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Species: Jaguar Warrior
Gender: Male, Female
Changes gender: Yes
Combat: Yes
Location: Museum
Must be found?: Yes
Events: None
Bring to Bunker?: Yes
Sex?: Yes
Infectious: No
Endings: Incomplete

Flag Categories

Flags: Guy, Girl


You find yourself facing a powerful looking feline warrior, with the distinctive markings of a jaguar. He carriers an ornate feathered shield and a dangerous looking sword crafted from a stick with several sharp looking black stones embedded in it. Atop the jaguar's head is an elaborate headdress modeled after the large feline now wearing it.

After defeated female appearance: Tehuantl is an exotic looking female jaguar, with wide hips, long legs and an alluring figure. Her long dark hair, which match the black rosettes in her golden yellow fur, is tied up in a long ponytail which reaches down to the middle of her back.

After defeated male appearance: Tehuantl is an exotic-looking male jaguar, with a lean physique and impressive muscles. His bearing and fluid movements make it instantly clear that he knows how to fight - not as good as you though, as you forced him to submit to you in the museum and took the proud feline as your pet. Having accepted his new role under you, the jaguar keeps his feathered shield and obsidian-toothed Aztec sword stashed next to his bedroll these days, spending his time with trying to please you instead of martial training.


Tehuantl initially starts as a monster encounter in the Museum. If defeated there three times, he drops his headdress. If they player puts this on, they will be infected with Jaguar Warrior, but it will also enable them to claim victory over Tehuantl in their next fight. After winning the fight, Tehuantl can be gender shifted to female or left as a male, and the player takes him/her back to The Grey Abbey Library.

Female Tehuantl will eventually go into heat. Players with a cock can help her through the situation, but those without must find an alternate solution. The player may search for Feline Relief in the Red Light District, which triggers a fight with a Latex Mistress. Victory will allow the player to acquire a variety of sex toys to let Tehuantl deal with her heat on her own.


  • Tehuantl has heat-driven sex scenes with the Felinoid Companion, Sven, Snow and Sarah.
  • Sex with Tehuantl is not infectious, but wearing the Jaguar Headdress will cause infection.

GitHub: https://github.com/Nuku/Flexible-Survival/blob/master/AGentlemanCalledB/Jaguar%20Warrior.i7x