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AI Routines are player designed rulesets that are checked by the Auto Combat AI while it is active. Each Routine consists of three parts: Condition, Target, and Action. When it comes time for the Auto Combat AI to select which Action you will take it will scan through your AI Routines, if one of the Conditions is met and the power or item is not on cooldown, it will then use the designated Action on the selected Target. If none of the Conditions are met it will move on to select a power or item of it's choice.

Each new character begins with a set of basic AI programs:




Some Simple Examples

Here are a couple of simple examples:

Routine # Condition Target Action
1 HP 25 Self Lactaid

If I am at 25% health or lower use Lactaid on myself.

Routine # Condition Target Action
1 Often Random Skunk Spray
  • 50% chance to use Skunk Spray with a random (hostile) target.

AI Routine Strategy

The Auto Combat AI will start at the first AI Routine and cycle through until it successfully matches a Condition. With this in mind you can create a series of Routines to suit your combat priorities, for example:

Routine # Condition Target Action
1 HP 25 Self Milk Chug
2 Renew Self Howl
3 Always Ranked Wild Swing

With a simple sequence when can tell the AI the combat priorities for this character:

  1. If I fall into critical health levels use Milk Chug for a big health boost
  2. If I am not under the effect of the Howl buff activate it
  3. Use the Wild Swing power on the highest ranked enemy whenever it is available.

Getting More AI Programs

More AI Programs allow for more advanced AI Routines, you can get the following programs in the stores indicated.

The list of programs/source locations below is not complete. If you know of more please add to the list.

[RSX Solutions]: R-Mart Smart Software

Program Type Cost (Freecred)
AI: Ally Energy 25 Condition 19000
AI: Ally Energy 50 Condition 19000
AI: Always Condition 11875
AI: Energy 25 Condition 9500
AI: Energy 75 Condition 9500
AI: HP Over 75 Condition 28500
AI: Partying Condition 19000
AI: Post Combat Condition 332500
AI: Refreshed 75 Condition 9500
AI: Renew Condition 23750
AI: Dead Target 47500
AI: Leader Target 27550
AI: Least EN Target 26600
AI: Low Ranked Target 142500
AI: Renew Target Target 23750

Token Store

Program Type Cost (Tokens) Cost (Mako*)
AI: HP 50 Condition 5 1
AI: Ranked Target 25 5
AI: Bleeding Condition 30 6
AI: Energy 50 Condition 30 6
AI: HP 75 Condition 30 6
AI: Parent Target 40 8
  • *Mako cost in the token store is optional.

Elite Store

Program Type Cost (Mako)
AI: Ally HP 50 Condition 5
AI: Most Hurt Target 5
AI: Refreshed 50 Condition 5

[Church of Promethea]

After defeating boss encounters here you may be awarded one of these programs from the Odd looking Skunk

Program Type Cost
AI: Ally HP 25 Condition Reward
AI: Surrounded Condition Reward