Mammoth (SP)

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Mammoth (SP)

Location: Museum
Level: 12
HP: 125
Damage: 15
Target Gender: Herm

Flag Categories

Flags: Hermaphrodite, Furry


Heat?: No

Danger Level: 12, Typical Environment: Museum


Before you is a large, stocky herm creature. Her infection clearly having been affected by the wooly mammoths on display at the museum, she's become a very heavy set individual. At roughly 6 1/2 feet tall, she's also about four feet wide. She's got a head not-unlike that of an elephant, with a long, flexing trunk and a pair of large, ivory tusks. But unlike an elephant, her head and body is covered in a thick pelt of brown fur. She's got big, meaty hands with short, stubby fingers. Her feet are round, flat and have barely noticeable toes. But what is clearly the most noticeable on her is her massive endowments. This mammoth is truly mammoth, with breasts, balls and cock of massive proportions. Her breasts have a shorter coat of fur on them, but even a lengthy coat wouldn't hide those beachball-sized knockers. Her balls, nearly as big, are as big as medicine balls and seem nearly as heavy to look at them. And those balls are huge to feed her enormous cock. Dragging to the floor, her member is nearly four feet long when unerect. You gulp audibly as you notice it start to stir and swell as she looks you over with a lustful twinkle in her wild eyes.


Cock Vore: The Mammoth has the potential to cock vore a defeated foe. It is more likely to occur the smaller the player is, but otherwise has no size restriction. Also controlled by adjusting the vore settings. Very infectious.