Yamato Dragoness

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Yamato Dragoness

Location: Park
Level: 9
HP: 90
Damage: 20
Loot: Dragon Hair
Target Gender: Player
Tail Strike?: Yes
Alt Combat?: Yes

Flag Categories

Flags: Girl, feral


Heat?: No

Danger Level: 9, Typical Environment: Park


Travelling through the park, you find yourself beset by a dragoness of eastern myth. Massive and serpentine in frame, airborne in spite of being wingless, her red/blue/green scales and yellow underbelly shimmering in the sunlight. You instinctively attempt to find cover, but this only encourages her to pursue you on ground, a lascivious hunger agleam in her eyes.


Engaging in any penetrative sex with this monster, victory or otherwise, will attempt to adjust the player's anatomy size until it is in line with the infection's anatomy size. This means the player can increase certain anatomical features without being infected (Assuming they have a way of avoiding the initial infection). "Modest Organs" completely negates this effect (Except for the one below) and "Microwaved" offers a consent check before the effect takes place.

This monster has a "Touched by Madness" scene, involving unbirth and potential post-birth sex.

Additionally, it has a vore bound state. The requirements ignore player scale, but it requires "More Vore" for it to appear.

Unlike most monsters, the Yamato Dragon pair instead accentuate the player's gender, rather than changing it.