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For those who sought this lass's information, Along with her report, several downloadable audio logs could be found. The rest of her report was practically a Medical Statement. Indeed, it was. An attachment could be found, but seemed to continually deny access. Strange.

Name: Mokou NoLastNameGiven


Eye Color: Mocha Brown

Common Form: Fennec

_Height:4'5" - 1.35m

_Weight: 80lb 7oz - 36.29kg

_Sex: Female, Pure

BloodType: O-

Treatment Time: 3 Months

Recovered: Y/N

Profile: Recent Aquire from Scout Group C. Temporary Hold given for recovery

Recovery Time: N/A See Note

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Zephyr: "There isn't much to say about these people. They are here. They seek to take what they can from it. They are the scavengers of the new world. A solution might be found if they wanted, but they will survive despite it all. So, they continue. They... they are varied. But as a whole... smart."

RSX: "Idealist in the worst sense of the way. They are aiming to restore the fragments of a broken country. I want to see them succeed. I want to cheer them on. I want to have them win. To have them be better. And then I see them level their guns at me. They are fighting a war they can't win. . . Most of them."

Prometheans: "Idealists in the worst sense of the way. Not the same way as RSX, but equally poorly planned. They want to fix the world. Not make it as it was. But as it will be. They'll win in the end... I just fear what it will look like. I know they can help... They got me here after all. I just... I think they will forget too much of how it is to be human."

Survivors: "Me. They see the flaws in each, or seperate flaws in each. They don't want to pick a flawed system, or maybe they are full of spite. Don't label them. Don't label any of them. Find out from each."

Ferals: "One word: Human"

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Birthday: May 16th, 1988

Place of Birth: United States, CA - Fairhaven

Gender: Female

Primary Form: Fennec

Faction: Promethean

Group: None

Primary Combat Role: Cursed Lover

Primary Defense: Um... Overwhelming Contact

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