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The broadcast goes out through all the factions asking for someone to take care of this theft. Doesn't take long before information is going back around to everyone. A particular juicy bit of information is in the form of House cat named Roger who is currently at the mall buying supplies. He is dressed in nothing but a trucking hat with the words, 'NRA for Life', as he buys an unaturally large amount of bullets and weapons. "Damn bandits taking all my stuff. If'n I had a bigger gun, I would have blasted them and dumped the bodies in the river!" He grumbles to a few nearby mall rats who just shake there head at how uncool he sounds.

A honey-tan mall rat seperates from the crowd and pads over to Roger. The tall rat doesn't speak, but stares restlessly over his shoulder, waiting for the arrival of his compatriots.

Daniel had heard of the recent thefts, making sure to lock away any important medical supplies such as what's needed for brain surgery and such. He wouldn't mind losing a few bandages, or a first aid kit or two, but those... he'd be quite upset. The fairy had come to the mall to investigate, not really having much else to do, so he might as well try to figure out what the cause was. Hearing Roger however, he's intrigued... does he know the thieves? From the distance, he too flutters over to the feline.

Tyl would take the job at the mall simply because he needed every little bit of money he could get his hands on. After packing his armor up as tightly as he could into a black duffle bag and slinging his trusty submachine gun over his shoulder, he'd head off to the mall from his apartment. Once he arrived, he'd immediately be on the look out for anyone who was interested in the same job, figuring that it might be best to deal with bandits in a group. Eyes and ears scanned and pivoted for information, as his violet tail was kept steady behind him. Right off the bat he'd pick out Aescher, as the only mall rat in the entire place seemingly occupied by a task, as well as Daniel, headed over to the loudly complaining naked cat. Figuring that Daniel had the right idea, he rushed forwards to walk beside the fairy, introducing himself as he got there. "Hey. You here about the thefts, too?" he'd ask. "I'm Tyl. Tyl Frank Tygard. Mind if I join you?"

If Tyl really was on the look out for any who would possibly join in on the bandit hunt, then he would of probably noticed Angus. Not very easy to blend into a crowd when your a coyote wearing a charcoal black peacoat, with a heavy all metal hammer slung over their shoulder by a leather strap. Like the others Angus had recieved the broadcast. "Hello all." The coyote greeted as he stepped up next to Tyl and Aescher. "Think you have room for one more?"

A grin crosses rogers face, "Well then your all right with me. I'll tell you what I know for free since these friendlier rats have given me a discount." He grins at the group, "I want to tell you this they are coming from somewhere around the zoo. I didn't get a good look at them but they are really small and one of em has bells. They take stuff all willy nilly and run away at the first sign of danger. They even took my baby, My Reckoners.." He begins to list all of the badass features of a certain rocket launcher.

Aescher's face almost seems to melt off of his skull at the mention of a rocket launcher. The rat quickly picks his jaw up off the floor and his expression becomes far more grim it's obvious he's trying to enter another mode of though. "How many of these things did you have stolen," the rat manages to choke out.

Daniel gives the newest house cat a quick glance, nodding with a little smile. "Sure am, despise thievery myself, wanna find out why they're doing it. Need to find out if this is some kinda Robin Hood scenario or something." He shrugs a bit, remembering a thievery case a few months ago involving curious feral children. When the cat asks to join, he gives a bit of a nod, "Sure, you're bigger than me so I suppose you could be the detective, and I could be your very own Dick Grayson." With a smile, he tacks on, "That's Robin." As the trucker-hat clad feline speaks of what was stolen, he crosses his arms and quirks a brow, "That sounds like quite the piece of tech you had stolen... wonder what they'd need with it though? No real need for such heavy ordinence now-a-days, no bank safes to break into! Well, none I know of at least." He rubs his chin, wondering if he should have stashed away his newest cyborg body model away as well...

Tyl flickered his ear at the mention that this fairy was a thief himself. This put him on a suspect list, as someone who was possibly here to make sure the case didn't get solved. Also observing Angus for a moment as he joined up with their group, and Aescher finally. Neither of them were made suspects for now, and a complete lack of suspicion was placed on the Mall Rat, for obvious reasons. Cat put those thoughts aside for now, though. "I hear you." he'd reply, before giving a friendly nod and smile to Robin. After Daniel mentioned the lack of need for such a weapon anymore, Tyl would butt in with: "No need? What do you mean 'no need?' There are plenty of possible scenarios in which you'd need to blow something, or a tough someone, up." before finishing speaking on a different tangent, "But, more importantly, our Mall Rat friend here asked a very good question. How much else was stolen? As complete a list as possible would be very helpful."

Angus cuckles lightly at the mention of the rocket launcher. "Oh good, more things go boom." He mutters lightly, a hand tugging on the strap of his hammer as he stands there. Tyl's gaze is met with a flick of his ears, the coyote looking rather bored as he listened in on the conversation. "He's right you know." He said to Daniel. "There are a few things that could merit a Rocket to the face, or the ass really. Whichever is needed."

The nude cat shakes his head, "Two Reckoners, fifteen grenades, a submachine gun, a AA-12 with gernade attachment, and many many knifes. I don't have a completely list but I've manage to restock most of it. I'm just getting ready winter. Where I live fuckin' otters seems to like to come a little to close to home and if you do end up findin' the dirty bandits, I'll pay ya person for the pelt of each and every one of them" The Trucker cat shakes his head and scratches his asscrack. "Now if you'll be excusing me, I'm going to go finish for a bit of catfish and maybe an ottergirl if'n I'm lucky. if you willin to help and collect that reward I would check around the zoo at night. Follow the sounds of bells and you'll probably find the dirt bandits.." He lets out a rancid fart and excuses himself, "Whewwww that a code red, i shouldn't have eaten that week old cabbage." He walks away from the mall with nothing much than a dufflebag, his hat, and a AR-15 slung over his shoulder.

Aescher rubs his temples as the cat lists what was stolen and mentions bringing back pelts. The rat almost looks ready to hit the cat as he farts, but somehow resists the urge and moves back to the gathering of mall rats. He shakes his head emphatically as they have a whispered conversation.

Daniel quirks his brow at Tyl's explination, rubbing his chin just a bit as he nods, "Right, keep forgetting that there are /big/ mean things out there. Well... bigger than you guys at least." He shudders to imagine anything larger than the people that make up this group, him being so tiny he'd be no match for such things without his new body. He gags a bit, especially if any of them could release anything as foul as what the trucker just had. With a punch of his wristpad, and the sound of a few beeps and whirs, his breathing shuts down and is taken over by the automatic recycling function of his internal rebreather. "Note to self, tone down sense of smell..." He murmurs as he withdraws a notebook, scribbles something back, and tucks it back. "So, shall we be on our way Batman?" He directs towards Tyl in a slightly raspier voice, it was hard to talk without breathing after all! "We have a few leads, look around the zoo, make note of suspicious bells..."

Tyl covers his nose and mouth and holds his breath, quietly, until the smell passes by. Afterwards, the cat would turn towards Daniel and nod. "Sure. Unless anyone in the party wishes to see if they can find a can of deodorizor somewhere in this mall, first." he'd joke, turning his head to face Angus. "You ready, er, Mr...?" he'd trail off, waiting to receive the name of his new companion. "Oh, and I don't beleive I have your name, either." he'd then add, quickly turning back towards Daniel.

Angus rolls his eyes and folds his ears back as the Cat farts, really tempted to shift him to a skunk just for making them suffer. "Don't really have to be big to merit a rocket. Just have to be tough." He commented to Daniel, ears perking back up as he turns to Tyl. "Oh sorry, my apologizes. I'm Angus, nice to meet you." With a grin he then shrugs, jokingly taking a look over his shoulder to make sure his hammer is still there as he pats the revolver at his side. "Yup, ready to go."

As the group approach the zoo there is a very large skunk girl, she has to be atleast ten feet tall. around her are very wounded and battered looking felines. She is carrying a bag over her should. She is carefully dragging the felines in a neat row and pulling random peices of metal out of her bag and placing it near each one of them. The final felines is a large loin nearly as big as the giant skunk girl. She chitters happily giving the lion a pet on the head while giving him a stange club that glows brightly. The lion look at it and gives it a few swings and smiles as the skunk claps happily. The lion grunts and attempts to grab the skunk girl who swats his cock hard enough to make the poor feral howl in pain. She looks a little mad but just takes her bad and walks away proudly.

Daniel quirks his brow at the sight they were treated with once they arrived at the zoo. "... Well it would seem you guys were right about giant things, she's... a good deal larger than any skunk girl I'd seen before." Interesting shift in anatomy that's for sure, he ponders what might have caused the evolutionary mutation, but what he wondered even more was why she was handing out various scraps of metal by her victims rather than raping them. "Odd culture as well, I-" He pauses as he spots a sheet of aircraft grade aluminum by one of the wounded felines, flying over with a gasp, "No way, this is the same metal they use for airplanes! I need this stuff for my exoskeleton! We have to find out where she got these from!" He had all the more reason to track her down now!

Tyl wasn't as eager as Daniel was to get out in the open, the Skunk girl being too closeby for his tastes at this point in time. So when the fairy flew out, he'd nudge against Angus and grunt. "Does he not realize that giant skunk thing could be back any second?" he'd mutter angrily, before pulling out his suit of Infiltrator armor and equipping it over his clothing. More protection, after all, will be needed when fighting giants. Afterwards, he'd unfold his SMG and check the sights, making himself battle ready. "I suggest we lay low back here and wait a few more minutes, just in case." he'd continue, keeping his voice out of range of the fairy. If he was dumb enough to flutter out into the open, he could act as bait. It didn't seem like the skunk girl would be interested in something that small, anyway... it was his ass he was currently worried for.

Angus was still staring at the skunk girl in open curiosity when Tyl nudged him and brought him back to the situation. With a shake of his head he glances over at Daniel. "Probably doesn't, to caught up in what he can do with that stuff." Watching Tyl dawn his armor he smiled "Lay low, scope out the situation, and make sure we don't run into any traps." He nodded, already drawing his revolver as he stood there, unlike Tyl he didn't wear much in the way of armor. He relied more on his nanite enhanced form.

The skunk girl is walking very calm away her wounds healing rapidly she walks across a very beat up looking feral skunk girl with a gaping ass hole and blood lines going all over her skin. The feral chitters and places a nipples against the wounded skunk girl mouth and squeezes. The wounded skunk drinks greedy and citters happily as her body feels so much better the larger skunk girl give her a chain sword and the smaller feral holds it by the wrong in and runs back toward safer streets. The large skunk turn back and sees a fairy bothering the lions, she continues moving deeper in to the woods. As Daniel is checking out on of the weaker ferals the lion stand up and gives a displeased roar while holding the club his hand brushes over a button which causes the club to shine and rotating electrified spikes to appear. He sees the fairy and a cruel smiles crosses his face as he tries to swat Daniel with his club as his other felines are waking up.

Daniel barely notices the lion out of the corner of his eye, but does notice him fast enough to avoid recieving an electrified blunt object to his everything. "Oi, you mind?! I'm trying to examine cool stuff!" He shouts at the offending loin, letting his arm-blades come out with a mechanical click, and stopping a second swing with a bit of help from his vibrating arm-blades and a quick activation of his augmented muscle juicers. "Okay, you called this on yourself!" With a swift motion, and another kick from his muscle juicers, he attempts a quick parry and riposte.

Tyl quickly took a good look around to see exactly how many of the cats there were, and if there was anything else lying in wait to pounce out at them. It seemed, thankfully, that Daniel could handle himself a lot better than his small size would suggest, so he stopped his current worrying about him to press on more important tasks, like finding any traps set up around the felines to avoid stepping on. After all, who could resist the allure of wounded creatures and shiny bits? There was something odd about this behavior, that's for sure.

Angus sighs as Daniel darts right into the line of fire before he can even squeeze a shot off. "Dammit, there goes a fast fight." He mutters, lowering the revolver as a dark green flame flickers to life in his right. His gaze then roamed over the forms of the other felines. He debated on charging in to help the little fairy, but he looked like he could handle himself for now and decides against it. "So, what do you think. This a trap?"

The lion is way to slow to connect with his initial blow and misses but continues down smashing a fellow pack memeber eletricuting him in an instant before the other start draging themselves away too injured to help and too scared about getting raped by their leader or beaten by something so frail looking as a fairy. The lion doesn't seem to be at his strongest but even someonw without the skills of a Xeno biologist can tell that this is obviously a prime example of a Lion Beast. The wound creature attacks with all his might swinging like mad and screaming like a beast possessed.

The fairy strikes at the weaken lion with little effort before he collapses and peeks up at Daniel fear fully. His body too weak to even get back but the weapon is skill in his hand. He whimpers but doesn't group as the rest of his pack look on hatefully at their leader for showing weakness. The skunk is no where to be found and it starting to get dark at the zoo.

Daniel looks down on the lion with a cold gleam in his eyes, the red glow of his infrared vision seeming to glow a shade of bloody red as his gaze pierces right into the cowering lion. "You ferals are all the same, unclean... it's sickening" He speaks with a soft tone before lighting the lion ablaze with a blast from his internal combustion chamber. "Rally up team!" The fairy shouts off to the group, his eye color and cheery vocal tone returning, "We have a skunk to find!" He hauls the sheet of aircraft alluminum underneith him, whistling a little tune as he flies along the path the skunk had taken moments ago.

Tyl looks on in disgust as the fairy executes the injured feral lion. His right paw, which held his SMG, tightened and raised upwards about half an inch. "You didn't have to do that. It was injured already and posed no threat. That little speech you gave afterwards... Even more disturbing." he'd hiss, before raising his weapon to his shoulder. "You best get a grip on your damn self, 'cause you're acting no better than they are." he'd finish, before turning towards the direction the skunk girl went and getting ready to rush off ahead. "I'll scout it out, if you hear gunshots, come running, but I should regroup with you before that." he'd then say to Angus. With that, he crouched low and began running along cover spots in that direction.

Angus shoves his revolver back into its holster before he crosses his arms. "Cute...maybe next time you decide something is unclean you give it a Shower, Alright?" He was only lightly joking, just as upset about it as Tyl was. Turning to Tyl he nods. "Alright, I'll make sure to charge in guns blazing if I hear any shots."

A small pair of lion cubs with fur smiliar to the dead prime look at him. The oldest of the pair looks at the party with fear the youngest attempts to put out his burning father before being pulled back by another pack member. Deeper along the path a vicious scent of skunk that comes of a large black puddle and weak looking small felinoid becomeing skunkgirl while mewling pathetically. A present is near the felinoid who is currently plaining with her new skunk pussy as her body is wracked with pain. The trail seems to continue west but it seems that there is little light to tell if they are skunk or not as it finally becomes night.

Daniel simply shrugs at Tyl's words, glancing towards him with an incredulous look on his face as the feline slips off. He stops in his path as Tyl goes to scout out the area ahead of them, giving the same glance to Angus, noticing him reholstering the revolver. "Angus, if I didn't, you probably would have yourself... so what difference does it make? One way or another, he would have healed and returned to his life of beating things to a pulp, raping the pulp, and running off. Besides, the burning husk makes a good example for his lesser peers." He looks to the burning prime, seeing the pair of lion cubs. Most of his currently backseat sanity returning, he feels a pain in his heart, and a soft look of sadness forms on his face. "Still, you're free to hate me for my decision, I know I will later."

Tyl glanced at the other victim, taking her to be no threat to him, and then turned around to regroup with his allies. "Nothing interesting up ahead but another victim, this time female. But the skunk girl does seem to be targeting cats, and has a lot of junk in that bag." he'd whisper to the two of them on his return, grabbing his duffel bag and flinging it back over his shoulder. "I hope everyone brought a flashlight... or a torch?" he'd then inquire, fishing out a small portable LED torch from one of the side pockets.

Angus shakes his head as he tapped his revolver, before he points at the two cubs. "That's the difference Daniel, every action you take has consequences. Some far more then others, I would of shot him yes. But not while he was cowering on the ground...I don't kill just because I can." Shaking his head at Daniel he turns around, but says one last thing. "And I don't hate you Daniel, I'm just disappointed." Angus didn't have a flash light or a torch, so instead he just unslung his hammer and nooded. "Lets get going."

The darkness covered the zoo easily as the group looking around for the missing skunk giant. There is a ferals growls and calls in the darkness as the zoo comes to life, it takes a while but Tyl is the first to hear it. A soft jingling sound coming from the north, it sounds like soft chuckling. While the group is walking there is the smell of burnt fur behind the group as the jingling gets softer, what ever is causing the noise is moving further away.

Daniel still watches the kids as they mourn the loss of there father, nodding slowly at Angus' words. "You have a point, this world is full of choices and I just seem to be making the wrong ones." He shakes his head, "But now isn't the time for me to beat myself up about this!" He says firmly, clutching his fist. "I'll drink my sorrow away tonight like I usually do. Right now, we have a job to do, so hurry ahead before she gets away!" He couldn't hear the sound himself, but he knew how slippery present leavers could be.

Tyl would stop himself from moving completely as he picked up the ringing of the bell. His body went completely stiff and silent, including his tail. "Wait. That way." he'd whisper to his party, pointing to the north and then crouching low, taking point, and moving quickly ahead to the next point of cover. Peaking out from where he hid, he'd look towards where the ringing was coming from to see if he could see anyone, his SMG at the ready.

Angus nods to Daniel as they get underway. "Don't beat yourself up over it, learn from your mistakes. Or your going to keep repeating them." Without another word he follows after Tyl, trading his hammer once more for the revolver at his side as the come to a stop. He could hear the ringing as well, and he waited to see if anyone approached.

There is a single strange skunk sitting in the middle of a clearing, in the darkness little can be seen except a little stange hat on her head that flop to the side. The skunk opens up a strange hatch in the ground and decends down a ladder, the skunk is looks around but can't well in the darkness as she goes down. As she goes down she seems to be chittering a strange almost melodious way.

Daniel squints his eyes, the infrared vision not really suiting well as nightvision. Sure it was better than normal human vision, but certainly not much better. He did notice the odd hat on her head though, drawing a rather confused expression from him. "... W-what?" Is all he can say, lost in his own confusion.

Tyl waited a few seconds after she had decended down the hatch, and then slowly began to approach the clearing, his gun at the ready and his body low. He wasn't taking any unneccisary risks, and his ears listened for any sign that someone was preparing an ambush.

Angus hug back within cover as he tracked Tyl's movement, his revolver at the ready in case a feral decided they wanted to jump out and yell suprise. His ears flicked lightly as he tried to remember where he had seen a Skunk like that, but at the moment it kept slipping his mind.

The little fairy chase the feral down into the bunker. His eyes are assualted as dozen of small skunks with really large eyes and small spots on their fur as they chitter among each other and some of them work on a rocket launcher trying to figure out what it is. The Christmas skunk giggles, "Baaaaaaaaack." She says as the other skunks gather around her taking her bag from her and digging into it putting the food in one corner and materials in the floor. The giant skunk from before smiled widely and walked up to the Christmas skunk, She chitters and licks the females face. There is one male feral in the room, He is a skunk beast sitting in the back kissing and nibbling on the neck of a chibi skunk girl who is moaning loudly, "Oh. Rita your back." As he turn to the Christmas skunk his eyes lock on Danielle, "Who is your friend?" Almost unnatural speed he crosses the room and look at Danielle carefully as the chibi he was nibbling on chitters angryly.

Daniel's confusion spikes as he finally identifies the hat on top of the skunk's head as a christmas one. And with the swarm of chibi skunks in the room, he begins to wonder whether or not he had just stumbled upon Santa's workshop. As he is approached by the skunk beast, he flinches instinctively, not wanting to have to fight something else today. But as it is revealed they show no hostile intent, Daniel relaxes a bit with a little sigh. At least he wouldn't have any more blood on his hands, but... what does he do now? "Er... my name is Dan?" He could at least humor the feral and give his name, it's the least he could do for not getting his limbs ripped off.

Tyl watched with a bewildered face as Daniel went ahead and followed the skunk girl into the opening in the ground. He'd shake his head rapidly, as if he doubted what he just saw. "Angus. Did he really just...?" he'd question quietly, before quickly heading towards the hatch and pointing his SMG at the hatch, without moving. He didn't want to enter it, and hoped that Daniel would have the sense to get the hell out of there quickly, drawing them into an ambush.

Angus frowns at the question before he himself went to the hatch. He didn't say a word to Tyl, since they might tip off the skunks, and he reholsters his gun. Unslinging his hammer he crouches near the hatch. If Daniel decided to draw them into an ambush he could bring the heavy thing down, turning the hatch into a crude version of the old game 'Whack-a-mole'. And if he didn't come out and the skunks went hostile he was in the prime position to drop in and lend the fairy a hand.

The skunk beast looks at him with a big smiles, "You spoke, ah you must be less feral than my friends in hear. Oooh you must told me what brought you here. Did you get one of rita gifts? Or did Betty save you or did you someone your size mate with my smaller friends." The male winked and reach down to spank a chibi skunk who gave happy moan. "I've been trying to get weapons out to those out there fighting the good fight and aid to ferals and innoculated alike. Rita been a great help and the short girls ones think its just a good fun. I have to know since I've been down here a while... Are things getting better? At all? I've been stuck here for a few months and all I've been able to get is little messages from Rita but little else." The skunk looks beyond hopeful at the fairy.

Daniel listed to the reasons given by the skunk and shook his head after all of them, "Sadly none of those, I was actually told to come here to investigate some recent thefts around the area. Following clues and leads, we were lead here." He gives his surroundings quick look around, eyeing one of the rocket launchers, "And judging by some of the supplies you folks have lying around, it would seem that the stolen goods have arrived here." He frowns a bit, looking back at the beast, "As for the fight, she seems to be giving weapons to the wrong people. She gave an electrified club to a lion beast uptop who attacked me unprovoked." He intentionally leaves out his brutal immolation.

Tyl waited patiently at the top of the latch, but as he became more calm, he began to actually listen to the things he was hearing. They were having a conversation? The cat knelt closer to the bunker's door and motioned with his hands to have Angus keep a look out around them while he eavesdropped. After a while, he'd stand up slowly and silently, and then move to whisper to Angus: "They're actually having a peaceful conversation. There is a chance this could end without any more bloodshed, and I do not wish to startle anyone. What do you say? Weapons withheld?" he'd ask, folding up his SMG in the process.

Angus had been listening as well, so when Tyl came over to whisper to him he already had the same idea. "Alright, lets announce or entrance before we head down. Don't want to spook them now do we" He whispered back, already putting his hammer away as he looked into the hatch.

"Oh my... No no..." He turns to rita and strokes her fur as she giggles cute nip his finger softly. "I'm sorry. I'll have to train her better to recognize humans." He looks a little sheepish, "I also didn't know that were stealing. I'll have to start sending Betty with her, Rita is friendly and cute so I don't expect people to open fire on her but Betty.... well Betty is terrifying being powerful prime specimum of skunk girl." He looks proud and sighed loudly at the fairy, "The little one probably have been stealing because I don't let them go too far to the west and the east is mainly woods. God I'm so sorry. I'll do what I can to make it better, I can't leave here but I can give you whatever was taken. Would you mind um... staying a bit I have something you might be able to help me with. Oh where are my manners. I'm Chris Roberson, THis is Rita Roberson and these are the girls. I've been trying to help them."

Daniel rubs his chin a bit, listening to the skunk beast explain for them. "Of course, I think things will turn out fine if we give back what was stolen and explain your situation. I'm sure not everyone out there is a heartless jerk or something, so hearing about how you've been trying to help might hopefully calm them down." He rubs his neck, remembering how the trucker wanted to shoot the thieves. "As for staying around, I think I should be able to help out. I'm good with lots of things, but I apologize in advance if it's not something in my line of work." He bows politely to his hosts, "It's a pleasure to meet you two by the way, I'm glad to find people out here that aren't actively trying to slaughter or eat me."

Tyl would make sure his SMG was locked in place, so as it wouldn't reveal itself to be a weapon at an inopportune time, and then bend over the grate, knocking on the roof of it gently. "Hello?" he'd speak in a gentle, friendly, diplomatic tone. "Daniel, is everything alright in there?" he'd ask, before double checking his armor was fitted properly.

Angus would probably look threatening no matter what he did, especially if they have heard any of the rumors going around about coyotes. So there really wasn't much he could do but smile, hoping it didn't look to scary. "Did you find the stolen items?" he asked, moving near the grate as well.

The much larger skunk beast smiles and looks up at Angus, "Hello! Please Please come down, long as you can fit down here you should be able to get out." Chris says with a smile and he peers at the Yote. "A dog mutation and a feline?" He gets a grin and grabs a Chibi by the arm and drags them over to the grate, "Hirrr?" She churs softly before looking up and squealing excitely, "Puppy Puppy Puppy!!" Chris chuckles a bit and looks at Angus, "If you come down you are in danger of being petted." As the pair looks down a large skunk stands behind them. "Hey Dad... These guys your friends?" "Yeah they are, don't hurt them." She smiles at the pair, "I wouldn't hurt them buuuuut I'm sure you wouldn't like it if I showed them a fun time." "Um....No. Betty, I can go my whole life without thinking about the skunk I pushed out of my body a few months ago having sex above me and smelling that is bad enough. Ahhhhhggggg just no." Chris has a look of pure revulsion. "I really need help getting out. Like badly, I've been hear almost a year I got infected feel down her before the change completed and I'm too big to get back out..."

Daniel quirks his brow, rubbing his chin just a bit and looking at the blades that could come out of his arms. "Well... these arm blades of mine could easily cut through the material the ground above was made of, but would take a while. But on the /other/ hand, I could turn you into a fairy like me and give you a shot of some other nanite strain once we get back up topside." Those were the only options he could think of, surely he'd have already looked for secret passages around the area if he'd been down here so long.

Tyl stepped down into the bunker slowly and cautiously, although he kept his weapon at his back. He didn't want to seem like he was nervous, or that could make everyone else nervous. "Hello, everyone." he'd greet them with a short-handed wave and smile. Boy, that was a lot of skunks.

Angus give the Chibi a very worried glance, as he had never been threatened with petting before. He then followed Tyl down into the bunker, and whistles as he looked around. "You know Daniel, if you don't want to waste anything I could probably change his form for you, but it's your choice." He muttere, eyeing the Chibi that had called him a puppy not to long ago.

The skunks make a big show of crowding Tyl even with his armor they attempt to grope him but his thick clothing and armor doesn't give them a good ideal so just they continue themselves with looking over his gear. Angus is not so luckly as they swarm the Coyote with just as much frenzy, they hug and grope the unfortunate canine before giving some space to the whole group while comparing note. A particularly generous Chibi stretch her arms wide while point to Angus while another places her hands only a few inches apart. Chris looks at Angus, "You can change me? Can you change me back to this once I'm out, I know there are many who want to be human but well....." Chris open his arms guesturing at the skunks, "This is my family, they were either born like this, or just came because I was a bigger stronger skunk than the rest. Which is funny since well.... I was born a female." Chris laughs loudly, "So how ever you want to help me I appereciate it and I'll have a reward for you."

Daniel rubs his chin, considering his options before Angus pipes up. "Oh? Right... I keep forgetting coyotes can shift people's forms. Not many of them come to me, so I never need to worry about them." He looks over the chibis surrounding the other two, chuckling quite a bit as they torment them. It was really quite adorable, but the real reason he was chuckling is because he was being left out of it, score one for tiny people. "Yeah, I think Angus can handle something like that. I know he's shifted me into a couple things against my will..." He says with a playful glare towards him.

Tyl looked shocked as the skunks surrounded and groped him, and at first he was rather disturbed, but he remembered how the ferals acted in this area, and let them feel him up as best they could through his armor. Truth is, after a while, it kinda made him feel like a sort of a badass. "Oh... one thing, before you do that, Angus..." he'd then say with a worried tone, remembering something. "The guy that hired us. He put a bounty on you guys. When you get out, please, be careful with yourselves. We may be reasonable, but there are others more... desperate to have their debts paid." he'd warn them, head lowered and ears pinned against his head.

Angus looked suprised as the skunks started to swarm, and his ears folded back. "Oh boy..." Unlike Tyl he was not wearing any armor, so he did not feel like a badass. "Wooo hey now. Don't pull that! nooo stop it! Hand's don't go there! That's my tail! GAH!!!!" complained the coyote as they groped and played with him, blinking in suprise as they stopped, before he noticed the two Chibi's with their arms spread apart...and wondered what they were doing. "Hm?" he commented, ears flicking towards Chris as he nods. "Oh ya, Skunk beast I can do. Rather easy really." Taking a step towards Chris he stops in his tracks at Tyl's words. "Yes, you will need to be more careful. I don't want to find out that I got you out of this bunker just so you could get shot. As for a reward, the only thing I ask in return is a smile. And that you enjoy yourself when your out."

The Skunk beast look at Tyl and shakes his head, "I want to fix that, I was trying to help I really was... I mean I figure why not let the ferals help the non-ferals." He smiles at Angus and starts to smiles widely, "No fucking way your leaving without a gift from me... All of you." He start to sniffle as a deep bombing voice come down from the top, "Hey dad, when we get outta of her you promised we could go live in forest near the foxes. Are you still going to do that." Chris smiles and chokes out, "Yeah Betty we can, even build a cottage or something out there, A nice little weapon shop." The little chibis are chittering happily around the group a few of them making lewd guestures at the newcomers as if inviting them to play. Rita shakes her head at them, "Be nice or no presents."

Daniel chuckles at thr group of chibis, shaking his head a bit and adding onto Tyl's statement. "I think you might need some backup when talking with this person though, they seem rather volitile... and seem to generate some rather horrid scents." He grimaces a bit, shuddering as he remembers the smell. "Worst thing that's ever graced my nose to be honest..." When Chris talks of gifts, he shrugs just a bit, "I'm not sure what you could give me... I don't have a need for much to be honest." He says with a little smirk, still watching the little chibi's antics.

Tyl nodded in agreement with Daniel, watching him as he spoke. When he turned to address Chris again, he'd supply him with a few ideas. "There are groups you could turn to. The Prometheans, for instance, would be accepting of you and your kin. They are to the northwest of this city, if you're interested in seeking them out." he'd explain to them with a grin. "I didn't seek them out... but they brought me relative peace of mind in this damn world, they could do the same to you." he'd finish.

Angus turned as he heard that booming voice from outside, and he chuckled lightly, before turning back to Chirs with a nod. "Yes, I can vouch for the Prometheans. They took me in after I managed to regain myself after going feral, they will be happy to help." He added to what Tyl and Daniel said. The comment about gifts is received with a shake of his head. "I could never accept a gift from something that just comes naturally to me. We coyotes were given this power to help others, and that's how I'm going to use it." With a slight grin he cracks his knuckles. "Now, I believe we are going to need a form change. And I think I might know of a good once, considering I hear something about foxes."

The Skunk beast groans as his bones pop and shift and he is suddenly a much smaller and a much more lithe Fox boy. "Ooooh that feels so weird." One of the chibi walks out and places a hand on his sheath and tsk before making a guesture of two hand close together and the rest of the chibi boo at him mocking as he chuckles. "Bunch of three foot talk size queen, I swear.." He give a mock grumbly and step outside he doesn't make it two feet before two large hand grab him and hug him tightly, "DAD!!!" Betty screams out hugging her father between her massive busom. "Um.. Betty, I'm not wearing any clothes." Betty look at him like he is stupid, "And incase you haven't noticed the end of world happened and I only got to spend on month here before seeing you." She hugs him long enough for the rest of the skunks to come to size. Betty still towers over the group while sitting and nuzzling her father.

Daniel chuckles a bit as he watches the chibis skunks be... well... skunks. He shakes his head a bit, "I feel ya, I used to be with a skunk for a while myself, most of them are like that." He chuckles a bit more before sighing, fluttering out of the hole after them and looking up at Chris and Betty. "Despite being naked and hugging your daughter, it still must be nice being out in the open air! No more stuffy room for you, the world is your oyster now!" He grins a bit and flies into the air, "You can finally stretch again!"

Tyl smiled, climbing out after Daniel, and pulling off the torso armor he wore. He figured he didn't need it now, and as he looked upon the family of both ferals and sapients, smiling, he grew scared. Up until now, all he had ever done when ferals approached was shoot them down. He began to think upon how many he had shot down, and was disappointed in himself. How many of those battles could have been avoided, or solved diplomaticly? Living among the Zephyr corporation had damaged his sense of humanity, just as it seemed to have damaged Daniel's. In the future, he would be sure to explore alternate means before pulling his weapon's trigger. This was a real eye-opener for him.

Angus followed behind them both, his hands shoved in his pockets. He looked on the happy little family with a smile, knowing that for this one moment in time, They wouldn't have to worry about anything. "alright now, lets get you back to your skunky self. Also, if your ever in need of a coyote I'm always available, and the Prometheans know how to find me." Tyl wasn't the only one that was facing a moral dilemma as Angus readied himself to change another form, another person helped. Another good deed..to try and equal out the bad. What he said to Chris was not a lie, Most coyotes were willing to use their powers to help others, but even Coyotes carry secrets...

The Skunk beast grunts as his body shift back into his normal forms, "Hey Betty, Rita, Girls... I think we should open up the shop in the Promethean's areas. I've not been there myself but from what I've been hearing from you good people I'll head. There, betties been there so we should know the way." He stand in a serious stand, "Robinsons, We need to travel and clear up the bounty on our heads but first! We need to get everyone to the Prometheans. Arm up we are traveling!" The girls just chitter loudly and hold out their claws while Rita pulls out chainsword that red and green with bells on it. Betty smiles and draw a bat big enough to be a small tree in the shape of a dog cock. "Before we go, let me give you something I know isn't stolen." He begins name salvage inside the bunker that is safe to take.