Multiplayer Updates

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Nuku smoothly says, "Oops, party merchire I meant."

Chinthliss says, "Nipples less likely to be paragons of law (The term 'just nipples' used to describe a lack of breasts has been tweaked to be 'nipples' to avoid phrases like 'your just nipples'.)."

Nuku smoothly says, "New quirk: rpinfo handed tail"

Chinthliss says, "Fixed a couple of places where form editor preview descriptions were looking at live descriptions. This shouldn't effect anything - noting in case I broke something."

Nuku smoothly says, "New quirk, rpinfo thick load"

Chinthliss says, "Did some rearranging of roleplay bonus calculations. Aside from a minor cosmetic change in tick, should be behind the scenes stuff but noting in case it breaks."

Chinthliss says, "Changed the message about a mercenary arriving to use a different mechanism to tell the room, so that it doesn't appear in RP logs."

Full archive of updates can be found in the Multiplayer Updates Archive