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Lost and scattered in the city are several infected creatures which the player can take on as pets. A player is allowed to collect as many of these as they can find, but only one can be active at a time, sometimes known as the companion/ally of the player. If the player has a companion/ally, it has a random chance of attacking enemies while in combat. Pet's have a base 25% chance of attacking each round, further improved by a player's Charisma and some feats. Pets have starting stats that improve as they level up, which they do by participating in combat. They earn their own experience, but cannot become a higher level than the player. They also gain improved Dexterity and damage gradually as they level up. A player gains a little less XP while using a pet. Most pets/allies come with their own endings, or may even have modified endings in combination with certain NPCs or infections. They may also possess special in-game scenes and content under special circumstances.

Notes About Pets/Allies

  • Pets/Allies gain levels faster from random encounters and only gain exp if they attack (doesn't need to land the hit)
  • Pets/Allies chances of attacking is determine by Player's Charisma Stat
  • Pets/Allies only attack on turns the player attacks

Pet / Ally Commands

Pets Commands

The following commands are used to control pets in the game. Pets can also be looked at and a pet's level can be seen by having it joined to you and looking at yourself.

  • pet - Shows a list of the pets collected.
  • pet <name> - Have the named pet join and fight by your side.
  • dismiss - Have your current pet stop helping you.

Ally Commands

The following are the updated commands (please be advised that pets can still be used as an alternative)

  • Allies - Shows a list of the pets /allies that has decided to aide you (by updated name if the have them).
  • ally <name> - - Make the named ally your active one.
  • ally dismiss - Send away your ally (for now).
  • ally overview - Display a table with the stats of all currently available allies.

List of Pets / Allies

The following is a list of existing pets, where they can be found and what needs to be given/done to tame them.