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Species: Tiger
Gender: Male
Location: Tiger Den
Must be found?: Yes
Events: TigerVsTaur
Bring to Bunker?: No
Sex?: Yes
Infectious: Yes
Endings: No

Flag Categories

Flags: Guy, Furry

Author- Sarokcat


Regular Apperance- The male tiger has a powerful scent, much stronger than the other tigers inside the den. The aroma is almost enough to make you want to dip your head and avoid eye contact. It must be a reflection on his place within the streak.

Dominate Appearance- Chase has a very powerful scent, much stronger than he did previously. The aroma is more than enough to make you dip your head and bare your throat avoiding eye contact, the heady scent of his pheromones almost overwhelm the scent of the other tigers completely. This is hardly surprising seeing as he has now become the king of the streak. As you approach he tilts his head up scenting the air.


Chase is discovered in the City Zoo in the TigerVsTaur event. The player has the option of helping Chase defeat a Tigertaur, to help the Tigertaur defeat him to view a sex scene, or to avoid the fight altogether. If the player helps chase, they will be invited back to the Tiger Den.

In the Tiger Den, Chase will ask for help finding food and water. He asks for 8 food and 5 water. If the player brings these items to him, he'll teach the player techniques which net 40 + 3 times the player's level in experience points.

After having sex with Chase five times wait one day when you return you will descover that the Tiger Den has been attacked by Tigertaurs you are given the chance to premptvly attack them which allows you to access Dom-Chase route by becoming his mate. If you refuse to become his mate and instead decide to date each other you keep reg-chase route.


  • None so far.


  • He will only be open to M/M content if you have the mpreg feat.
  • Not impleminted yet but eventually there will be interactions with Ryousei the Royal Tiger.
  • In the code it looks like eventually there will be a Submissive Chase route.