Salamander Femme

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Salamander Femme

Arms: Gouging Claws
Tail: Tail Drop
Head: Bleeding Bite
Legs: Skitter
Skin: Slime Toss


Like their animal forebears, Salamander Femmes can regenerate lost limbs - only the nanite plague has taken this ability to whole new levels.

The Salamander Femme's body is covered in sensitive skin. Her head is a flat wide head, filled with a mouth full of diminutive teeth. Her body is especially effeminate, with wide hips, thighs, and a thin waist that clamors for attention. She has 2 small breasts. Her arms are still human, though they flex a little more than could be considered normal. Her legs are especially flexible, with small claws on her toes. She has a long, narrow, fleshy tail mounted atop soft and squishy ass cheeks. A private peek would reveal that: Her groin resembles that of a salamander femme. She has a moderately large enticingly wet cleft.