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Home of the wolfs

Under the stars-covered sky with the mystical glow of the waxing crescent moon, a lush glade of healthy green grass spreads out from the woodland path. Large fir trees line the perimeter only to be interrupted by the play of colors from the amber and crimson leaves of the interspersed maple trees, that sway average in the north wind. Weaving its way through the clearing, running from the majestic mountain towering over the treeline, a stream can be found flowing in a gentle manner. Occasionally, a splash could be heard from the water's surface. Ripples echo away from the point, drawing attention to the numerous fish that traverse the stream. A light murmur from the water fills the air with calming sounds as it clashes against a natural bridge of rocks. A series of small falls carry the water into a clear basin with numerous animal trails leading to the water's edge.

In the northernmost part of the glade, you could see the gaping mouth of a cave naturally carved into the side of the mountain. A prominent ledge juts outward from it, providing a vantage from which you could watch over the entire clearing.

To the west, near the edge of the clearing, a large wooden hut could be seen. With a foundation of natural stone and heavy supporting columns at each corner, the structure would prove to be capable of weathering some of the worst storms. Large windows open towards the clearing positioned just right to catch the light of the enigmatic moon.

Sites of Interest

Map of the Area

Zen and Sheela