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The museum, having a wealth of historical and artistic exhibits, has resulted in some rather strange creatures altered by the influence of the displays. Anyone exploring here should be prepared for encounters of historic or even pre-historic nature. The Sphinx at the Information Desk is rather helpful, if sometimes cryptic as a sphinx must be.


Museum Foyer



East from the Museum Foyer leads into the Museum hunting area.


  • Art appreciation: (background, +30 humanity)
  • Bacchus wine: Yes- Satyr infection
  • Dinosaur Nest: Obtain lava lamp as part of the Hospital Quest.
  • Dinosaur Skeleton: Part of Wereraptor Curse quest.
  • Drunken satyrs: (background)
  • FallenKunoichi: (obtain Bo Staff)
  • Giant battleaxe: (background)
  • Missing lamp: (background)
  • Missing Sabretooth: (background)
  • Moving painting: (background)
  • Night Watchmen Uniform: (background)
  • Ouroboros: Part of Omio's quests.
  • Sealed wing: (background)
  • Strange drums: (background)
  • Suddenly Ninjas: Ninja Cat ambush
  • Temple of Hera: Consult with a goddess to see about making Eric a complete woman.
  • Cap: Yes - Take 6 damage. No - DexCheck DC=14, Success=Obtain Red Cap, Fail=2xCerberus fight, obtain Red Cap on victory.
  • Updating artwork: (background)
  • Viking Longboat: Obtain spear and Nermine's package. Only available after talking with Nermine during the Hospital Quest.


  • Valerie will ask the player to 'answer riddles' to prove their worthiness of having sex with her. Several riddles must be answered successfully (Int check vs 16+).
  • As a clue and background information, Valerie can provide additional info regarding the Hospital Quest section that happens at the Museum.
  • Nermine will request the player to come to the Museum to find several things as part of her quests.