Accuracy by 5
DebuffResistDebuff by 2.5
Secondary EnergyModMag by 0.5
Secondary Effects
Secondary Damage 0 Healing at level 0
Secondary Type Healing, Friendly Secondary Target Self, NoAoE
Secondary Statuses
100% chance of EnergyMod at magnitude 1.5 for 2 rounds.
100% chance of PsychicDamageImmunity at magnitude 6.25 for 2 rounds.

Abysmal Aura/Extra Notes Edit notes

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