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Not really an area on its own, but rather a list what can be found while exploring the 'outside' from various locations.




Everything from the Outside hunting area.


(incomplete list)

  • Abandoned Cars: Obtain Food and Soda.
  • Abandoned Truck: Find parts for Doctor Medea. Other visits have a chance of finding a medkit or medkit parts.
  • Adventurer: Available after the player has been to the Museum. Meet Solstice.
  • Another Researcher: Meet the NPC Sam.
  • A Stabled Situation: On the second encounter of this, the player can bribe your way into The Stables with some soda
  • Back at the Camp: Opens up Camp Bravo if you choose to lie.
  • Captured Bird: Encounter a phoenix in need of help. Three Panther Taurs have captured it.
  • Challenge of the Alphas: Increase Charisma by 1 for aiding one of the combatants as well as a medkit if the Alpha Husky is helped or food if the Alpha Wolf is helped.
  • China Shop- Come across a unusual Minotaru named Aster who inivtes you to find him at the Museum (SP) for further interaction.
  • Conchien: background, + 17 libido
  • Consolidated Events Outside CEO1: Keyword to trigger multiple events that have been consolidated.
  • DbLD: Obtain shoulder pad armor.
  • Dented Bike: x3 Repeatable, obtain water bottle.
  • Disorganization: background, supplies, humanity increases, perception/intelligence increases.
  • Dog Chase: Run into NPC Joanna.
  • Dragon Prey: Only appears if you piss Christy off. Charisma check, failure result in special game over.
  • Dropped Handbag: The player may choose to loot the handbag, gaining either a Pepper Spray (40%), a water bottle (40%), nothing (10%), or a random infection (10%).
  • Entrance to the Lair: Find the Wolfman Lair. Can be found after fighting and winning four times against Football Wolfman.
  • Fallen Citizen: Background, and can gain the Garbage Can Shield item.
  • FindingHardware: Part of the Stables Quest.
  • FireAndIce: The phoenix, Athanasia, comes to repay an earlier favor (Captured Bird). The player walks away with a golden egg and a new purpose.
  • Free Milk: Player gains 1 Gryphon Milk
  • Garden Veggies: The player may gain 1-2 food once per day, with a possible Ram or Ewe fight.
  • Generator Parts: Part of the Computer Power Quest, the player will need to find this twice to get enough parts.
  • Government Assistance: Now The Capitol Building location is known.
  • Gryphon Milkman: Obtain Gryphon Milk.
  • Gryphons Plot: The player may stop, watch, or join Hermaphrodite Gryphons attacking some soldiers - joining has a special scene when the player is also a Hermaphrodite Gryphon yourself.
  • Guard Gryphon: Fight with a Hermaphrodite Gryphon, which gives hints on how to get to Qytat a'th Lundrues.
  • Guess that Character Two: background.
  • Hungry Piggy: Meet NPC Philip.
  • Husky Gathering: Fight with three Alpha Huskies.
  • Husky Pack: Fight three Female Huskies and one Alpha Husky to save Sarah.
  • Hyena Challenging: part of Nermine's Rare Item Quest.
  • Hyena Gang: Repeatable, leads to meeting Gina and the Hyena Hideout.
  • HyeNegotiation: Part of the Stables Quest.
  • Hyper Squirrel Girl: Meet NPC Snow.
  • Inner Predator: Vore Predator Feat + Female Husky infection if player chooses to use the vial.
  • Library Visitor: Discover that someone or something else is scoping out the library. Later encounters with this event will lead to fights.
  • Loaded Catapult: The player fight a catapult loaded with a great quantity of infected samples. The samples can be used by the player (causing random infection), left alone, or fired by the catapult for 14 days of extra time. If you choose not to fire the catapult, you may instead attempt to loot it for three packages of food and three water bottles.
  • Lonely Gryphoness: First run-in with the Gryphoness pet. Continues on the Beach.
  • Lone Soldier: Encounter the NPC Monty in the midst of a fight.
  • Looted Supermarket: Repeatable 3X, food and drink items.
  • Losing It: A Snow Leopard attacks the player. Victory earns the player a Pepper Spray
  • Lost Camera: Find a Video Camera in the middle of the street. Complete with a tape inside waiting to watch.
  • Lost Gear: Succeed at very difficult Perception check to obtain Army Helmet.
  • Lost House Cat: Will become your Pet if given Gryphon Milk.
  • Magical Girl: The player may accept to receive an anime style Magical Girl outfit, the fabled Sailor Suit!
  • Mana from Heaven: Obtain one food.
  • Medkit Parts: Sarah can be assemble these into a Medkit if she hasn't lost her faculties. Repeatable.
  • Military Presence: background, multiple events, +2 perception, and an extra day added to the clock. Unlocks Vanessa and Coleen related events.
  • Mushroom Cave: Shrinking Shroom items. Opens up two vore scenes, Hungry Dog and Little Trouble.
  • Needy Rabbit Girl: Meet the NPC Sandra.
  • New Ewe Store: Little Lost Lamb quest.
  • Old Record Store: Obtain Boombox if you choose Yes both times.
  • Pet Shop: The player may obtain collars for Sarah and Sven.
  • Portrait: background, 3x fights for +10 humanity.
  • Potential Resources: The player finds items similar to scavenging. Repeatable.
  • Panther Trap: The player is caught in a Panther Taur's trap, resulting either in a fight with the Panther Taur, a random enemy also caught in the trap, or the player freeing them self before anyone returns.
  • Prank Aftermath: The player encounters Cougars who have transformed several soldiers. May result in a fight. Encounter is available by tricking Diego more than three times.
  • Protected Supplies: The player finds items similar to scavenging. The supplies are guarded and the player will have to fight with a random enemy to receive them. Repeatable.
  • Ravaged power plant: The player discovers the Power Plant location.
  • Scopaesthesia: Background.
  • Secure Area: Part of the Shifting Quest.
  • Shattered House: Scavenging event with possible supplies or a fight.
  • Shipping Container: Opening it forcibly TF's into latex husky. Permanently alters Female Husky and Alpha Husky infections to latex version.
  • Strange Fox: The player meets Kitsune (SP). After several encounters he will ask for help finding his missing bell. Encounters include +25 hunger (once) and possible +1 dex.
  • Strange Shop: Transported to Nermine's shop in the Mall.
  • Sword Nest: Highly infective, yields the Infected Sword.
  • Technicalbookstore: Part of the Stables Quest.
  • Tight Fit: The player finds items similar to scavenging. Require a dex check to gain supplies or an appropriate Pet to auto-succeed.
  • Toy Store: Fight 10 latex foxes for some supplies)
  • Trickster: Diego has set up a trick on some soldiers, who are now faced with several Feral Wolves. The player may choose to fight them for a combat knife or simply leave them to their fate.
  • Trickster's Masterpiece: Leads to the Back at the Camp event that opens up Camp Bravo.
  • Tristbrother: Part of Tristian's Quest to save his brother.
  • Tour Bus: Fight a Cougar.
  • Wounded Civilian: Meet Otto Fuchs
  • Stray Catboy: Meet Joey (SP)


Exploring can lead the player to various other locations in the city, allowing you to navigate there after you know the way.

The Video Camera: During further exploration of the game you can find several more tapes to be kept and watched. Also allow the interesting scenes recorded on them to be re-played whenever you want.