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Head The right side of his face is scarred with four jagged lines, tinged with silver, running in parallel over his eye socket. The wound resembles one inflicted with claws, although the silvery scar crossing straight over his eye was noticeably wider and longer, suggesting it was even deeper than the rest.
Eye The iris of his left eye seems to have a subtle, unnatural glow while trying to match the color of the right. It would be somewhat more noticible in a dark environment, as it seems to give off a faint light of its own.
Arm A dark-black tribal pattern swirls around his shoulder, as if branding him with the mark of a hunter. The delicate lines streak through his fur, spreading to his neck and upper back before tapering off. Those same lines trail lower along his arm as well, but seem to fade away as if left incomplete. Under the moonlight, the pattern seems to take on an unnatural sheen that radiates a wild nature.