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The Red Court has always been a popular hang-out spot in Fairhaven. Some would come to drink, others would come to take advantage on the large pool on the roof... and others would come for what lies downstairs. However, on this particular day, its guests and residents would have to suffer through an unexpected overcapacity! The main hall was absolutely packed with a variety of mutants who all seemed to wear the same ragged style of clothing. Leather vests, cut jeans... they looked like a biker gang. Their manners were on par with a gang too, if not worse. From outside, the occasional crash of glass followed by an uproar of laughter fills the air. Some of the party seems to have spilled onto the street too, as a few of the members idle by the door with booze and smokes in hand. It would be impossible to get inside without brushing shoulders with them, probably deterring the more non-confrontational folk. If someone wasn't able to get this under control, who knows what sort of damage could happen to this place that so many loved to visit?
First to show up on the scene was Zen, a dark-furred wolf in casual attire. Followed by his mate, they stop at the edge of the block and look upon the entrance to the bar. "Huh, looks like this place is busier than normal today. Well, no matter... lets see if there still some space to slip in." He growls lightly while making his approach. Another crash of glass from inside causes his ears to flit to side as his expectations of a good time are put into question. At the front, 4 mutants could be seen chatting with each other, smoking, and taking swigs from bottles of alcohol. They all looked to have more canine features than anything else. Perhaps they were they were acting like bouncers? Their muscle and bulk certainly aided that idea.
It had been some time since Sheela was in town, but when it came to enjoying a drink and relaxing with some good music, she was always there! A little unsure of the surroundings, she strolls behind Zen and clasps her arm around his. Tonight's destination was supposed to be the Red Court, enjoying a relaxing evening, but as yet she knew nothing of what to expect there. She was dressed relatively plainly, considering what colorful and quirky birds were running around in the city. She wore only a black sports bra that clasped tightly around her breasts and was covered by a black leather jacket that had a crimson plaid pattern on the sleeves and at the end. Her strong legs were covered with brown shorts that stopped just above her knees, belted for style and support, and hugged her ass tightly. As she gets closer and closer to the Red Court with her lover she could already hear from the far noise that usually did not come from the hustle and bustle of other everyday life. She winced as the shards scattered on the floor, the loud voices seeming more threatening than fun. "You think? It looks to me like all hell is breaking loose there?! Should we really go to the Red Court today?", she growled questioningly to Zen, before skeptically looking at the four larger mutants who seemed to have also suffered the loss of manners. "Maybe we should ask if there's even room?", she growled uncertainly to Zen, before pricking up her wolf ears a bit more warily.
Parthenia is obviously where the party is. That is her name after all. Or a nickname rather? Parthy! Close enough right? And this gang couldn't have had a good time without the maid being around to spice up the mood. If anything they may not have even realized yet that she was there. Just a source of music somewhere off to the side. Yes indeed she was the local DJ. Letting her fingers sun over the key of the piano, filling the court with slightly depressing at time music.
After some time of this ruckus, Nyazuli approached the scene from the street. She was neither a regulat nor someone accustomed to the place, but was slightly puzzled by the amount of mutants overflowing from the place. Figuring out there might be fun to be had, she decided to approach the entrance and push her way inside, ducking bellow the door frame and swimming through the crowd to reach the main counter.
Over by the staircase inside the Red Court, there's what looks to be a human guy with green eyes, short brown hair, pale skin, and an outfit that falls somewhere between Renaissance Faire and goth metalhead concert. Black leather for days. The dark smoke pouring from a scar around his neck and the celtic motif of the leatherwork seems to hint that this isn't necessarily a fashion statement. For now, he's content to watch over the party. Looks like there are some new arrivals. The most obvious of whom are a ten foot tall dragon lady and a couple of wolves he thinks he recognizes.
From inside, Parthenia's presence would be allowed, if only because of the music she was offering. Although, even the sounds of the piano become drowned out over the droning sound of voices trying to speak over each other. A few of 'guests' find themselves surrounding her, both watching her work and watching her body with greedy eyes. Finally, one of them takes the initiative, slouching over her back and wrapping an arm around her shoulder. "You here every night, Sweet-tits? When do ya, normally take break? If ya want... me and my friends here can give ya a good time!" He rumbles with booze-scented breath. His paws slink a little lower over he chest, seeming to have no regard for her personal space.

From outside, Zen watches as Nyazuli makes her way inside. Seems the 'bouncers' didn't want anything to do with her. Perhaps it was her size that made them a bit apprehensive about trying to stop her? One of the other rowdy guests from inside briefly appears in the doorway before snarling, "Hey, what do you lot think you're doing? There is a reason you are out there, we don't have room for anyone else, so do your damn job!" And with that, he retreats back inside to join the rest of the party.

Nyazuli doesn't really make too many friends as she maneuvers her way towards the counter. Jade, the bartender, hardly as any room to maneuver much less take anyone's order in the state she was in. She also didn't really have any power to change her situation either, forced to make way as the gang of mutants raided the stores of booze. One of guests reaches up to grab onto Nyaluzi's shoulder, giving it a firm squeeze and demanding some attention. "Hey, does this bar look like it is mean for the extra large variety? How about you take a seat on the couch, I'll personally make sure you get your drink, in time."
Sheela quickly noticed that the crowd was splitting as a somewhat 'powerfully' built form pushed through the crowd. It was hard to miss what appeared to be a rather large dragon trying to push its way through the crowd, and perhaps this was also an opportunity to gain entry into the Red Court, sneaking past the supposed bouncers! She had to chuckle slightly as she saw the dragon duck, trying to wriggle his way under the door. "Zen, this is our chance if we want to get a seat!", she growled excitedly, pulling on Zen's arm to lead him into the commotion caused by the large dragon with folded wings. What would be waiting in there? Would the bouncers be unobservant enough? She didn't know how big the window of opportunity was or if it would be easy, especially as another mutant stepped up to the line. "Come on Zen, maybe we can still make it!", she growls a little more energetically before trying to make the most of the opportunity.
Parthenia continues to fill the place with the melody, though she misses a few notes. Concentration is broken. The music is ruined and despite her trying to continue the moment is ruined and on the most glorifying moment too! She hangs her shoulder and her head sighing before turning to look up at the prick who has dared to interfere with her wallowing in sorrow! She opens her mouth to let him have a piece of her mind but instead of word comes a belch filled with the stench of so much booze that it overwhelms even the scent coming from charming prick who rounded the music. The woman blinks seemingly confused by the sound coming from her. She blinks covering her mouth with her hand for a moment and swallowing. Did.... Did she throw up a little in her mouth too?! "Fuck off, ye'r fuUucking fucCk!" She bellows out at last. "YoOou, don't tell me when I take a break! Now... N-now!" She belches again, leans down, picks one of many empty bottles she has set on the floor and hands it to the jerk who has his paws on her. "Brinmeanother! I need to drown my sorrow!"
Nyazuli started to feel that her presence wasn't all that welcome here, Feeling someone else grab her shoulder, she turned toward the guest. After listening to him she answered, "That is very kind of you, although I am not familiar with the carte yet. I would rather learn it from the bartender myself first. And don't worry about me, I use regular sized glasses too my friend. Plus, the music here is divine... or was, whatever happened to it" she paternally tapped the shoulder of the guest an turned her back to him without paying him much more attention, trying to meet the gaze of the overworked bartender
The human man positive he recognizes the two timberwolves now! He hustles from the stairs to the front door, taking advantage of the wake left by double-size derg while there's still a gap in the crowd. He doesn't have a hat on, but all the same he's got one hand pushing down on the top of his scalp. It takes some shoulder-bumping and a little bit of the ol' duck-n-weave to get there, but eventually he manages to tap one of the bouncers on the shoulder. "Hey, let those two timberwolves in. I'll vouch for 'em," he says, presenting his ID on his comms.

It's a holographic scan of a stamped document, looking to be a guest registration for The Red Court if anyone takes the time to read it. The room in particular that he's registered to is simply marked "Bleu's apartment." The name on the document? Richard Stanley.

"Zen! Sheela! What brings you into the city?" he asks with a grin... and as soon as the bouncer is done inspecting his comms, he sends a quick message to Jade telling her to cut off the piano-lady. God only knows if Jade has the time to read the message, if she even notices it in the rush...
Despite letting the large dragoness through, the bouncers don't make the same mistake of letting even more into the party. As Zen and Sheela try to sneak in behind her, one of the bouncers reaches out and grasps Sheela's wrist with a firm grip. Even if she tried to pull free, the canine's grip seemed especially firm! "Hey missy, we are a bit over capacity at the moment! Ah, but how 'bout you stay out here with us! We'd appreciate your company! Lookie, we even got our own drinks! We don't mind sharing, right boys?" He growls with a toothy grin. Even as richard cuts his way through the crowds to try and vouch for them, the bouncers look at each other in confusion. One of the others whispers to another, "Wait... is he one of us?" The other simply answers, "Do you know any of us who have residency here? Of course not!" The slight distraction from Richard, even if it was unattended, was follow by a meaty thud as Zen flat-out decks the one holding his mate's wrist. A deep growl follows as he says, "You have some nerve! Lay a hand on her again and you'll wish a fist to the face is all you'll get, am I clear?" His gaze quickly shifts to the other three bouncers, who still looked a bit shocked at what happened. The sounds near the entrance briefly simmer down as a few other guests notice the commotion. But it doesn't stay that way for long, and soon the inner crowd is cheering for a fight!

Parthenia still had her hands full with the dog that was hitting on her. It was a wonder she was able to play so well with how plastered she seemed! However, now that he knew how drunk she was, a surge of confidence compelled him to try a bit harder to take her for himself. "Yeah yeah, I'll give you all you can drink. But, I think your playing is wasted on these bums. C'mon, get off that piano and lets take a walk to the back room! Mmmh, and I'll be sure to get you a fresh bottle!" He growls, starting to gently try and pull her from the seat.

The man that Nyazuli had promptly ignored doesn't take the dismissal all too well. In the next moment, he is trying to pull the large dragon off of her seat. However, his efforts hardly seem to have any effect. Yeah, who would have thought he'd be able to move her? Perhaps he was suffering from a case of 'beer-muscles'? Doesn't stop him from trying, causing some of his comrades to laugh at his futile efforts. Jade tries to make her way to meet with Nyazuli, but is promptly cut off as another canine-woman cuts in front of her and positions herself in front of the dragon. "Oh, you're a big one? What can I get for you sugar? Everythings on the menu!" She says, occasionally glancing at the hand on her shoulder.
Almost done, she could already see the doors, they were at most two steps away when suddenly a strong grip clasped her wrist. "Hey, watch out not so rough!", she growls a bit uncomfortable, while one could clearly see how her feral side started to awaken in her. Even the words from the bouncer seemed to awaken something wilder in her more and more, though for a brief moment she let her ocean blue eyes roam over the wild dogs, examining them. Among the tumult she could perceive a familiar voice, it was almost barely audible and yet she knew to place it directly. It was Richard! Shit, how could he be so naive and think that these 'bouncers' would heed his request. "Richard! Be careful, the guys here don't seem to take any jokes!", she growls a bit lower in a warning tone, hoping that Richard hears it in time to become aware of the actual situation and that it wasn't the usual yapping dogs guarding the entrance. It seemed, but as if she didn't have to worry about this guy, at least not yet, because quickly she saw the fist collide with his face, as Zen crushes protectively between them and with a single blow darkens the consciousness of the mangy mutt. Immediately she turns to the other three 'bouncers' and as if from nowhere her neck fur awakens, rising as bared teeth meet them, "You don't want to make enemies in this town and now step aside before the next one sticks his tail between his legs and shows me what little puppies you actually are!", she growls menacingly, exposing the full glory of her mouth's lethal tools. Was it now 3 against 3 or would the ruffians prefer to devote themselves to something else, perhaps a new sip of their liquor?
Parthenia perks up! All she can drink. Now the dog was talking her language. "W-well fucc!" She mumbles. "Yo... Listen!" She struggles to get up to her feet, itcock nice to have some help! Is she gonna fall over? No. Wait... Maybe?! Seems stable. Another belch that makes her waver a little. "D-uh..." She narrows her eyes looking her new friend up and down a few times. "Duh... Who the fuck are you even? Some sorta mongrel, huuu?" She asks with one of the eyes squinted and a look of disgust on her face. "Shit... Unlucky." Lips stretch out to the side, arm raises with a bottle and she suckles it giving the dog another long look. "Listen... Dog. I need to piss... So scratch the back room, and take me to the bathroom, you... You dog..."
Nyazuli definitely got the message, a bunch of thugs not really keen on sharing the place, but she really wanted to hear it from the employees before starting a bar fight. When she saw Jade approaching, she started to inhale, about to ask her about the situation only to be rudely interrupted before she could. Midly annoyed she answered, "A double mochaccino, one sugar, name written in the foam. Name's Nyazuli, N Y A Z U L I, as well as a couple steps to the right so that I can talk to the lady behind you if that's not too much to ask. Alternatively there seems to be ruckus at the door, maybe you'll want to focus on that instead of me?" This was overly provocative but she had a bad day so that probably makes it ok? Anyway, expecting for a fight to break out at any moment, she started to reach for her pouch with her tail, coiling it around one of her shank bombs
Richard sneers in disbelief. How could he be so naive, you ask? Simple. He hasn't had his good will towards all beaten out of him yet. "Mother*fucker.*" He hooks a thumb over his shoulder at a different bouncer. "HE told me you were-"


Well, Zen just ended that conversation. He's left standing there for a couple of seconds while the fact that the other side of the discussion just got knocked the fuck out. "...Okay, I guess this is how it's going now," he sighs, turning around to the other bouncers. He positions himself partly in between the two wolves and the three potential adversaries. "Please, please, PLEASE just let them in, or the three of you are all going to end up buttfucking each other." Okay, that's an odd threat. Hang on, was his skin always that shiny? He's starting to look positively reflective!
As the other dogs start to ready themselves for a brawl, the audience inside starts to cheer. "You going to let him do that to ya? C'mon, teach them a lesson! Yeah, do your fucking job!" They holler, starting to make a small circle to witness what happens next up close. Zen, Sheela, Richard, and the three standing guard dogs seem to be the center of attention. For now, the three remaining bouncers hesitated to make a move. That last punch seemed to pack some heat after all! Could they really keep the audience waiting with all their eyes on them? If they failed to do their job, they'd be the laughingstock of the gang! As Richard steps in, trying keep things from escalating, the largest of the remaining three steps up to him. "You think you have any authority here, little man? Maybe you should run back up to your room before you get yourself into trouble!" He snarls, balling up his fist and cracking his knuckles in an imposing manner. However, that is all he does for the moment, honestly considering if it was worth barking up this tree. It seemed Richard had bought them all a few moments, or perhaps an opportunity to keep the initiative! But with the crowd behind them, it seemed there was only one way this could go!

A toothy grin finds itself plastered on the mutt's face as Parthenia seems to become more agreeable. Although, it would be clear to see that he took some offense when she appraised him. Regardless, he helped her to her feet and wrapped an arm under hers to support her weight. His hand begins to fondle her breast as a low growl slips from his lips, "Yeah yeah, I'm a dog, how observant you are!" He growls before leaning in a bit closer and whispering, "Now... lets get to the bathroom... and maybe I'll show you how dogs do it! I think you'd make a fine bitch to get tied to!... even if you're piss-drunk."

The woman behind the bar nodded at the dragon and chuckled softly as she emphasized her name, before the slightly tipsy dog moved a bit out of sight. Nyazuli could see the girl, who resembled a hyena, simply walk over to the beer kegs and draw a fresh beer. It slowly flowed into the slightly larger mug before forming a heavenly white foam. Suddenly, Nyazuli could feel a paw touching her ass and a slightly more insistent growl awoke, "You shouldn't ignore me.... Niiiasuli!", the mutt slurred without following the tail's movements and what threat might come from it. "Now come, take my offer... sit on the couch and I'll bring you your mochaccino with an extra creamy filling!", he rumbled more insistently before starting to knead your ass a little harder with his paw. Jade, the goo-girl barkeep, finally makes it to her with an exasperated expression. She doesn't make a sound, but her body language shows that she is not all too pleased with the state of affairs. He gestures to the side to draw attention to how some of the other guests were just taking what they wanted.
Puzzled she looks at Richard, was that a plea or a threat?! Honestly, she couldn't tell, but somehow she was amused by the situation and hoped that this part would help the bouncers to miss their task again and just let them into the Red Court. After all, one of the mangy dogs was already lying on the ground and seemed to be unconscious for now. Could maybe a little Sexy Piel help, or a woman's soothing voice? No, she had already made her move and there was no retreat! "Very well, it seems you're not making a retreat... then let's sort it out another way so you can run back to your mother with your tail between your legs!", she growled, looking over at Zen and Richard. "Besides, I don't remember such bullies guarding the entrance...", she sighed softly, before her fists formed into deadly claws and a deep rumble erupted from her throat. It was too late, now there was only the fight! She nodded to Zen and Richard before focusing on one of the smaller ones and taking the moment of surprise to move past the larger dog.
Parthenia notes that it is somewhat easier to walk with her breast in a paw and her weight on the dog. She just goes right ahead and leans into the mut with all of her weight. Her heavy ass will have to be dragged away. "Phah! I know how a dog does it. No~ow~... What I could show you could be fun as well!" She mumbles with the look of conspiracy on her face. She was also whispering as the, now couple, was walking away. "Listen closely." She purrs~ and belches right into the mutt's face. "There~ be~.... Glory hole there in the crappa~..." She nods and winks. Now when a dog gets it's knot stuck in one of em, now that's a real treat!" She gasps and raises her hand with index finger extended and bottle still in it! "Slso! I am not piss..." Clearly she is distracted by the bottle and her mind is side tracked. She takes another sip. "I NEED ANOTHER!"
With a nod of understanding towards the goo girl, She whipped her tail out of her pouch, letting the bomb fall slightly behind her going by the position of where she was being groped. She turned her head to face this "patron" and smiled with a toothy grin, She continued with her usual sass, "Firstly, yes I would love a Mocha, Secondly, yes I know you want to fuck, I'm not interested, Thirdly we both know you aren't going to ask me out first, with a oh, I don't know, double Mocha with one sugar and some nice compliments, and finally, watch where you step" She started to spin the pin of the bomb on the tip of her tail right in between them, although her timing might have been off as it still had a couple seconds on the timer, regardless, she jumped on her feet and adopted a combat stance
Richard now looks like some weird-ass mashup of three different eras. Ren Faire, goth nightclub, and fuuuuuuuture. Everything is chrome in the future. Even the people. He shivers as the finer details of his features recede into being a smooth, living metal goop, finalizing his transformation into a wannabe T-2000. "Uhh... y'know, I'm pretty sure *none* of us have any authority here. I'm trying to offer you a way ou-" That avenue also closes with the swift and violent actions of a wolf who's having their dominance questioned. 'Leeroy Jenkins' it is, then! "Fuck me nonsexually," He groans, dashing to follow Sheela into the fray. He discards his armor's gauntlets and gets slappy with his bare, metallic, gooey hands.

Richard isn't entirely sure if these goons recognize the Quicksilver Serpent infection, but either way, they're about to find out what happens when the nanites decide that mercury would be better if it raised sensitivity and libidos instead of doing brain damage... and then made a person out of that mercury. His swings have no follow-through, and his blocks are mostly with his exposed hands and fore-arms. He doesn't look like he's *fighting* so much as playing a game of tag without the 'no tag-backs' rule as he tries to overwhelm his foe's senses.
A bottle flies from the crowd, shattering against the floor and spilling its contents all over the ground near the front door. "Don't just stand there, fuck em up! Look what they did to Jeff! Boss'll skin you alive if you don't show your worth!" One of the audience shouts. "Yeah, and you going to let them talk all that smack to you! Mmh, but that sassy white wolf might be fun to tussle with! Maybe I'll get to go a round with her if you can't manage it!" Another patron shouts. A feminine voice from the crowd chimes in, "Oooh, but maybe you can let the big one though, he looks like he'd be a lot of fun to play with! What do ya say, big boy? Want to join me for a drink?" Well, it seems like there were mixed opinions all around, but that didn't matter to those who had an expectation to uphold their duty.

As Sheela dove in to keep the initiative, the burly dog she attacked backpedal'd, and managed to narrowly keep from getting slashed by those vicious claws. Even if he wasn't as big as the largest one there, he still had quite a lot of muscle to him and looked like he was no stranger to a brawl. Unfortunately for Sheela, the dog managed to find an opening in her attack, dodging a swipe and kicking out with is leg before the wolf had a chance to recover. What a tremendous blow it was, flying into her stomach and sending her sprawling back towards the crowd! She wasn't allowed to touch the floor though, as she found herself held up but a few of the audience. She could feel their breath on her as their hands gripper her body lightly. One takes the opportunity to stroke her tail near the base while giving a long lick to her cheek. Was she out of the fight yet, or was she just getting started?

The other burly dog that Richard was focusing on seemed to be a bit more green, haphazardly trying to strike Richard despite leaving himself open to counters. Whether it was the booze or the size advantage, he thought it wouldn't be too hard to teach the little man his place. But no matter how hard he tries, he can't seem to make anything land. Richard would likely have no problem exploiting one of his weaknesses. How would he do it, and would he manage to bring that dog to heel?

Oh my, 'this was my day' thought the shepherd. He rarely had the opportunity for such fun! One of the others who had been watching him was encouraged to shout, "Wow, so the youngster finally has his first fuck!" Another adds, "Well with that drunk girl it's no wonder, at least we can play some good music now!" Together, the group toasts and winks at the German Shepherd, who leads the drunken miss towards the restrooms. His paw massaging the breasts gets rougher and rougher as he listens to the words before growling happily, "Mmmh, I can show you how big this treat is!". He didn't have the greatest balance either, seeming to be slightly drunk himself. Suddenly a muscle packed pit bull appears right in front of him and just growls in disgust at the German Shepherd, "I didn't hire you to enjoy a quick fuck in the bathroom! At least we had 'something' to listen to before!". He immediately grabs the shepherd by the collar and shoves him back before swinging another hand around Parthenia's hips and tightening them in his grip. Pitifully, the sheepdog pulls back and bows to the pitbull, apologizing more than necessary before heading in the direction of the music stand. "Mmh, as much as I'd love to have a treat like you, it seems I have something else to attend to." The pitbull snorts, before his stern eyes shift in the direction of the bar and over to the door before releasing her hips and giving a firm slap on her ass. Looks like the big dog was finally joining the party.

The scrappy dog that was picking a fight with the dragon snarls at her as she turns to give him some sass. As she gave him her full attention, he couldn't help but feel a bit out of his league, especially considering he couldn't budge her before. It was only when she made a comment about where he had stepped that he took his eyes off her to look down. His eyes squint at the device as the hairs on his neck stand up. That wasn't there before, right? And somehow, even without knowing what it was, he starts to back away while trying to cover himself with his hands. A concussive boom sends shrapnel skyward, causing the mutt that was standing near Nyazuli to get a glancing blow as some pieces embedded themselves in his hands. Well, it wasn't like the place wasn't trashed already! The only way it was going to be cleaned up was when the rabble was forced to leave! Seeing Nyazuli step up into a combative stance, the pitbull, pushes his way through the crowd to get a closer look. "Who the fuck let her in here? What the hell do I pay you for?" He snarls, looking towards the entrance briefly before looking back at Nyazuli. "And you, what the hell do you think your doing setting off shit like that in here. Get the fuck out of here now and maybe you can save some of you dignity. Stay, you'll be the pack bitch once I'm through with you." He snaps, reaching into his pocket and equipping himself with some nasty looking brass knuckles.
Parthenia was set on giving that damn mutt a fight some place where the odds of her not taking any cock were more in her favour but... Now... Now they were almost like soul mates! Now that the shepherd has massaged one of her breasts so thoroughly, and now that she've heard of his life's story, how could she not feel something for the mutt? To be honest, she was also a virgin! Well... At some point of time! And that was definitely a link between the two of them! There was a real connection! And here comes the SLAP on that plush ass of hers that sets everything in motion. First there is a signal to the brain, the reflex to bend over after getting spanked, and then... Realization of that fact that the virgin wasn't the one doing it! Stupid pit bull! That bottle in her hand is put to use. Right after the woman stands up straight! With all of her might she swings the empty thing at the back of the pitbull's head. (hopefully before he head off after Nyaz) "Dumb mutt! You~uh~ wanna stay virgin forever?! Come fight for me, you fu~U~ucc!"
As confident of victory as she was, her attack seemed to have been more than just ridiculous, as nothing more than a dull thud lands the pit of her stomach. She blanked out all the shouts and words as her Nanites tried to force her into her four-legged form. No, she didn't want to release the inner violence of a feral again. Suddenly she feels herself being grabbed from behind, an excited cock wedged between her ass cheeks, while a rough tongue licks over her face. She was not at the end of her rope yet. Her lungs huffed and puffed as she tried to resist the urge to vomit. "Leave me alone! As if I'd give myself to such a mangy mutant!", she yelps painfully before tearing herself free from the arms that threatened to sink her into the crowd. Fuck, that dick had felt really big and yet she knew exactly who she had sworn her loyalty to, painfully her ocean blue eyes looked to Zen before she took new courage! "That was it? That was a ridiculous punch?!", gasps rumbled from her lungs before she rekindled her desire to fight. She pressed her paws deep into the asphalt, leaving deep scrapes of battle before charging at the mutant once more. For a brief moment she looked at Richard, who seemed to be doing much better than she was... oh man, how awkward that was even though she had taken the initiative.
Nyazuli answered with an explosive laughter. She looked at the pitbull and dried a tear, "I'm sorry big boy I think there was a slight misunderstanding. You see, I'm not stuck here with you, you're all stuck here with me, so I'll give you a chance to pay the nice lady there what you owe plus reparation for the damage you caused. But I'm magnanime, I'll give you one minute to try and subdue me before I turn you into a pile of ashes in front of your 'gang'" She crossed her arm and whipped her tail in a beckoning motion. She continued with a smirk, "Let's dance big boy".

The pitbull was foaming with anger. Good, that'll make him easier to dodge. He charged forward in an with a predictable jab to the abdomen, as they all do. Nyazuli turned on herself parrying the blow with her tail in a continuous movement, pushing the pit bull off balance. Nyazuli laughed once again and continued, "Or maybe that's too hard for you, should we lower the bar to "force me to use my hands?"" This time that was it, the leader was fighting like a rabid feral, it would have been bad if it wasn't exactly the kind of fighting style the Dragoness was comfortable with, and the terrain on which she's been dragging him from the beginning. Despite her larger side, most of her opponents blow either missed or connected against her armor, doing minimal damage damage to the dragoness but draining the energy of her opponent. It became easier and easier to dodge until, after less than a minute, he was left heavily panting and barely trying, exhausted from the anger-driven exercion. The atmosphere then started to grow heavier as the dragoness behavior changed, She pierced him with her gaze and asked "Are you done?" with a dreadful voice, sending shivers down the spine of the whole assembly
Richard dips, ducks, dodges, and blocks the burly hound's ham-fisted fighting moves. Each time the fighter's furred flesh splats into his own, the dog would find himself panting harder and harder- Jesus Christ, did someone just set off a bomb?!

Richard, still part dullahan from the partial shift to Quicksilver Serpent, gets his head swiped off in the moment of distraction. It sticks in the dastardly dog's hand, mercurial aphrodisiacs sinking in every second as the dog stares at his handywork in shock. He's panting even harder. Harder still. This isn't exhaustion... this is NEED.

After determining that his body is over thataways and his head is over this-a-ways, Richard remote controls himself into clawing aimlessly at the assailant. More contact. More aphrodisiac. Very, very lewd thoughts about what one could do with the decapitated dullahan's dome are soon overriden once Richard gets a hand in between the dog's thighs. The dog winces at his own barely repressed urges, giving Richard enough of a gap to snag his head back. He plops it back onto his neck. Now with some coordination restored, he manhandles the paralyzed pooch into facing the other bouncers.

Fuck, they've got Sheela! Okay, no time to get all of them too randy to think. Richard spins his opponent around, pushing the pooch into the back of the one who'd just decked the she-wolf.

"Get 'im, boy!" he shouts, mid shove. The dog doesn't need to be told twice. He immediately latches onto his former comrade in a frenzy. Make love, not war.
With Richard and Sheela fighting two of the three remaining bouncers, Zen squares up with the larger of the three. There were probably a myriad of methods he could use to incapacitate him, but what better way than showing him the difference in their strength? Not having taken advantage of the inititive, the dark-furred wolf is forced to parry the blows, looking for an opportunity to turn his defense into a swift victory. As a fist comes flying for his face, he catches his wrist with one hand and starts to squeeze and twist. Even when the dog brings his other hand to pull the caught one free, he couldn't even begin to budge his grip. The sound of an explosion from further in causes him to turn his head an try to see what is going on beyond the crowd, but all he could really see was the large dragon they had seen earlier in her own sort of brawl. He was also able to hear the sounds of some pissed-off pitbull deafening the other sounds. It sounded like that one had a bit of authority here. Perhaps dealing with him would be the best way to get this crowd dispersed. Well, as soon as they handled these guys, who was going to stop them from going further in? He looked a bit worried to Sheela, seeing as how she had taken a pretty significant blow. However, he knew she was far from finished, and looked forward to seeing her get some retribution. On the other hand, he looked to Richard, not quite knowing what to expect from him, but seeing him handling himself rather well against his aggressor. But... why was that dog getting so red in the face... and it was clear to see he was getting pretty hard by that tent in his pants. As things were looking, they'd have this settled in no time before getting to finally see what was going in inside the place.

Beyond the crowd, Nyazuli was making the big, nasty pitbull look like a fool. The big dog's confidence was quickly crumbling, and his expectations of victory started to fade away. He couldn't land a significant blow! And the pressure... the fear of death was almost tangible in the air! He stops his onslaught for a moment before snarling to some of those that were near him. "Don't just fucking stand there! Teach this bitch a lesson!" He roars. Most were too afraid to try, especially after seeing their boss struggling so much. However, the crash of more glass comes from further down the counter as two more dogs join the fray from Nyazuli's back, now weilding jagged bottles still dripping with booze! Guess the chance of proving themselves to their boss outweight their fear of death... it would only be a matter of time before the discovered if it was the right choice!
Without hesitation, her gaze leaves Richard again and focuses on the essential, because she had before her a mangy mutt that was ready to repent for what he had done to her. She skillfully dodged the counterattack before her claws reflected in the fluorescent light and she firmly slammed her claws against his chest. She could feel the claws streaking through his fur, beginning to slice his skin before shooting a mist of blood into the crowd. Damn, she had hit him and it wasn't a soft hit! Luckily Richard had helped her, for a brief moment allowing her to get between the mangy mutt's guard and land such a hit. Panting, she looked down at the reeling dog, who whined and squirms and she growled at him, "Have you finally had enough? Stay back if you know what's healthy for you!". Gratefully nodding to Richard, because she was more than happy for the help, but it was not yet time to rest, still a powerful hyena stood there denying us entry. While she had a short breather, she looked at Zen, trying to see how he had fared, before focusing again on the mangy mutt. Her throat began to vibrate a bloody roar escaped her lips, trying not only to intimidate and calm those who were our opponents. No, it was deep and piercing, roaring through the crowd, trying to calm all those so they knew what a group they were up against! But concern pricked their ears as a low growl flew through the crowd, it seemed that someone even more formidable was waiting inside for them, someone who was more than just a mangy mutt.
Nyazuli mocked the pit bull once again, "ah yes of course, three 'alpha male' to take down one lady, not sure how much of an alpha that makes you pity-boi, don't say you weren't warned" The atmosphere kept growing more and more sinister. Something bad was about to happen. but the dragoness' dodges were slower as she was focusing on her offense.

She took multiple superficial hits, some of which from the broken bottles, she bit her own tongue to stay focused until she could get an opening on one of the goon that came to help. She dropped on all four, and pounced at him maw first, open unbelievably wide, and getting wider, or was the dragoness getting larger? She engulfed the goon in one bite, spraying blood on the floor and on herself and swallowed before standing up, pushing her back against the ceiling, slowly shrinking back until she could get some margin between her head and the ceiling. She smiled at the pit bull, her teeth covered in blood, "It has been one minute for you too, so how do you wish to die?"
Richard recoils as Sheela's assault spatters blood around the makeshift arena. The horndog is still haranguing his former partner, licking his wounds - and anything else he can reach. The wounded one is having a VERY bad time, from the looks of it. He bends down as he runs to slap a bit of the quicksilver into the wounds of the downed dog, hoping that maybe this will turn this from a traumatizing experience into a moderately uncomfortable one. The one on top tries to grab him in passing, but only manages to get him by the forearm. There's barely anything to grip. His fingers all but pass through Richard's flesh as he gets up to sucker-slap the dog fighting Zen. With a bit of the chemical distraction affecting all three of the immediate combatants, he turns to follow Sheela.

Whoa. WHOA. That guy just got eaten alive, and the dragon CHEWED first. That dude is fucking *dead.* Richard takes the long way around to get into the fight with the pitbull and his lackeys, circling behind the bar and shouting to Jade, "Call the fucking cops! Someone just died!"

You know, unless she noped out of there earlier in the scuffle. If Jade's gone, Richard's going to be further delayed as *he* stops to call the police.
Zen's grip on the one dog's wrist grows even harsher before evoking a whimper from him. A look at his expression is all it takes to see that he had lost the will to fight. It isn't like a broken wrist was the end of the world when nanites could manage to fix it over time, but it didn't really stop it from hurting in the moment. Plus, with his comrades incapacitated, what could he hope to do if he managed to break free? "O-ok... S-stop, I get it... Please... please just let me go." He whines, still tying pull his wrist free even as he can practically hear the bone starting to crack. With a shrug, Zen lets him go and growls, "You should consider a different profession... or at least make yourself fit enough for this one... Not that it would have mattered in these circumstances." He turns away to look on to the spectacle going on beyond the crowd, ears flitting up at Richard's remark! Oh, so the dragon decided to chow down on someone that was giving her trouble? Well, it wasn't really 'that' bizarre of an outcome, dragons need to eat too. Still, it probably could get a bit messy when there are so many onlookers. The fear that had previously been holding the crowd hostage in paralysis shifts, and now they were frantically running for the door! That is certainly one way to clear a crowd!

Steeping over to Sheela, Zen rubs a hand on her shoulder before asking if she was alright. His gaze then shifts towards the rest of the room that was soon vacant aside from a few remaining actors. "Wow, they really did a number on the place. And we could have a few drinks and relax..." He mumbles, starting to approach the large dragon and the pitbull that had yet to start running. You could see sweat on his brow as he held himself in a defensive posture, deathly afraid of taking his eyes off of the dragon or giving her an opportunity to attack. However, with no victory in sight, he starts trying to make a run for the door. If the one behind the counter really was calling the cops, he had all the more reason to get out of there! Still, someone had to pay for these damages... and something was telling them that the 'boss' of such a large group probably had some cash lying around. Of course, it could also be more trouble to deal with him now. At least with that last show of violence, everyone had cleared out!
Only when the situation outside seemed to clear up, the dogs slowly retreated, she could take a look inside. WooooW! She could only see the massive dragon close its jaws and leave a bath of blood in her muzzle, dripping down before sucking in the tail of what ever she devour like it was a noodle. Phew, thankfully she didn't have any stress with the dragon and was able to relax a bit in that regard before a mob rushed at her and began to take flight. Not until the Red Courd was almost empty, nothing more to see than a massive dragon, a friend hanging on the phone and alerting the police, a drunk person who seemed to have failed just before going to the bathroom and a pitbull who was standing there quite abandoned and now no longer had his entire group around him. Sheela walks a little deeper into the hall before she feels Zen snuggle up to her from behind, checking on her well-being and she quietly replies, "It's fine, nothing bad... the weirdo has a hard hit, but nothing that puts me out of commission...". She gently strokes her belly with her paw before looking to the waitress, who lets out a relieved sigh. "I think someone needs to pay for the damage!", she rumbles energetically to the waitress before her gaze stiffens on the pitbull. Somewhat teasingly and mischievously she growls, "Come on big dragon, there's still a little room in your belly isn't there?...or do you think that the little pit bull is going to pay the bill now?". She turned her head to the dragon, whose muzzle was still smeared with blood, before smiling softly and showing her that there was no threat from the two wolves... After all, we didn't know each other yet and the circumstances weren't really good to build up a nice conversation.
Having the dog's full attention, she locked her gaze on the leader and slowly approached, smiling from ear to ear (tooth out of course), "So, my little pity boi, did you hear the pretty girl?, how about you pay the nice lady for the drinks and the damage you and yours caused? except my meal that is, I'll pay for this one, after all it's only fair" She licked her lips making her intends very obvious should he not comply and waited to see his response.

She then turned toward the... liquid? person and examined them from toe to head, realizing he was probably not part of the gang, she smiled cheerfully (tooth in this time), approached, moved her hand forward and declared, "Nyazuli, pleased to meet you, and... sorry for the carpet. Are you the owner of the place or something? I'll pay for it, as well as for the holes in the roof, no need to get the cops involved"
Richard has the full attention of a semi-kaiju. A rather beautiful one, but the lipstick just ruins it. That shade of red is /not/ flattering, in his opinion. "No, just a frequent visitor," he replies, shifting back to a more fleshy form so he doesn't end up with a voracious AND horny (hornacious? Vorny?) dragoness. "My name's Richard. Odd question to break the ice with, but how's your gag reflex?" He asks, point blank. "I know it's weird, but this is /kind of/ an emergency."
Nyazuli tantalizingly says "inexistent, why?"
Richard nods. "Kinky. All right, open wide," he orders, shifting back into a reddish goo that smells vaguely of strawberry. The armor he'd been wearing simply absorbs back into him. "I'll rest easier tonight if theres *something* here for the ambulance to pick up."
Nyazuli answered, "oh uh, well, I don't know about the gag reflex question but check for yourself then, did he have anything of value on him?" She copied the patron's mutation to become see through, revealing some clothes, half a broken bottle and some bones with quickly decomposing flesh attached to them, the smaller one starting to melt too
Richard cringes and shifts again, this time to... some kind of mechanical mutation? Metal plating covers his form, and his arms in particular take on a strange, segmented look. "Jesus fucking Christ, you do /not/ mess around..." he beeps. He extends his arms gently into Nyazuli's now amorphous form and starts retrieving the poor bastard. What's left of them. Nanites might have extended the 'golden hour' by a wide margin, but... yikes.
Nyazuli chuckles, "hey! that tickles"
You really had to watch where you were going to avoid the shards of glass that litered the ground. Stains from spilled beer and blood could be seen all over the place now that there wasn't a wall of people blocking the way. "Ah, maybe you should call a cleaning crew while you are at it, Richard. This place is a mess." Zen grumbles, looking around to see if there was anyone else still around. It was then that the 'big dog' started to make a run for the exit, clearly scared out of his wits. At first it would almost seem as though he wasn't going to do anything to stop him. However, just as he passed him, Zen turns around and grabs a hold of his wrist, immediately twisting and making it painful to move. "Hey now, I may not have any authority here, but I 'really' like this place." He snarls, "So, how about you pay for the damages... and maybe our next drinks too? Maybe then you'll at least get off light, compared to one of your goons." He gives a glance to the dragon and Richard, finding the whole exchange rather amusing. Well, looks like tough vigilante justice wouldn't be the best option. The pit just whines in defeat and gives a slight nod. Even he knew that resisting now would only end worse for him. With that, Zen marches the pit back up to the counter and sits him down as Richard seems to try and find a way to rescue the dragon's prior meal. The sight of what had become of them was certainly not for the faint of heart, but it would prove to make the pit even more acutely aware of a potential fate. Now, all that was left was for Jade to get the payment for the damages and loss of stock. The place was still a mess, but perhaps now they could actually relax and get a drink!