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Species: Varies
Changes species?: Yes
Gender: Male, Female, Herm
Changes gender: Yes
Location: Zephyr Lobby
Must be found?: No
Events: None
Bring to Bunker?: No
Sex?: Yes
Infectious: No
Endings: No

Flag Categories

Flags: Guy, Girl, Hermaphrodite, Furry


She is about five and a half feet, with suntanned flesh. She seems perfectly human - an oddness in this city. Her name badge, worn on her generous chest, reads 'Larissa'. She had brown straight hair that goes down a little past her shoulders. She wears a lab coat, but it seems more like a uniform than any actual dedication to the sciences. It certainly looks cute on her though. Her silver eyes have specks of brown in them, easily seen as she asks how she can help you in a cheerful tone.


Larissa is found in the Zephyr Lobby. When speaking with her, she has a chance of asking the player to help hunt down pests which are harassing Zephyr. Her default request is for the player to hunt down Panther Taurs, but she may mention German Shepherds or City Sprites instead if the player has certain content banned. The player must kill four of the requested type of enemy to proceed. This rewards the player with 100 freecred and the offer to transform Larissa into a variety of other forms.

Once the player has spoken to Larissa about transforming her, she will discount the Nanite Collector down to 240 freecred from the 400 it normally costs.


Once the player has completed her quest to hunt down pests that have been harassing Zephyr, Larissa asks the player to help her acquire infection vials so that she can try out new forms. In exchange, she'll let the player "try out" her new form as well. Infection vials for a specific enemy are collected by defeating enemies of that type while having the Nanite Collector equiped. The player may change her form as many times as they like so long as they supply a vial and 50 freecreds.

Larissa's list of desired infections include:


  • If the player has not discovered Trevor Labs, Larissa will reveal that location.
  • Larissa buys vials collected with the Nanite Collector on behalf of Zephyr. Prices vary based on the difficulty of the enemy and how many of that vial the player has already sold Zephyr.
  • The player may purchase certain items from Zephyr. The list of items and prices are on the Zephyr Lobby page.