Outpost Equipment: Milking Machine

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Outpost Equipment: Milking Machine
In-Game Desc This, impressive looking, machine is designed to hook up to a creature with breasts and/or udders and extract milk into small easy-to-carry packages. Use of the machine requires small amounts of mako battery charge. The machine must be installed on safe ground, away from other land equipment. Machine comes with safety protocols to prevent harm to donators via over milking.
Cost 50

Costs 50 mako in the Mako Shop. When set up in a player-owned room, it has the following noted effects:

[Public] Nuku squeakily meows, "It is usable once per 6 hours, the resulting milk is at your level. If you have a rating of 3+ in the following skills, the milk is improved in different ways. Lactaid, Milk Chug, Chock Milk, Nurse, Royal Delight"
[Public] Nuku squeakily meows, "You can produce up to 3 milks at a time, depending on breast size and quantity"
[Public] Nuku squeakily meows, "Every milk produced costs 10% mako battery charge."
[Public] Nuku squeakily meows, "We thought ahead, for 25% more charge, you can go at it right away again."

The milk is a Medical Hypo with various modifiers applied.

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