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Kilsa sits down on the couch in her empty office, her face a mask of relaxation and contentment after her travels outside the nanite bubble. "Wheeeeeeeew. K/S solutions is open for business now that the queen bitch is back." She chuckled to herself.

Aether knocks timidly on the door, poking their head around the doorframe and letting out a small squeak of surprise upon seeing that the room is occupied. "I'm sorry! I didn't realize that there was anyone in here."

Kilsa looks at the heavily mutated person that just walked in to her office. "No problem. I don't lock the door for a reason." She looke over the mostly skunk creature with a smile, "First time out in the thick of things? Looks like you've had a bit of fun with the locals." She chuckled and offer Aether a seat on the couch. "I'm Kilsa, owner of this establishment."

Aether sits on the edge of the couch, hands in their lap. "Pleasure to meet you. My name's Aether, or at least it is now." Her ears drooped slightly. "I used to be a college student for biology, but then all this started up and now I guess I'm my own research."

Kilsa smiles, "A novel concept yet a very endearing one." She raised and eyebrow,"So what have you learned? have you found some of the ferals outside to your liking?" She put a hand on her lap and stretched her legs. "I used to be like you, so curious about the nanite infected people. Now I'm kinda a swarm unto myself." She chukled.

Aether lets out a tiny sigh, running their hands through their tail. "I never really expected it, but I kinda do like it here, despite the life or death...er...life or bang struggle out there. Plus, I guess I don't have to be a closet furry anymore."

The girl smiles and stands up looking at Aether, "My friend you don't have to be a closet anything.." She starts to shift and grow in front of him as she takes on the form of the common skunk girl. "You could be whoever you want to be." She shivers again and in a few minutes she is now a blue gryphon, "But most of all, you can be.... You." She finally ends her shifting as a beautiful raident creature.

Aether lets their jaw drop, tail puffing in slight alarm. "You can just change forms like that? I thought you had to be bit or scratched or...fucked...by one of those things in order to change."

Kilsa chuckles, "No it took a long time and a lot of horrible events to get me to this level." There is a strange gleam in her eyes but she is still smiling. "I got fucked, scratched, beaten and even eaten to get to this level. What about you, what did you find about the ferals so far?"

Aether thinks for a moment before answering. "They're not as bad as I thought when I first started. Then again, I've hardly ventured out of sight of this building. There's just so much to experience and...I don't know it doesn't seem all bad."

Kilsa chuckles, "I'll give you a rundown, the main city is safer. The streets are mostly skunks and huskies and a few weaker feral that even your average person could fight off. The outside of the town is a forest those guys would take out a rookie with no problem. Deer monsters and giant bats." She sighs, "Some of them are my direct children but they won't attack you or even let you spot them. There are other infected cities with far stronger monsters. Some even capable of tearing me in half without effort." She thinks for a moment, "The strongest feral I ever met is hiding right outside of Zypher, I have her form but not even 10% her power."

Aether looks on on awe. "Wow. That's pretty intense. Glad I decided to not go exploring too much and stayed within sight of the building."

Kilsa shakes head and slaps Aether on the back. "Not at all. The bubble keeps you from fully dying, so you should fight, get stronger and keep learning your enemy. Take their wild vigor and use it with your rational still human mind." She slowly shifts into a more lovely form. "Some ferals are adorable though but still dangerous."

Aether meeps at the slap, jumping a little. "A-and...all the urges...y'know...those are part of the whole infection and mutation thing right?"

Kilsa nods, "Not so much for most of us, we've been pretty well cured of the full madness but many of us relapse. I've mounted my share of ferals and non-ferals. I've had more children that I would rather admit." She chuckled. "So what brings you here?"

Aether perks up a little. "Exploring, mostly. I always wanted to be a part of the urban exploration club at school but I didn't have the figure for it. But since all this happened I've been able to do whatever I want!" They giggled, looking down at their form. "Like, seriously. It's liberating to not be out of breath all the time."

Kilsa finally looks at him seriously, "Hmmmm.. Who do you work for now, I'm open to having more people to travel and work for my company. We do exploration, capture and at times elimination of ferals both in and out the bubble." She puts a hand on Aether Shoulders. "My group could use curious people with a zest for adventure, we are very understaffed at the moment."

A small blush ran over their face. "Oh...Everyone's so much nicer now that all this has happened than before." They gave a small smile. "Thank you for the offer but I'm really not sure that I'd be much help. I mean, I'm new to this all and don't have much experience in hunting. Exploring I can do, though."

Kilsa nods, "The offer is open but I don't want to keep you were you aren't interested. Feel free to take the offer whenever." She smiles and scoots a little closer to Aether in her small fennec form, "Have you encountered a prime yet? Those creature are something to watch out for, many agents hunt them down for samples. I've taken a few of them down." She pulls a vial out of her skirt and holds it up.

Aether looks at the vial, impressed. "So primes are like stronger ferals that are roaming the city? Like I could be expecting something normal then just get wrecked by one of those things?"

Kilsa tilts her head a little, "You won't see them just roaming, mostly they keep to their own. We use special gear to summon them using strong scents of a rival creature of the same time or a extrememly feral member of their species. They will come running with as many of their kind as they feel they may need." She says like a teacher before shifting into another form. "The creatures in fairhaven are more animal like but if you take the chopper to woodfield you'll find fairy's giants, gnomes and many other fantasy creatures."

Aether shakes their head, a little overwhelmed by all the information. Their jaw cracks open into a tiny yawn. "S-sorry...been running around all night and stuff. Didn't mean to start spacing on you."

Kilsa nods, "Sorry little one, I get a little long winded when explaining things. How about you head to the triage here and take a rest we have beds and many ferals won't come inside the building... They know better." She says darkly.

Aether stands, giving a little bow. "Thanks for not kicking me out right away. It's nice to know that some people are friendly around here still." They walk to the door, glancing back. "I'll definately think about your offer. I know where your office is now so I'll knock if I need you?"

Kilsa watches him go before relaxing once again. "That's right. Toodles." She said while reading over her paper work and letting the potential recruit go.