Multiplayer Updates/October 2011

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  • White builder nanites that were mis-sorted by a nanite sorter will now restore their proper level on a succesful sort.
  • Mako price on extra AI slots reduced to 15/30 mako for single character/account, down from 20/40.


  • Comments in the public channels (Public, Auction, Pickup, etc.) can now be directed at a player with `. Example: "pub `Nuku Where's my pony?" results in "[Public] [To: Nuku] Where's my pony?"


  • The freecred you get from +reward is adjusted, to 5k for every 10 player levels plus 5k. A level 1 character receives 5k freecreds, a level 40 receives 25k.
  • Amplifying modifier added, though not yet placed. This may be a mistake. Wait and see!
  • Nekomata dedication added.
  • 'perks' added as an alias of '+jnote', to view your perks.
  • 'load #' added as an alias of 'eq accessory#', to view your equipped gear.


  • String parsing now accepts [if local stat...] to check for player-set variables.


  • +mako/perknuke now capped at 5 mako, down from 10.
  • +mako/preg now advances pregnancy by two hours, up from one
  • Non-crafted items can gain DP, but not nearly as much as crafted items.


  • Mako prices have plummeted! Base price is now 25 cents to the mako. New formula: (4 * + 1% per 10 dollars, max +25%)
    • Also, everyone's mako just went up by 33%! That savings account finally paid dividends.
  • Some idiot broke Rod's ability to collect dull nanites.


  • Bastet Disciple dedication added to the game.
  • Enemies now gain a little bit of innate armor after level 25. The rate should be small, but is intended to give the Penetration combat skill some use.
  • The contents of the 'wwf' command have been truncated.
  • Rod gave up on fixing the builder nanite collector, but now sells Nanite Magnetic Brew in its place.
  • New items in the elite stores: Special Training Registration, Species Avatar, and Super Magnetic Brew.
  • The "Who's Online" page of the web site now properly displays boobs (up to three rows); long coats will cover you up.


  • The "Who's Online" page of the web site has been overhauled immensely.
    • Pictures of players now properly display wangs, properly resized, up to three at a time. Underwear covers this up.
    • Clicking on a player to get the zoomed-in view is now much more zoomed-in.
    • The Avatar Edit screen is similarly zoomed.
    • The bust shot shown in the list itself has also been zoomed, to help show expressions.
    • All those annoying green boxes are gone, and the background is black all the way down.


  • All Nanite Fine Tuners have been upgraded. "shift save=X" to save a form as slot X (where X is 1, 2, or 3), and then "shift load=X" to reassume that form at any time!
  • The Devourer skill Nanite Harvest now imbues the NaniteSoak status effect, boosting item XP gained from combat.
  • Nanite Sealant now sold in the elite shops. When used, it prevents an item from gaining item XP.
  • New hint system! Upon logging in, players are given a brief hint about how the game works. Type 'hint' at any time for another.


  • Milking Machine added as base gear. One has been installed to the second floor of the Red Court.
  • Accessories have been added to the Avatar Edit screen on the web page.
  • Native Resistance Adjuster added to elite shops.


  • A new zone, Deeper into the East Forest, has been added. Black Panther, Treant, Mantis, and Pangolin are now on the grid.
  • Tutor bonus for student gaining levels disabled.
  • New, low cost, dedication, Cow Maiden. Aquired by quest. Check the Nuku Barn by the Farm.
  • Expendables now support distill added statuses.
  • Shapeshifting non adepts no longer report as adepts.
  • NoAoE powers do not reflect onto summoned help.
  • Nanite collectors are cheaper
  • Nanite collectors are limited to their own level in the level of vial produced.
  • Nanite collectors must now be upgraded with white builder nanites to collect high-level vials.
  • Infectious Bite added.


  • Milking machines now give an option to only produce some amount of milk, instead of always trying to force your full potential.
  • Reward now sends web notices with what reward was given.
  • Mission editor live!(Thanks Damaged)
  • Nanite Aggression Reduction drugs added to elite shops.


  • Items can be purchased from the global store while still in another shop.


  • Hyper Hypos now in stock in the elite shops.
  • Web users will notice they can now stock 25 patrols, up from 10, and regenerate a little bit more than one point every 15 minutes instead of every 30.
    • Later that day, it was bumped up to 50 patrol points, regenerating precisely one point every 10 minutes.


  • Role Registration added to the elite shops.
  • +mako/preg now boosts a pregnancy by 6 hours, up from 2.
  • Aborting a milking no longer starts the 6-hour cooldown.
  • Descriptions placed on summoning items (such as children) now persist onto the objects they summon.
  • The price on a Hyper Hypo has been dropped to 3 mako, down from 10.


  • XP items have been removed from the +reward system; players will now be given a 12-hour XP buff instead.


  • Distillations can now be bought from the web site. The cost is 1 freecred per point of DV, and the largest you can buy is determined by a combination of your level, your Underworld, and your Academics skill.


  • The loadout of the Basic Nanite Collector has gone down, from 80 to 70.
  • You can now delete mail from the web mail viewer.
  • The mako battery recharge from +reward now only fires if you are at less than 50% battery charge.
  • Not new, but previously undocumented: Having out multiple kids hits them with a 'crowded' debuff, lowering haste, max HP, and damage output. This goes up exponentially as you have out more kids.
  • +Mako/reward will allow you to roll on the +reward table for 2 mako.
  • Individual notices can now be deleted from the web interface.
  • Distills have been added to the +reward system.
    • [Public] Nuku softly churrls, "The distill reward tiers are: 3000, 15k, 35k, 70k, 100k, 120k, 999k"
    • [Public] Nuku softly churrls, "15k is the most common"
    • [Public] Nuku softly churrls, "But you have a 40% chance of getting more than 15k"


  • Mako shop added to the web interface.



  • Corsets are now in the elite shops.



  • Infection vials received from +reward no longer work in the nanite sorters, preventing more extremely low-level vials for high-end creatures from showing up.
  • The freecred result from +reward has been removed. Instead, you will receive an untradable Mako Battery.


  • Nanite Taint added to Mall shop, makes a batch of infection vials unsortable.
  • Expanded distillation changed to increase Damage, decrease upkeep. Loadout increase values also changed.
  • Spread target type added for items and powers, causes the damage to be divided by the number of things hit. Resistances are calculated per-target, before the division is done. Accuracy is unaffected by number of targets. Status effect magnitudes, including Repeat Attack, are divided by number of targets.
    • Balance issues are still under discussion, currently nothing uses the new target type.