Down Under Pub

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Gillian by Eevachu
Floor Show scene by MoT


Down Under Pub, Gillian's Flat







  • The Down Under Pub is only made available by encountering the Aussie Pub event while having a Red Kangaroo infected body and accepting to enter.
  • The pub can be entered during afternoon and evening hours every 2 or 3 days. It is a 3 day delay should you get the floor show.
  • Random sex with the other kangaroo patrons will occur while at the pub. The player will also be fed while there.
  • In addition to the sex with the patrons, there's a random chance of getting either a scene with the barmaid or witnessing another floor show on subsequent visits.
  • After having had fun with the barmaid a few times, Gillian will invite you up to visit her upstairs (Gillian's Flat). There is no time restriction to visiting her place. She will be an NPC there with a different set of sex scenes.
  • Due to the large number of lusty kangaroos hanging out at the pub, each visit will result in the player being fully TFed into a Red Kangaroo (if they only have a partial kangaroo infection at the time) and a heavy amount of sanity loss.