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Writing Bounties are bounties for submitting specific content. Submitting a scene that is approved for in-game usage will earn you the posted Mako bounty.

- You do not need to include string parsing in your submission.

- You must submit your scene via +request in the Building category.

Staff will edit your submissions as necessary, but please be sure to run your submission through a spellchecker. That's all there's to it!

Posted Bounties

Bounties which are unclaimed and open to work.


For information on writing these scenes, see the in-game helpfile 'help monster writing', as well as the wiki pages on Victory and Defeat messages and Monster Writing (pages 4-6)

In addition, note that it is not necessary to contact the original authors for these bounties. These are old, public forms that could use revision. Submissions for their improvement are welcome. You can also write only one scene per listed item and leave the rest for another writer.

10 Mako - Kemonomimi descriptions and TF message variants (5 for descs and 5 for TFs per monster)
          Cheetah (only TFs)
          Diamond Drake (only TFs)
          Female Husky (only TFs)
          Flame Leopard
          Harbinger Lynx
          Latex Snow Leopard
          Lizard Girl (only TFs)
          Plump Tigress (only TFs)
          Saber-toothed Bard
          Saber-toothed Soldier
          Salamander Femme (only TFs)
          Skink Skank

10 Mako - Panther Taur Victory and oVictory

Existing NPCs

Alex the Zebra

10 Mako - Female/herm player being anally fucked while Alex plays with their pussy

10 Mako - Female/neuter player getting a strap-on to vag-fuck Alex

10 Mako - Herm player vaginally fucking Alex, then being bent over the bed and fucked to a second climax

10 Mako - Male/herm player frots with Alex

10 Mako - Threesome scene with a cook
Bound Egyptian Mau

10 Mako - 69 with Mau

10 Mako - Male/herm player fucks vaginally
Ellie the Latex Fox

10 Mako - Female/herm player getting sensual cunnilingus, then vaginal sex until tied

10 Mako - Male/herm player getting a handjob and rimmed until orgasm
Obsidian the Shadow Dragon

10 Mako - Female/neuter player anally pegs Obsidian

10 Mako - Player eats out Obsidian while being tail-fucked

10 Mako - Player gets anally pegged
Saul the Husky

10 Mako - Saul bends a male player over his lap to anally finger them to orgasm while telling them what a good boy they are

10 Mako - Saul pulls his legs up and requests to be rimmed, then rewards the player by letting them suck on his length for their 'treat'
Skunk Beast (NPC in [Library]: Research Room)

10 Mako - Threesome with the player, Doctor Hellen, and the Skunk Beast in the cage
Violet the Blue Gryphon

10 Mako - Male/herm player lies on back, getting a handjob while being anally fingered to massage their prostate

10 Mako - Player getting deeply rimmed with Violet's long, tapered tongue

10 Mako - Player gives cunnilingus and plays with the gryphon's balls until she cums

10 Mako - Player massages, licks and sucks on Violet's breasts while grinding against her stiff cock until she orgasms
Violet + Obsidian

10 Mako - Female/herm player on back, sucking Violet off while being eaten out by Obsidian

10 Mako - Player uses Shared Dream Nanomagic for dream threesome with Obsidian and Violet

New NPCs


Player Bounties (Paid out of pocket)

Price Form
30 mako Vampanda

Claimed Bounties

Bounties which have been claimed and are being worked on.


10 Mako - Tanuki Victory and oVictory
          by Berry

Existing NPCs


New NPCs


Completed Bounties

Bounties which have been completed and implemented, including reward and contributor history.


10 Mako - Kemonomimi descriptions and TF message variants (5 for descs and 5 for TFs per monster)
          Alpha Husky (only TFs)        - by Arona
          Blue Gryphon (only descs)     - by Armel
          Blue Gryphon (only TFs)       - by Machi
          Bunny Boy                     - by Machi
          Cheetah (only descs)          - by Armel
          Chocolate Cow                 - by Machi
          Dandy Peacock                 - by Sherri
          Diamond Drake (only descs)    - by Armel
          Donkey Boy                    - by Machi
          Farm Hen                      - by Machi
          Fox Boy                       - by Machi
          Fox Girl                      - by Machi
          German Shepherd               - by Machi
          Honey Bear                    - by Machi
          House Mouse                   - by Arona
          Lizard Girl (only descs)      - by Armel
          Otter                         - by Machi
          Plump Tigress (only descs)    - by Armel
          Salamander Femme (only descs) - by Armel
          Shadow Vixen                  - by Machi
          Skunk Girl                    - by Arona
          White Siberian Tiger          - by Arona
          Wolf Beast                    - by Machi

4 Mako  - Anubis Servant Defeat
          by Jade

8 Mako  - Blue Gryphon Victory and oVictory
          by Jade

1 Mako  - Coatl Servant Defeat
          by Menil

5 Mako  - Female Husky male Defeat and Victory.
          Alternate descriptions/TFs for specific genders and the Female Husky/demeanor:Alpha local stat
          by Todde

8 Mako  - Goo Girl Victory and oVictory
          by Lochlan

15 Mako - Harbinger Lynx Victory and oVictory
          by Sondra
          (Note: Extreme amount of effort and quality put into this submission resulted in +50% payout)

2 Mako  - House Cat Victory and oVictory
          by Menil

8 Mako  - Hyena Herm Victory and oVictory
          by Jade

10 Mako - Latex Snow Leopard Victory and oVictory
          by Arthur

12 Mako - Rabid Beaver Victory, oVictory, and Defeat
          by Armel

15 Mako - Rubber Balls complete rewrite
          by Jade

4 Mako  - Tanuki Defeat
          by Hunter

50 Mako - Vixen Nurse port from the FS Singleplayer (paid out of Miranai's pocket)
          by Lila

4 Mako  - Wild Cannibal Defeat
          by Acetyl and Jade
          4 Mako awarded to each for full-length content

2 Mako  - Wolf Beast Victory and oVictory
          by Prios and Skade
          2 Mako awarded to each for full-length content

4 Mako  - Zebra Defeat
          by Jade

Existing NPCs

Alex the Zebra

5 Mako  - Frotting
          by Foxheart
Chenoa the Aassahke Female

5 Mako  - Player gives cunnilingus
          by Jade

5 Mako  - Player receives blowjob
          by Jade
Chris the Alpha Husky

5 Mako  - Player receives anilingus
          by Foxheart
Doctor Lissal the Skunk Girl

5 Mako  - Player gives cunnilingus
          by Jade
Ellie the Latex Fox

5 Mako  - Shower sex
          by Jade

10 Mako - Glamour Slammer scene
          by Foxheart
Husky Den Orgy

5 Mako  - Sex toy use scene
          by Jade

5 Mako  - Tentacle Nanomagic variation for husky orgy
          by Jade
Obsidian the Shadow Dragon

5 Mako  - Player uses Illusion Nanomagic to sexually pleasure
          by Foxheart
Sarah the Female Husky

5 Mako  - Player receives blowjob
          by Jade
Skunk Beast (NPC in [Library]: Research Room)

5 Mako  - Player willfully submits for an extended scene of rough, brutalizing sex
          by Kaine

New NPCs

25 Mako - Anton the Bull. NPC for [Eureka City]: The Cow Barn
          Base 15 Mako reward for introduction, description, scent, and one initial sex scene.
          5 Mako rewarded per additional scene.
          by Skade

15 Mako - Domori the Chocolate Lab. NPC for [Seelie Sweets Kennels]: West Wing
          A size 6 masculine herm and the leader of his group.
          His personality is teasing; not aggressive, but reassured and very openly carnal in his desires.
          Base 15 Mako reward for introduction, description, scent, and one initial sex scene.
          5 Mako rewarded per additional scene.
          by Adren