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Location: Dry Plains
Level: 9
HP: 155
Damage: 7
Loot: Earthen Seed
Target Gender: Herm

Flag Categories

Flags: Guy, Herm *


Heat?: No

Author- Blue Bishop

Danger Level: 9, Typical Environment: Dry Plains


You happen upon what -- at first -- appears to be a large boulder randomly jutting up from the ground, much larger than you in size, until the mass begins to stir to life! Crawling to its feet, you see before yourself a bulky and wide-set beast, stout and covered in a earthen-coloured, tough, almost chitinous hide as its back spires upwards to make a craggy peak. Directing its attention to the one who disrupted its rest, clearly not at all pleased, it attempts to slowly approach and subdue you, forcing you to keep your distance and deal with this matter.


  • A male herm which prominently focuses on vore content. Players must be the valid scale (3) and have Vore Adjust at normal or higher to obtain a chance for this to happen.
  • The vore scene is expanded into a sub-battle, which behaves similarly to normal combat except the player only has two options: Struggle and Abide. Struggle fills a meter that, once full, ends the encounter, and abide is a waiting action.
  • Players suffer a constant loss of sanity, an increase in "Lust", and a rise in their hunger/thirst. Lust is a snapshot of the players libido and, when the player reaches 100, takes a hit to their libido and their sanity, and the lust resets to the new libido value. Players who reach zero sanity receive a succumb ending. Both sanity and lust and their rates of change are modified by their appropriate feats.
  • Having sex with this monster always results in a recovery of hunger and thirst, the effect of which is doubled for "Bound" players (To compensate for the rapid decay). They have an infection drop item which has a similar effect.
  • The infection strain is juvenile relative to the source, which is why it trends players to a scale of 3, instead of the monster's proper scale (Which is more of a lower 5, upper 4).
  • Banning Hermaphrodites causes the monster to become male--though their genitals outward appearance doesn't change.
  • Drops earthen seed.