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Home of the wolves

Under the stars-covered sky with the mystical glow of the waxing crescent moon, a lush glade of healthy green grass spreads out from the woodland path. Large fir trees line the perimeter only to be interrupted by the play of colors from the amber and crimson leaves of the interspersed maple trees, that sway average in the north wind. Weaving its way through the clearing, running from the majestic mountain towering over the treeline, a stream can be found flowing in a gentle manner. Occasionally, a splash could be heard from the water's surface. Ripples echo away from the point, drawing attention to the numerous fish that traverse the stream. A light murmur from the water fills the air with calming sounds as it clashes against a natural bridge of rocks. A series of small falls carry the water into a clear basin with numerous animal trails leading to the water's edge.

In the northernmost part of the glade, you could see the gaping mouth of a cave naturally carved into the side of the mountain. A prominent ledge juts outward from it, providing a vantage from which you could watch over the entire clearing.

To the west, near the edge of the clearing, a large wooden hut could be seen. With a foundation of natural stone and heavy supporting columns at each corner, the structure would prove to be capable of weathering some of the worst storms. Large windows open towards the clearing positioned just right to catch the light of the enigmatic moon.

Interesting Things

Hunting Grounds

A small clearing, illuminated by the healthy green of a meadow and adorned with the fairytale colors of the moon flowers, extends through the forest. Fenced by the varied green of the eastern forest. The animal tracks lead directly over the clearing and slowly disappear into the dark shadows of the fir and maple trees, which sway average with the winds of the wild nature.

A hidden path leads deeper and deeper into the twilight forest, winding through the mystical atmosphere. What is hidden in the twilight forest?

Wooden Hut

Smooth hardwood flooring stained with a walnut finish spans the entire room, matching well with the sturdy wooden walls of a slightly darker coloration. Furs from various hunts serve as rugs, feeling rather pleasant to the touch and adding to the rustic charm of the home. Natural stones packed together and smoothed over form a fireplace that serves as a centerpiece, ready to carry a flame to keep the cold at bay during the winter season. Carefully stacked besides the fireplace, chopped wood waits to serve its purpose as kindling for a fire. Comfortable seating surrounds the fireplace in the form of a couch strewn with furs and a lounge chair.

Besides the door, panorama-like windows invite the beauty of the clearing to penetrate the homeliness of the living room. A gentle light from a gorgeous moon illuminates the room in a silvery glow. Across the room, a fully fitted kitchen with a smoothed stone countertop serves as a station for those with culinary skills to demonstrate their ability. A bar-like counter stretched out from the wall to partially enclose the kitchen is lined with stools, inviting anyone to take a seat.

Lycaon Cave

The dark pharynx of the cave slowly devours the mystical glow of the waxing crescent moon, revealing the deep, winding halls of the mountain. The darkness is broken up by the fine veins of the brown granite Atibaia, which crawls along the gray rock walls and reflects a bit of the intruding light. The fresh living moss runs through the entrance of the cave and gently covers the stone like a blanket. A soft murmur of fresh spring water meanders across the cave, filling the senses with the calming thoughts of living nature. A large pedestal rises from the floor of the rock, revealing the view of the entire hall. The path, along the pedestal, led deeper into the darkness of the structure of this powerful cave, revealed a blue-violet glow that fled from the northern part of the cave and showed how winding the path is that leads deeper into the earth.

Map of the Area

Zen and Sheela