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This creature is almost a complete pig, the only thing human about it is the fact that it is standing on two legs that end in hoofs instead of feet. He is extremely fat with a bald head, floppy ears, and an upturned nose. Flies are constantly buzzing around him, enticed by his foul odor. He has a huge, flabby gut that hangs half way over his crotch, but not far enough to hide a pig cock that is the size of your forearm. Past his cock is a pair of large swollen balls. He seems to take great delight in rolling around in the mud on the floor.

To find Philip, you must discover the "Hungry Piggy" event in the outside exploration area. Which will open a new location called "Pig Pen" where he will be located until he decides to move to the bunker.

Philip, having embraced his piggy inclinations, will ask you to bring him some food to eat before he will have any fun with you. So, If you just so happen to want to feed this hungry pig, simply use the command "Feed Philip".

He will then gladly accept the food you have given him and quite literally "pig out" sending saliva everywhere and giving you a little bit of his piggy infection.

After this, Philip will thank you for the food but he will say he is too full to accept any more food for a short while. But if you come back to his Pen a bit later and offer to feed him again, he will instead give you some food this time around, and if you accept, you will transform even further.

Finally, if you offer to feed him one final time, he will accept your food and inadvertently transform you further.

After this, he will then ask to join you at your bunker, where he will bring along two bottles of water and set up his own little Pen in the corner of the room.

You can then have sex with this big hog whenever you like, however he is HIGHLY infectious and any sex with him will cause you to transform completely into a pig.