Rsx Operative (dedication)

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The name's... uh... line?


For 50 Mako, one can get trained as an RSX Operative in their Promethean Studies Lab.


RSX Operatives automatically receive a passive +30 loadout. They also get Practiced Haste to boost their speed in combat, and they can easily return to the fight with Measured Breath.

You are also given the ability to shift human whenever you desire.

Additional Equipment

Name Description Mako Cost
Rsx Connections Rsx treats its operatives well, and equips them thoroughly before they get into trouble. This item grants +10 resources while in the Rsx Operative dedication. If you have this item, and the RSX Op badge, but are not dedicated currently, you will gain +15 of your +30 loadout. 50

Thematic Information

Not supernatural. RSX Operatives are trained for quick, decisive, action. They know how to move swiftly with everything they need (+30 loadout capacity), get the action done, and get out of there fast.