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In order to play Flexible Survival, you must either use the in-built MU* client on the webpage (requires Flash Player) or download one from a wide selection of MU* clients (preferred). The following list takes inspiration from a Wikipedia comparison listing; however, it truncates the list to trusted software and links directly to clients' websites.

Operating systems

The operating systems a client can run on.

Name Windows macOS GNU/Linux BSD Unix
Atlantis X
BeipMU X X[*] X[*]
Mudlet X X X X X
MUSHclient X
Potato X X X X X
SimpleMU X
TinTin++ (GitHub) X X X X X

[*] While BeipMU is a windows client, almost all features other than the map editor work well under wine on linux and MacOS.

Protocol support

Information about what protocols the clients support.

Name TLS 256 colors
Atlantis X X
BeipMU X X
Mudlet X X
MUSHclient X
Potato X X
TinTin++ (GitHub) X X

Additional information

SimpleMU is only safely available via as the official site has been taken down.

For most users, BeipMU is recommended. For Android users, we recommend Mukluk

The UI Guides section contains some useful configuration tips for clients contributed by players. If you know how to set up a client that isn't listed there, add an entry for it to help other players!