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Sheela was born and raised in Germany, having only moved to the states a few months before the world changed forever. Her parents happened to earn a lucrative position at Zephyr, helping to pioneer their newest advancements in nanite technology. Being a student of architecture, it wasn't really like she had all to much knowledge about what here parents were working on. She was set on furthering her education so that she could get a well paying job and live comfortably. As close knit as she was with her parents, she was still looking forward to carving her own path in life. For most, that would be moving out of the house to live on your own, or perhaps find someone nice to start a relationship with. But for Sheela, it was P-day that forced her to become independent.

It was a day like any other. Sheela had been at home, enjoying her free time in front of a computer while her parents were out. Distracted as she was, she almost missed one of the most important calls of her life. It was her parents, desperately trying to warn her of the catastrophe that was soon to plunge the world into chaos. Thankfully she managed to answer in time to hear their final instructions before the cell service was interrupted. Unlike many, she was able to retreat into a small shelter that had been built with the house. How many times she had mocked it, saying that there would never be a practical time to use it! However, it was that small room that ended up protecting her from the worst of the initial outbreak. While others were rapidly losing their sanity and fighting over scraps, she was able to ride out the worse of it with preserved food and water. But her parents never came to rejoin her, and eventually her rations would near depletion.