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Born and raised in Fairhaven Ebreus, then under a different name, was a curious boy who loved computers. When he was sixteen years old he started working a simple landscaping job so he could fund his hobby of tinkering with computers He enjoyed his work and set aside some of his money for college.

Once he completed his compulsory education he enrolled in a community college for a CompSci degree and began taking any class related to his major that he was qualified for while working on his general education credits. This dedicated work got him an early internship where he was helping to create a firewall. He was there, working on the firewall project, when it happened.

He ran as far, fast, and continuously as he could during P-Day and the result was blacking out from the strain. While unconscious he was infected with the Skunk Beast strain and driven feral. He spent eight years feral before being incapacitated and rehabilitated by the Prometheans. After initial rehabilitation he worked several unfulfilling jobs until deciding to become an Agent.

Current life

Beginning work as an agent Ebreus initially was ineffective and ignorant of the dangers of the job. He was most likely saved from unintentionally returning to being feral by the good advice of his friends. Being a bit clumsy in a bestial form he eventually abandoned the Skunk Beast form in favor of tauric body configuration.

After he had intentionally shifted form once he looked for ways of more easily controlling his form. First he found Recursion offered by the Skunks inhabiting the library. Spending several weeks working with the Recursion powers he eventually hit a limit and changed to a less limited method of controlling his form, a Nanite Adept Implant.

Disliking the supernatural he has studied Nanite manipulation to compensate for anything he may lack in having no supernatural aid. Acquiring a NICE he practices his control over ‘Nanomagic’ in his spare time. His practice largely consistent of generating electricity and controlling Nanite density in small areas.

Having a great preference for non-violent solutions he has developed his speaking skills to the point where he is an effective orator. He takes pride in the times he has done no harm because he could talk down the opposition or negotiate an end to a conflict. As not every situation can be resolved with calm words and kind hearts Ebreus has learned how to fight and is adept at using the Powers afforded to him by his form for area-denial purposes.

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Prometheans: His current meal ticket. He largely agrees with their principles but holds no loyalty to the organization. The moment they abandon their principles is the moment he abandons the Prometheans.

Zephyr: He didn't trust Zephyr Inc. before P-Day and trusts them less now. Being a mega-corporation he understands that people who happen to work for them likely aren't malevolent and treats them fairly but subjects the organization and leadership with all due scrutiny.

RSX: While he is in favor of their community building, supplying, and defense work he dislikes how violently they handle ferals and is internally conflicted about their stated end-goal. He is willing to work with them when they need people and he's available.

Survivors: He doesn't view them as be organized enough to judge their organization. Thus far he has been able to get along well enough with the survivors that he has met.

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Birthday: August 23rd, 1989

Place of birth: United States, Fairhaven California

Gender: Male

Faction: Prometheans

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