Underworld Armorer - Part 1 - RPLOG

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- The back alley of Eureka. It is here that most of the illegal dealings of the city commence, and where Zephyr sent Agents to aquire Military-Grade Plating. What could possibly go wrong?

- Meanwhile Nekura made the time to shrink away her spear since the last thing she needs at the moment is to end up going Rut happy all over the other agents like the last time she allowed it to run rampant. Despite this though the Nightmare is still pretty horny from being in Heat for the past week as well which leaves her walking a little funny as she approaches the meeting point.

- Darkness filled the shadows and the sky seemed bleak. Pillars of buildings that stood on either side protruded up and about as though the ribs of some long dead beast. Clambering to either side, ratlike creatues and old boxes filled with unknown goods littered the sides... It was a place that the people avoided if they could, and passed swiftly when they must. It was the bottom of the bottom... at least the surface world thought it was...

- Mokou stepped into that alley as a sinner among theives. Her attired was her typical work, the only addition that seemed out of place was the bag upon her back. A large suitcase wrapped in twine and rope, jingling every few steps she took with it. Aside from that... the only thing that followed her in was a slight little fox at her side. A collar wrapped about their neck proclaimed the word "Felix" and the small mechanical... box upon their back seemed to indicate their purpose. A large Red cross... The fennec sighed, gazing about the place before twisting her tail, letting it fall back to the ground. A grim smile and her eyes pierced through the darkness, leering and looking... Trying to find that one little... heh... rat. "A job is a job... M-might be able to... p-pick that up... too... Alright then... Let's get this over with." That her eyes fell upon a particular Darkhorse... she simply took a few steps back and to the side, trying to dismiss the other. No need for... any of that.

- Lots of things, lots of things could possibly go wrong when dealing with the criminal underground, but for one jackal with a knack for combat, bless his tainted little soul, this was just another Zpehyrian mission, a chance to butt heads with someone while furthering his employers' research project. He knew about as much of the criminal underground as did a fly understand quantum physics.
Whistling a merry tune to distract himself, undeterred by the shadiness of the situation, and frankly rather entertained, the jackal's heavy footfall is heard within the dark alley, his body covered in heavy armor, plated fists swinging by his sides, steel boots leaving deep prints wherever dirt or grime was present. "Spooky, shady... very creepy." he mutters to himself, expecting nothing more than to do what he'd done time and time again, deal with petty thugs in need of a good pummeling.
He'd been told that a trade was to be conducted, but a trade with Fairhaven's filthy criminal scum? He saw it far more likely that they'd raid a camp, do the citizens a favor, stomp out part of the crime and obtain their required salvage. ...right? ...right? Who knew... Zephyr themselves were quite shady, so it wouldn't be a surprise if they were in cahoots with the crime lords of the big city.
He approaches the meeting point, and sees a familiar face. Memories of past ventures flash through his head, some were rather amusing... in a way. His gaze then snaps onto the smaller figure in the group. "Mokou?" he mutters under his breath, happy to see another familiar face. "Ladies." he greets them both, even going so far as to take a light bow and cast Nekura a wink. "I guess this is the place, then. Spooky..." the jackal remarks, eyes wandering over the surrounding buildings. "Lots of potential perches for snipers up there..."

- Pelle flutters over to the meeting point is and lands giving them all a wave "hello Otto, hello Mokou and hello Nekura we all here to do the mission?" she asks tilting her head a bit looking at them all

- Emacs steps into the alley quietly. She raises an eyebrow. "Wow. I hang out at this place occasionally."
She took a moment to look around and nodded at the group that had already assembled. "Sup"
She didn't know what to make of the military grade plating. It didn't seem to her that it would matter to Zephyr unless someone had taken it from them. It was above her paygrade anyway.

- It seems that Otto and nekura are the only ones who didn't know where to look. And with underworld knowledge and connections, the rumor of armor plating has lead to a man named Terra, a herm slut rat that looks like he had too many sleepless nights. He wears a torn vest and slacks, and hanging from his belt is a holster with a massive revolver in it. But what seems to be the most obvious thing about him is the heavy scent of heat and fertility surrounding him, something he does not look happy about every time he notices he is rubbing his breasts. "What do you want?!" he yells at the group approaching him.

- Not that this is surprising given Nekura doesn't tend to go into this part of town for the same reasons that she has no idea where things are. Yet as they go to the place of interest and the rat slut ends up giving them such a salty expression the Nightmare decides to be lewd/evil and distracts Terra with an Erotic Dance.

- Down the ally and around the bend, the fennec and her fox slipped by, walking through and continuing onward. A rat though, that's what she knew. What she could rustle up. Terra, a familiar name if... not for the rat before her. Mokou stepped forward, trying to flash a brief grimace and a smile back to the lass. The expression familiar, the grip upon their chest well known... And she moved to speak. Before... The horse. Blasted little... She sighed, taking a further step back from Nekura and their dancing. "I swear... Stupid horses... Stupid stupid..." Gripping her shoulders for the moment, she looked slowly to the rat, reaching out and trying to pull their gaze away from looking to the horse. "Pardon Lass, we don't take her out much... We're just needing some information is all. Then... can try and fix you up something with your... problem..."

- The jackal turns his head towards the source of the noise, his sniffer instantly assaulted by the aromas of heat and female need. What he smells was appetizing, but the same could not be said about what he sees and hears. His gaze is instantly drawn to the large firearm at the rat's side. Ultimately, he leaves the others to discuss the terms of the business exchange seeing as that wasn't Otto's strong suit, and then Nekura starts putting on a show... for some reason?
A long, drawn out sigh parts his lips as he observes, and while the show was enticing, they had a job to do, dog gummit! Once Mokou speaks up, he listens closely, unsure by what she meant when she spoke of this... 'problem'. Whatever it was, it probably wasn't good. "We're here on behalf of a wealthy benefactor, seeking to procure some military grade armor plating." the jackal clarifies as he leans against one of the walls and casts the rat an empty glance.

- Pelle flutters after the rest following where they are going looking around the places they go to till they meet up with the rat she gives her a look before going back to giving the place they are in a look not really the one with is good at taking and when her glance comes to look at Nekura she shakes her head a bit and continues looking around

- Emacs says nothing but pays attention to the rat's body language. She wants to get a read on Terra's reaction.

- A whistling cat-call can be heard from a nearby window when Nekura starts dancing, but the caller immediately closes the shutters when someone turns to look. Terra however, doesn't repond well to the group's responses. "Did you just call me LASS?!" He reaches for his revolver, but immediately stops himself. "No, no... That... Whatever. You looking for armored plating? Then you need to pay for it. Nothing in the world is for free! I already got a few starting bids, but with a little incentive..." He rubs his fingers together "...then I'll be sure to put you on the top of the list." He waits for them to give suggestions for his payment, smiling wickedly.

- Nekura spoof Not that Nekura is entirely surprised by the fact the mouse 'girl' wasn't paying attention though she does end up trying to see who whistled from the window.

- Mokou nearly snapped at hearing the rat break that terms and speech, but she stayed her ground. "Pardon there, but yes. The armored plating. We know it's running through and we know the plating." A small smile played at her lips as she heard the others murmuring lightly, the lass giving a slow nod. "What we can offer? Well, there is the old standby of some creds... a bit of salvage to pick you off the ground..." She paused there a moment, nodding to the ground by her, over to her fox Felix and the box upon his back. "Might also be willing to throw in a few meds I got in there. Some for actual help... some to help clear up that miscommunication. Cut out the female bits.... Get you back to a man's man."

- Otto's eyes never left the spot where that revolver was, and once the rat reaches for it, so does he lean away from the wall and snarl under his breath. Thankfully, the firearm remains in its holster, leaving Otto's brows furrowed, and his fists clenched, but his own weapons in place. Every so often, his glance wanders over to the windows of the buildings surrounding them, his suspicions that they were being watched and likely aimed at all but confirmed.
He listens closely as Mokou speaks, his tail twitching behind him as he feels what's going to come up. That grin plastered on the filthy rat's face... that wasn't a business smile, that was an extortionist's wicked grin. Was it? Call it a hunch, a gut feeling if you will, but perhaps not. Ugh, that creature was as vile as it was shady... and clearly not fond of what's between its legs. "Shit, I can fix you right here and right now. Coyote works wonders." the jackal states, then ponders for a moment "My benefactors are quite wealthy, we'd be more than willing to pay top dollar, and just as my lovely associate here as pointed out, we would be willing to sweeten the deal. Personally, I could offer you a large boon of finely crafted armaments, if that tickles your fancy."

- Pelle listens to wat is being said and when otto talks of crafting stuff she speaks up a bit "well I can do a bit of weapon crafting as well, it will probably not be as good as the stuff otto makes but its still weaponry" she shrugs and being uneasy after the rat was about to poll a gun on them takes to looking into the windows making sure there are no more guns at them at them

- Emacs "It's clear that you have money, and that you have armaments. So I can't say that I know what we can rightly offer you, as with both things comes the opportunity to rectify any perceived issue with identity."
She smiles "More importantly, Zephyr is wealthy, and if that is not enough, very powerful. The currency you probably use is minted by us. Our work is a keystone of your life, for better and worse. And the favor of Zephyr may likewise improve your life..."

- The slut rat waits as offers are made to him, his tail flicking when he hears about Mokou's offer about removing his female bits, but he shakes his head anyway. "No no, what I want is something a bit... warmer. Something that will never leave me no matter what I ask of it." He glances to Nekura, and then back to Mokou. "A... friend of mine has a few for sale. If you can get him to give me three of his 'red toys', I'll tell you exactly where you can find the armor dealer." He pauses for a second for people to catch up with his train of thought, then adds "get me a few of those female-part-removers and I'll even direct away some of your... competition." He notices that he has a hand under his vest an immediately pulls it back, his face noting his sour mood again.

- Meanwhile Nekura ends up huffing when the rattus doesn't pay attention to her though she ends up peering up at the window where the whistler was a few moments ago. "And I don't suppose you happen to know who lives in that one?" she asks Terra. She might be being a bit area-ist at the moment.

- Mokou winces at that glance, her ears perking before nigh instantly dropping at the words that were shared. A breath given... a slow and heavy grumble falling from her lips, muzzle pulled up in a half grimace as she stepped back from the rat. "Warmer 'ey? I think... Think we could find you something for that. 'haps." A slow breath, a sharp exhale and she shook her head. "Relax girl... just... relax..." She peered back up, a small smile never touching her eyes given. "Very well. Can get you your... toy's..." Moving to the side, rifling through her Felix's box, she swiftly pulled out a small bottle of pills. Another, blue with a sharp X crossed over it, drew her gaze... She hesitated... Before handing the bottle to the 'lad' "Here. Take a few and you'll be fine." A slow smile was offered before she gestured out. "Now... Your... friend... A name so we can go, 'right?"

- Otto was not liking this, he was NOT liking this one bit. He keeps a stern expression, unmoving, unflinching, though deep down he feels disgust welling up as he processes what he'd heard. Honestly, he wasn't sure what to make of it quite yet. These... 'red toys', they were alien to him. He hadn't a clue what was being talked about, but boy did this rub him the wrong way. "Right." the jackal says, plain and simple, cracks his knuckles and braces himself. Somehow, he had a hunch that this day was about to get a whole lot worse.

- Pelle losens giving a glance to the windows she fells sombody looking at them a few times befor looking back to the rat tilting her head a bit "mind telling us wat the red toys are?" she asks not realy sure wat they are

- Emacs thinks that something called a toy can't possibly be that unpleasant. She did not expect something so surely wholesome from this unkempt undesirable. She mutters something under her breath about her guess about it being a ball of some sort, probably used for bouncing off walls.

- The slut rat takes Mokou's pills and stuffs them in his pocket, finally smiling about something. "Ask for Little John at the Auction House. It's the door in this alleyway with a drawing of a shovel above the door frame." Terra then looks to Nekura and says "You, dear lady, don't want a man like that. He is known to eat people. And I don't mean that in the sexual way." He glances up at the window in question, a look of disdain on his face. "Anyway, you better get going. You're giving me too much attention for this part of town."

- Nekura just makes a :| face when told the person in the window eats people and goes to wander out of the area where Terra was.

- Mokou slowly stepped back from the rat, her face visibly souring as she did so. "Understood then." A sharp yip was given, Felix hopping back to her side before the fennec turned, gripping Nekura and Otto at the shoulder and pulling them along. "Come on then... I know where that place is." Her claws might have been a touch sharper than they needed to be, and her grip a touch firmer... But given the murmuring that she growled beneath her breath at... likely was either for a purpose... or venting. A flick of the tail... A shiver and a sigh...

- The pull came as a surprise, but Otto didn't resist it. He had no reason to, nor was he fired up by the idea of staying in this forsaken alleyway. He casts the rat a dirty look before turning to go with the others, then directs his gaze to Mokou. "What was that all about, what's that punk asking of us exactly, what are these toys?" he asks again and again, yet at the back of his mind, one could wonder why it was that Mokou was so familiar with these things. The fennec seemed to have some dark ties after all.

- Pelle follows the after them all waving good bye to the rat before going with the rest

- Emacs follows along keeping up with the rest of the group. She did not fail to notice the anger that Mokou displayed. The kitsune was not terribly concerned. The right way forwards would become clear with time. She doesn't bother to say goodbye to the rat.

- Everyone arrives at the Auction House. It is a rather nondescript door, but the drawing of a shovel is definitly written above it. It opens easly and quietly, the smell of many different forms (and a few sexual fluids) coming from the room inside. With Little John somewhere inside, the group enters...