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Responding to the bounty the party finds themselves, on the edge of the east forest. The very frugal efforts of Zypher and their unwillingness to sacrifice a helicopter on a maybe left the group on the very outskirts of the bubble. Mike the chopper pilot gave them a thumbs up before taking off and heading back to camp. Ahead of them was the edge of the eastforest, where the bubble ended and the wilderness began would be a challenge to figure out with the foliage blocking most of the sun. The dark forest seems alive and angry around them as various sounds echoed in the woods.

Cerris's arrival is not a silent affair, an immense creature loaded down with salvage, travel supplies and emergency kits stomps through the forest, disturbing branches, canopy and shrubbery alike.

Head lowered for navigation, he simply pushes onward until others are located, lowering chords to allow those that need to to climb on and ride to the nav point in the signal.

Asuki Came in shortly behind Cerris her own entry wasn't quite so noisey, she'd glide her way up to cerris and start going over her equipment "I'll make sure to handle the Regulatory nanites" she stated as she powered up her nanomagic to provide for such. She looked to where the bubble was sure to end, and little anxious, her first time leaving it's sphere of influence, though she had trained for such.

Cameron walked quietly into the area and stood glancing about with a large pack on her back. Her pack bulging with a ton of supplies, and a waterskin hanging from her belt. A few weapons strapped to her pack as she waited for the others to lead on. A hand nerviously checking a medkit in the pouch of her large hoodie. "Uh.... Hello." Waving to the other people for a quick moment. "I'm Cameron and I brought some first aid supplies with me, just in case."

Akadd ruffles her wings before settling them back against her body. The pockets of her vest have things trailing out of them, and she's got a canvas-looking bag slung over her shoulder. She paces back-and-forth near the edge of the small group, flexing her hands and trying to calm her nerves.

Dal walks through the area, a little uneasy from the absolutely creepy forest. Normally, the east forest isn't really much of a problem for the solar dragon, but this area seems slightly different from the rest. It's like something is out to get them. Anyway, the only reason the Solar Dragon is out here in the first place is to find and possibly acquire something and keep it from Zephyr. After all, it isn't really a good idea to trust a corporation with anything at the moment, especially if it's the one that could possibly rule what's left of the free world. She walks through the area, carrying a large backpack instead of flying. Then, she notices the goo and feels the sensation of nanites once again. "Well, I better go with them to be safe." She walks closer to the goo girl and asks, "Hey, want me to come with and possibly keep you protected for this trip?"

There is a moment of quiet before a Large Canine Agent appears in the Midst of the group. She made little noise and didn't bother facing the group but she had a little pack on her back that gave a low crackling sound similiar to a giger counter. The canine circled the group before moving toward the direction that her pack made the loudest sound. She didn't seem intent of traveling far from the party but after a short distance she barked at them to follow her.

Cerris has perhaps been mistaken as a part of the scenery due to size, but as a nearly two ton mutant he is hard to ignore once one of his many tails comes down like a massive pylon to coil around Asuki as he moves off at a slight raised clip, pursuing the canid though just as simply one of his legs lifts and flicks as he turns a seemingly innocent flick of the limb sending a shower of venomous darts into the bushes toward something he noticed, his head raised to sniff the air curiously.

"Asuki...come...there is much to do...the rest can mount if they like or not."

Asuki doesn't bother fighting being picked up by Cerris, though as cerris fires off his quills towards the bushes, she'd look towards the Canine "Hey we expecting any company? we've got eyes on us" she does her best trying to look meek, especially with cerris launching his quills.

Cameron shouldered her pack and hurried after the guiding canine. "Oh right... Sorry..." Her bare feet stepping over the the ground quietly as she follwed after their guide. Though she glances nervously where the giant mutant fired his quills, she was quiet as she went.

Akadd whirls on the balls of her feet when Cerris takes off towards the woods. "Don't completely destroy it! We need to study the remains, at least!" she says, taking off after the gigantic, quill-flinging, goo-carrying canine.

Dal hears the dog and flies onto the giant two ton wolf. The golden scaled dragon moves closer to the ear of the enormous canine and whispers, "Thank you. Also, I have an idea. I saw the bunny as well. Would you be okay if I moved up closer and help handle anything that tries to attack us? It's the least that I can do for the ride and all."

The quills fire out and catch the creature in the face before it vanishes into a small cloud of nanites. The canine take a long slow look at Asuki raising her head toward where the creature was standing. The Busty Labradors pack starts buzzing and she rushes toward the sounds, her large nipples get caught on a small bush of Holly causing the canine to howl painfully and stumble foward, she starts to bleed a bit before noticing that she isn't healing rapidly. There is a soft chuckling sound comming from deeper in the woods, several white ears appear in the distance before diving back into the woods.

Cerris doesn't even check to see if he hit his target, it was a nonlethal attack, a simple warning and disabler for those that might be plotting.

"Good girl Asuki, maintain communications. Welcome goldy, and feel free to keep fleas off my back."

Being an immense monster did not make one invulnerable. In fact small creatures were a terrible pain for him to strike. All the same he kept eyes and nose peeled so when the Lab gets hurt he grunts with effort moving to overtake the lab and keep pace over her protectively, his nanites billowing out of him in a boosting factory designed to enhance the strength of all powers in the area and increase Asuki's bubble range.

"Eyes open, company inbound."

Asuki Watching the bunny's last known location, and hearing the lab yelp "Careful, I think they might be trying to bait us into something" turning to the Dal next her "ya, you got wings, can you give us a birds eye view of the area? don't leave my bubble though, would suck if they have anti-aricraft or... something" she'd then ready her lasy rifle as she continues to scan from a prone like positon from Cerris's back.

Cameron nods as she reaches back to grab her custom nanite cannon. Readying it in case they are attacked. She also quickly hurries over to join the giant and the busty canine

Akadd crashes to a halt once she's caught up to Cerris. She feels around her pockets frantically for a moment before coming up with her laser pistol, checking its charge with a glance. She spares a look for the busty labrador, then double-takes at the sight of blood that continues to flow. She takes a deep breath and looks back out into the woods, squinting to see if she can find any of those white-eared bastards.

Dal yells out as she feels the sensation of nanites again."Oh, hell yeah! Nanite Manufacturing Nanomagic." She hears the goo girl's offer. "Of course I can get a good view of them. If I wanted to, I could've set them on fire." The dragoness takes a look at the rifle and continues, "Just send a blast into the sky if you want me to head back here." The dragoness promptly takes to the skies, but still close enough to where Cerris can catch her from the fall. She notices a nice set of multiple bunny ears and shouts out, "POSSIBLE AMBUSH!"

As the party huddled together two hands ripped from under the ground near the Busty labrador grapping her breast with sizzling noises and the soft smell of burning flesh as her breast are pulled into the hole causing her to scream and yelp in pain as she is pinned by her own cooked flesh. Rising from the ground in a firey blaze are three rabbits with shimmering gold and white fur. They don't speak but start to rush the party.

Another rabbit joins the fray as the party attempts to fight off the giant burning lapine that leads them.

The pile of bunnies are lump over one another, unlike within the nanite bubble these ferals don't get back up, most of them are very dead due to overzealous laser gun fire and horrible mutant beating deliver unto them. The Canine finally manage to pull her slightly burnt breast from the hole. She whined pitfully before putting her own tail into her mouth and suckling on it. She continued to walk toward the east as her backpack started to crackle louder and louder. The party had reached a clearing where a small lake where a camp seemed to be abandoned, there was a tent, a book and a enough cum crusted to the surrounding area that much of the clearing seemed to be painted white.

Cerris sniffs over the bodies of the dead carefully, checking for any fleeting life signs from each one before moving on, pausing only to lift one of the dead with his tails and using it to try and plow through the crusting, not wanting it on him for concern that it has an ulterior reason for being in place.

"Asuki, investigate the tent. Someone read the book...Goldy scout us out!"

Asuki heads over tot he tent, if the tens was opened she'd just rush inside, if it was not, she'd look for a flap she could make ooze into and come from a less then obvious entry point, either way, she'd go for anything that looked alive, trying to strike first.

Cameron pulled her medkit out of her pocket as she laid her weapon down next to her. She then moved over to their guide to see to her wounds, concern written across her small face. "We need to get you looked at while they are searching the area."

"I guess that means I'm anyone," Akadd says with a wry little grin. She walks over towards the book, crouching down to carefully try and open it after giving it a quick once-over for any obvious booby traps.

Dal looks at the large pile of bunnies and sighs. She is a bit burnt from all of the fire but still speaks. "Thanks for the help, everyone. I don't think I could have handled that without you." She glances over to the large clearing and notices the large amount of cum all over the place and flies above the camp. "Well, it looks like I honestly, believe this could be another trap, so let's be careful." She stops for a moment and concentrates as she sends a wave of protective energy over to everyone on the team. "It's mirror wave. It should help slightly if we run into traps but it might break down easily if you get hit too often." She continues surveying the area."

The dead bunny slides through the crust like a cold knife through frozen butter, it kicks up a cloud of harmless dust and jizz flakes. As Asuki heads to the tent she notices that there is a dead human inside, his clothing seems to be torn to shreds and his body seems to the most crusted thing in the room. With a Careful examination of the body Asuki can tell that the human was male and severely malnourished before whatever got to him left his anus gaping nearly the of a Brutes fist. Cameron started to work on the Busty labrador easing her burns and bruise causing her to reward him with a lick for his troubles. Dal spots from her vantage point of the sky a bright yellow man hole cover about mile south east of their location. Akadd opens the book and finds many cum stained and ruined pages but one of them stands out for a single page, 'We've only been out the hole a few times after our supplies went down, we lost martha to dragons, Johnny to a something that looked like a rubber fox, I think I'm the last human alive in the world... maybe just maybe I might be able to talk to the giant rabbits. Rabbit don't eat meat so the worst they could do is chase me away.' The rest of the book is just a mess and useless.

Cerris paces around the clearing, until he is certain of things then heads to the edge of the lake to taste and sniff the water. It paid to be aware of the supplies on hand and as it was this place seemed like it was a good spot for a camp if it weren't for the nutjob rabbits.

Hmm...ferals must have left the bubble to escape competition and took over this camp...fucked it up real good...anything useful people?"

Asuki takes a moment to look for anything else that may be of interest before investigating the body further, not one for being squeemish or a delicate touch she's unpeterbed by the cums stains instead investigating it for signs of known mutations. "Sir, I found a male, human, no obviouse signs of mutations... signs of abuse, trying to determine cause of death" fully aware that the fisting hole could be the cause, she wanted to make sure of this.

Cameron smiled at the doggy woman and the rewarding lick. "Try to be a little more careful, alright?" Finishing up her first aid and stowing away her medkit. She then glanced about the camp warily to see what the others have found.

Akadd glances over at the gigantic canine. "Couple of pages from somebody's diary." She glances over at Asuki and gestures with a quick nod. "Probably his, then. He thought he'd be safe with the rabbits because they don't eat meat."

Dal flies back down to everyone and begins handing out her support. "Well, everyone. Thank you for all of your current help. When I was flying up ahead. I noticed a large yellow manhole cover. It probably leads to somewhere else." She takes a seat on top of the gigantic canine and continues, "It's your call if you guys want to go down there. I've been near this area before and the mutants up in the wastelands are pretty strong. Let's be as careful as we can for this."

The water is clean with the occasional tastes of human blood and gun oil in the mixture and very fresh. Asuki noticed in the torn off poke of the human was a white shirt tied to a stick with an amercian flag at the top. The poor bastard was trying to surrended when he died. The busty labrador nods to Cameron, her tail dripping milk as she started to walk toward the louder sound of her pack, the drone was becoming increasingly loud. In the distance behind the party it, they could hear the sound of chittering along with glowing embers. A least a dozen small sparks in the shape of rabbit ears were slowly approaching but they seems atleast a good forty to fifty minutes away.

Cerris snorts before drinking his fill of the lake water, even dipping his claws and head in the water before shaking himself vigorously.

"Okay clean water here, drink bathe, refill canteens, we have a hike ahead of us. I can carry you most of the way, but the latter half everyone walks to prep for battle. Fifteen minutes then we head for the for the sewers. Bring the book, we can bury the bodies on the way back."

Seeing the Busty pup trying to dart off he pounces and seeks to pick her up by her pack like a wayward pup, dangling her from his jaws and heading back to the camp. Then there were the bright lights...fucking papparazzi.

"Hmm, I see a bad moon rising...double time it people, pump and dump."

Asuki quickly oozes to the luck to do just as Cerris suggested, up to and uncluding giving herself a quick wash. "if you don't mind Sir, i'll just fly along next to you, we might need to stay a bit more flexible." As she spreads her goo wings to make ready for flight.

Cameron glanced way up and gave a small nod. "Alright. Though we should probably hurry." A pair of crystaline wings sprouting from her back and squeezing past her pack. She then gave a couple hops before taking to the air to catch up to the other fliers.

Akadd gives a quick shake of her head. "Don't think it's a sewer, think it's a bunker," she says, putting the book into her satchel. "Said they lived in there. Might be ferals in there." She spreads her wings wide and also gets set to take to the air, pacing Cerris.

Dal notices the many shifting lights in the distance and shrugs, "Well, the cover is located about a mile south east of here." The dragoness eats a sandwich that she made earlier and takes a drink of water. Then, she flies up onto the air and stays close to Cerris once more. "Cerris, please tell me that you can shift your size because I'm not sure if you will fit in the sewars or bunker otherwise."

The moment the flyers take to the sky, there is a sharp screaming noise, A latex like creature that looks part dragon, part fox descends on the ground around them. "SKREEEEEEEEEEEE!" There is an M-16 over its shoulder and it seems to be sporting both a large set off pather like claws a shell like growth over its wings. It charges the party with a Lusty growl.

Martha crashes into the ground, Her wings fused into on mass as her body can barely maintain it's shape. The Napalm hares have closed the distance by a far margin and have noticed the pile of their dead breather. They are now actively searching for attackers. Martha's body is also slowly starting to reform after slogging off most of it's dead cells, the mass has small inch long feeler tentacles point toward Asuki like grass seeking the sun. The party's fight has lead them to a yellow hatch, with a QWERTY key pad. Above the pad was Nathan J _ _ _ _ _ M _ _ _ _ _, Seem to be a code of some sort.

Cerris snorts but observes the situation after the fight ends and then sniffs over Martha's body before turning to Asuki.

"Kill the bubble or she is just going to get back up again....let her have her final rest."

He investigates the keypad with a sniff, then reads off what he sees aloud. This wasn't for him to bother with, so instead he sets down Busty and starts heading back the opposite direction.

"Get the door open, I going try and deter our pursuers."

Asuki takes a deep breath, closes her eyes and... turns off her regulation nanomites, she then opens her eyes looking around, shakes her body "hey I'm not just a puddle!" she exclaimed happily" then coming too "Oh right!" going over to look at the pad "Hmmm Nathan Just Married? Nathan Jogs in the Morning? Nathan Jizzed Messily?" gives and goes about looking around making sure there wasn't anyone, or anything in the area trying to get the jump on them. (Note: spoke did not enter what she was saying, merely giving guesses, it was in her pay grade to enter codes into the hatch)

Cameron Cirled aroound as the watched the newest mess carefully. Looking about curiously.

Akadd shakes her head as Asuki makes suggestions for the code words, starting at the keyboard herself. "Wait.. Nathan was the human, I bet.. Jason! No, wait. J is for Johnny! Eaten by foxes, and M must be Martha, carried off by dragons. Poor bastard thought he was the last thinking creature in the world." She glances back at the dead, or dying, dragon. "Wonder if that's the one that got Martha? Wait, nevermind. Code thingie first." She taps in the names from the book.

Dal begins to feel the bubble start to go down. The dragoness frowns slightly and heads back to the ground with a huff. "Oh well." She looks out to the distance and snaps her fingers as an idea comes to her. "Well, since the bubble is going to go down, then that means the burning bunnies must get weaker as well." She begins to smile as she brings up her fists. "Thank goodness I know how to fight or otherwise, this might be a nightmare for us all." She listens to the rather strange speaking of the goo girl and chuckles, "Well, at least it's nice to see that someone can still be slightly bubbly in this age. Also, thanks for the help, sir."

The Hatch opens with a loud hiss, the smells is a horrid mixture of human fecal matter, skunk spray, burning latex and cooked meat." As the party climbs down into the bunker they notice a sound distant at first but once they get to the bottom they notice that there is a barricade formed in the middle of the area. Mostly made of steel pipes and signs. The are looks to be almost the size of a pre infection warehouse. Most of the light is from solar lamps. The most moticable thing is a Skunk girl giggling and Fingering herself on a console, The console has a large antenna coming from it. "Go away!" A loud voice booms from behind the Barricage. "You monster won't take me like you did Martha." Cowering behind the barricade is a Large Liquid Pantheress. "I'm not gonna die here!" The voice screams but is still attempting to cower rather than fight. He doesn't seem to be facing the party but rather the masturbating skunk girl while throwing empty cans in her direction.

Cerris drops much of the way to the bottom of the bunker, his many limbs absorbing the impact before he then takes in the given situation.

"I am Colonel Cerris Voss, USMC. Please stand down citizen so I may effect a rescue of you from this situation. Clean water and shelter is within hours of this location."

two taloned limbs on one side rake into the barricade before he tries to simply heave the thing up and sideways in an attempt to make the component parts shake themselves into a messy pile.

Asuki noticing the skunk girl as the most potential threat, though not a current one Asuki would move quickly with decisive action, however those bystanding might wonder what that action was as asuki would more kinda just... run into the skunk girl, having realized too little to late she couldn't change her size to something to easily engulf and entrap the skunk girl and insteads starts wrestling her normally.

Cameron stood back from the two mutants within the bunker. Her eyes scanning th room as she unslung her laser rifle from her pack, readying it should the need arise. Meanwhile she took a quick gulp of water from her skin as she waited to see what the others did with two mutants.

Akadd calls down from the top of the shaft, voice sounding a little nervous. "Um, guys? It's really, really great that there's a survivor or two down there, but remember the evil fire bunnies? I really don't want to get into a fight without any kind of a bubble." She glances away from the hole for a moment. "God, I wish I could go down there. Stupid devil bunnies."

Dal looks at the console for a moment while everyone else is handling the situation capably. "Hmm, a radio device that actually works in this day and age. Well, this has to come with us since no one is using it. We'll have to get this back later." The golden scaled dragoness turns her attention to the slightly taller Diamond Drake and chuckles, "Relax, those bunnies are most likely long gone by this point or there is most likely another way out of here." She looks to the now wrestling Skunk Girl and smirks, revealing her many sharp teeth and looks back to the diamond drake, "After all, how else would someone so horny get in when they can't get past the manhole cover?"

The Liquid Pantheress starts to object to the miltiary when he sees the slime tackle and vicious pin the moaning skunk girl to the ground. "You know...Fuck it. I don't know if your aliens or marines but I don't want none of what she is selling." The pantheress sighs, "I'm surrendering just don't take my pot, I've been growing it for years and it's all I have since the aliens came to take all our women and men. I don't want to get probed or turned into whatever Ted is now." She point to the skunk girl before reraising his hands. "I tried calling for help but I got the space herpes and we ran outta food. I'm Johnny and I'm the only one that isn't crazy so please don't hurt me.....or my pot." He steps from behind the barricade holds out dripping hands to be cuffed. The party manages to get him out and to safety as the bunny got tired of waiting and started their own little orgy. With the area cleared and the mutants dealt with there is enough salvage for each organization is able to secure working radios and various minor salvage for the joint operation.