Goo girl glomp (quest)

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Started via Mr. Simon in RSX Headquarters, second floor, west of the briefing room in the elite supplies office.

Part one: He requests for you to visit the sewers in Woodfield city and remove the Goo Girl menace! (hint: use tport remort, then depart to the overworld, and go south and down from the court of love entrance.)

   Once in the sewers use room scan to check for your target.  Search for trouble and if your encounters includes at least one of the goo girl ferals, and you successfully dispatch them, the room will be cleared for quest progress.  This must be done for every, single, room in the sewers, to include the cave in the north west area.  It is time consuming and patrol point heavy.  Once every room is verified to be clear of Goo Girls using scan room, return to Mr. Simon.

Part two: He is excited to hear about your success but requests evidence to back up your claim.

   Return to the sewers and 'search' around for any remnants of the ferals you dispatched earlier.  (hint: using search in the cave will return 100% of encountering a goo girl w/o special perks.)  Once you complete the encounter, return to Mr. Simon, for a strong berating and some insults along with your reward; some freecred, the Glomper badge, and the Suppressing craftmod recipe.