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Rounds go as fast or slow as players in combat take their turns, they are not linked to real time. A round consists of 10 ticks.

  1. Each tick combatants gain 200ATB (modified by the Haste status), bar is yellow at this point.
  2. If a player is at 1000ATB they take their turn.
  3. After an action is selected, charge time is set based on the power and the bar becomes pink.
  4. Each subsequent tick combatants receive -200ATB to the charge.
  5. At 0 Charge the effect fires.
  6. ATB becomes 0, If the charge was negative (such as headbutt upgraded to negative charge cost) then that becomes a bonus to initial ATB.

Note: each power has a separate cooldown time when fired. Every power decreases 200ATB (modified by recharge modifiers) per tick. When it is at 0 it may be fired again.