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Voria has grown a lot since you had found it. Its blue head alone can easily fit the average human inside of it's maw, and right under it are its four leaves, each the size of a small bed. At least a dozen or so tentacles slowly slither along the ground and many of them as thick and likely as strong as rope. On it's underside, there are a couple of short but even thicker tentacles that the plant uses to move around, and in the center of those appendages is a sort of sac which acts as the plant's stomach. Looking behind Voria's head, you see that a part of tentacles have a miniature version of its head mounted on their ends, each the size of a baseball, while another part of tentacles have phallic-shaped blue tips on their ends.

Obtaining Voria

  • In order to first encounter Voria go to the Grey Abbey Library and hunt for Plant Takeover, you will find a plant and are given the option to take it home with you, bring it back with you if you want Voria as a pet. the plant will be placed in the Grey Abbey Garden.
  • After waiting for a day go back to Voria, look at Voria and you're given the option to masturbate onto the plant, the only way to get Voria to grow is to masturbate onto the plant.
  • Wait a day then look at Voria again, it will note that she has grown
  • Wait another day then look at voria again and a optional vore scene is given, either stay and watch or go inside so you do not have to watch the vore scene. Whichever option you choose after this Voria will become an ally and you can take her with you when exploring and fighting.


While having Voria as your active ally she occasionally opens up vore scenes with certain enemies you defeat.